Slate on Day to Day for the week of Nov. 21.

Slate on Day to Day for the week of Nov. 21.

Slate on Day to Day for the week of Nov. 21.

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Nov. 25 2005 7:00 PM

Should You Take Your Laptop to the Airport?

Thursday, Nov. 24, 2005


Explainer: Laptops and Airport Security
Will your laptop slow your progress through airport security this holiday weekend? Slate Senior Editor Andy Bowers has an "Explainer" on why laptops get special attention from security screeners. Listen to the segment.

Press Box: 'Boomers' Losing Grip on Media
For decades, members of the baby boom generation have dominated much of the media. References to their favorite movies, TV shows and albums are sprinkled liberally through all forms of news coverage. But Slate media critic Jack Shafer has found signs that the media may be slipping from the boomers' grip. Listen to the segment.

Dispatches: The Kindness of Strangers
Madeleine Brand speaks with displaced New Orleans resident and Slate contributor Blake Bailey about how his dispatches for the online magazine inspired strangers to come to his aid. Listen to the segment.

Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2005


Shopping: The Best Knives for Carving
Madeleine Brand speaks with Seattle chef Sara Dickerman about the best knives to use for your Thanksgiving turkey. Dickerman and three other cooks tested a variety of carving sets, and the results surprised them. Listen to the segment.

Jurisprudence: Padilla Gets His Day in Court
Madeleine Brand talks with Dahlia Lithwick about the significance of Tuesday's indictment of accused terrorist Jose Padilla. The American citizen was indicted in federal court on conspiracy charges after more than three years of detention on U.S. soil as an "enemy combatant" for allegedly scheming to create a nuclear "dirty bomb." Listen to the segment.

Monday, Nov. 21, 2005

Explainer: Senior Administration Official
Andy Bowers responds to the controversy surrounding leaks of information stemming from many White House insiders with an "Explainer" about what it means to be a "senior administration official." Listen to the segment.