Memoir Week
Memoir Week

A Brief History of Memoir-Bashing

It's almost as old as the memoir itself.

March 29 2007 1:51 PMFor Whom the Memoir TollsHow to write about the dead.
March 29 2007 7:39 AMCollateral DamageHow I lost a friend and ex-lover by writing about him.
March 28 2007 1:16 PMInside AutismWhat two memoirs can tell us about the disease du jour.
March 28 2007 7:39 AMIn a Land Far, Far AwayHow I wrote a memoir about my father.
March 27 2007 4:10 PMRoad to NowhereMy life as a victim of Hurricane Katrina and the ineffectual Road Home program.
March 30 2007 1:05 PMAll About Me?The state of the modern memoir.
March 27 2007 7:30 AMThe Liar's ClubHow I told my friends I was writing about my childhood—and what they said in return.
March 29 2007 7:39 AMJust Screw ItHow I told my family I was writing about our feud over the Sweet'N Low fortune.
March 28 2007 2:26 PMMomma's BoyHow I wrote a memoir about the mother I once hated.
March 28 2007 11:02 AMIvory-Tower AmbassadorThe studying, and selling, of America.
March 28 2007 7:36 AMPublish, Then FleeHow to tell your family you're writing about them.
March 27 2007 3:21 PMWhen Irish Tongues Are TalkingHow I told my colleagues, family, and former countrymen I was writing about them.
March 27 2007 10:35 AMThe Woman Warrior at 30Maxine Hong Kingston's secrets and lies.
March 27 2007 7:30 AMWhat the Little Old Ladies FeelHow I told my mother about my memoir.