Year of Great Books
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Year of Great Books

About The Brothers Karamazov

John Dickerson joins Slate’s Year of Great Books to discuss what Dostoevsky’s novel teaches us about the limits of reason in a changing world.

Dec. 16 2016 10:50 AMThe Long-Standing (and Kind of Trolly) Divide Between Dostoevsky People and Tolstoy PeopleElif Batuman joins Slate’s Year of Great Books to discuss what makes Russian literature so distinctive.
Sept. 12 2016 5:25 PMIntroducing Borges’ FiccionesOur next selection for A Year of Great Books is both metaphysical and pulpy.
Aug. 23 2016 12:09 PMTrollope’s Worthless Young MenThe Victorian novelist brilliantly captured the dithering of twentysomethings in love.
July 28 2016 6:04 PMTrollope’s TriumphHow Barchester Towers makes ecclesiastical politics fun.
July 5 2016 5:44 PMHear Barchester TowersA special gift from Audible for Slate Plus members: an audiobook of our next selection for a Year of Great Books.
June 21 2016 2:32 PMThe Virgil of NebraskaWhat Willa Cather’s style shows us about memory, and how we should think about her lesbianism.
May 31 2016 5:15 PMHear My ÁntoniaA special gift from Audible for Slate Plus members.
May 18 2016 1:48 PMGrowing Up BrontëThe productive, creative childhood of the Brontë sisters and how it influenced Jane Eyre.
May 4 2016 10:24 AMExperience Jane Eyre in a New WayA new audio performance by Thandie Newton.
April 5 2016 8:30 AMA Power Beyond BeautyWhat do appearances mean in Jane Eyre?
March 16 2016 2:04 PMWin a Copy of Jane EyrePenguin Classics has four editions of the next Year of Great Books selection. Enter to win your favorite. 
March 16 2016 8:29 AMYear of Great Books: About Tristram Shandy Read what Will and Laura learned from reading Laurence Sterne’s digressive masterpiece.
March 10 2016 4:26 PMAbout Tristram ShandyEverything we learned about humor, satire, and leading a good life from Laurence Sterne’s digressive masterpiece.
Feb. 18 2016 3:01 PMTristram Shandy: The Comic BookGraphic novelist Martin Rowson on how he adapted Sterne’s unadaptable masterpiece.
Feb. 8 2016 1:57 PMThe Man From UncleIn Praise of Uncle Toby, the Warm Beating Heart of Tristram Shandy.
Nov. 14 2016 1:57 PMIntroducing The Brothers KaramazovOur final Year of Great Books selection is a philosophical novel, a family drama, a murder mystery, and a love story. It’s also an immortal masterpiece.
Sept. 2 2016 4:26 PMAbout Barchester TowersEverything Slate’s Year of Great Books learned from Anthony Trollope’s workplace comedy.
Aug. 17 2016 11:22 AMWhat’s It Like to Be an Audiobook Narrator?Simon Vance talks to Year of Great Books about narrating female characters, why he uses accents, and the many voices of Barchester Towers.
July 5 2016 7:33 PMIntroducing Barchester TowersOur next selection for A Year of Great Books is an intensely enjoyable workplace comedy from 19th-century England.
June 27 2016 2:01 PMAbout My ÁntoniaWhat we made of Willa Cather’s masterpiece.
June 13 2016 3:59 PMGrowing Up My ÁntoniaThe writer and radio host Kurt Andersen talks about reading Willa Cather under the epic prairie skies of his native Nebraska.
May 19 2016 12:20 PMIntroducing My ÁntoniaOur next selection for a Year of Great Books is an aching portrait of unrequited longing and the untamed West.
May 12 2016 11:27 AMWin a Copy of My ÁntoniaPenguin Classics is helping Slate Plus members celebrate the next selection in Slate’s Year of Great Books.
May 4 2016 10:23 AMAbout Jane EyreEverything Slate’s Year of Great Books learned about love, identity, and feminism from Charlotte Brontë’s realist masterwork.
March 31 2016 10:53 AMBetween Upstairs and DownstairsTo understand Jane Eyre, you have to understand the precarious status of the Victorian governess.
March 16 2016 12:19 PMUnderstanding Tristram ShandyLaurence Sterne’s novel mocks “expert authorities.” Here’s what two of them had to say to our book club.
March 15 2016 2:12 PMIntroducing Jane EyreOur next selection for A Year of Great Books is a novel of identity in the guise of a love story. 
Feb. 29 2016 3:38 PMA Triumphant FailureFor Sterne, the central fact of life is impotence. His hero is wise enough to embrace it.
Feb. 9 2016 12:57 PMTristram Shandy Was a Runaway Best-Seller. What Did That Mean in 1760?For one thing authors still had to suck up to famous actors.
Feb. 2 2016 8:10 AMLiterature’s Greatest MansplainerThe women in Tristram Shandy barely get a word in edgewise. It’s still a great feminist novel.