Douglas Coupland,

Douglas Coupland,

A weeklong electronic journal.
March 24 1998 3:30 AM

Douglas Coupland,


Girlfriend in a Coma


Tour 1998
Day 14
Austin, Texas


     Worst sugar crash of my life today--like a fist from the sky. I skipped breakfast, lunch was inedible, and WHAM! We were driving through the hilly country out near Dell HQ, and I essentially passed out. I crawled back into the hotel room and it took me four hours to recover, during which time nothing but bad and confusing news came over the telephone and I felt I was dissolving and I really wanted to die, it was that bad. I haven't felt so awful since the time I got ptomaine poisoning at the Savoy in London two days before Diana Week. At least I hope it's only a sugar crash. Oh God.      Academy Awards night with the Austin Film Society crowd. Good heckling, but my head was off on Mars. I'm so glad Helen Hunt won.      Shortest entry of the tour, but it's not a day I want to remember.

Douglas Coupland is the author of Generation X, Shampoo Planet, Life After God, Microserfs, and Polaroids From the Dead. He's currently on tour for his latest book, Girlfriend in a Coma.