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May 24 2005 11:05 AM

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Editorial quality drives reader engagement. Slate better engages readers with excellence and innovation that has been recognized by three leading journalism industry organizations in 2009:

  • Missouri School of Journalism Honor Medal for Distinguished Service to Journalism: Slate is the only Web site to ever win the award (considered the top award in journalism, along with the Pulitzer Prize).
  • The Online News Association's Online Journalism Award for Best Online Video, Large Site. Slate beat out ESPN to win this important industry prize. Slate's winning feature, The Power Recap, was sponsored by Acura.
  • Slate won three Society of American Travel Writers Foundation Lowell Thomas Travel Writing Awards, two Golds and one Silver award—and Slate won more Golds than any other publication.

BizBox on Slate. Click image to expand.
BizBox on Slate. Click for larger view.

Click these links to experience some of Slate's key editorial features:

Cover stories: Rotating features on hot topics by a range of Slate contributors.

"The Slatest": Slate's reinvention of the news aggregator: available online or via mobile.

"Politics": Unrivaled insight from Chief Political Correspondent John Dickerson.

"Kausfiles": The original and most influential political blog.

Slate custom cover for Mercerdes.  Click image to expand.
Slate custom cover for Mercerdes. Click for larger view.

"Technology": The future and what to do about it, with Farhad Manjoo.

"Moneybox": Fresh thinking on business and finance from author Daniel Gross.

"The Explainer": Answers to the questions other sites don't even think to ask.

"Green Lantern": Practical steps in green living