British Lego Movie ad: Warner Bros. promotes their animated hit in the U.K. by buying out an entire commercial break.

Charming Stunt: Remaking Commercials With Legos

Charming Stunt: Remaking Commercials With Legos

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Feb. 12 2014 2:17 PM

Everything Is Awesome About This Lego Stunt

The indefatigable toy brand recreated an entire commercial-break’s worth of ads.

The Lego Movie just doesn’t quit. Warner Bros. continued their nonstop advertising assault by not only buying out an entire commercial break in the U.K., but by also filling that time with Lego-fied recreations of popular British ads.

The meta-adverts appeared during ITV’s broadcast of Dancing with the Stars last weekend, and they were—well, pretty awesome. The companies to receive the toy-block treatment were, the British Heart Foundation, Premier Inn, and the telecom company, BT. Both versions of the ads can be seen below—Lego above, originals below—and while none of them feature a puppy and horse meeting cute, Lego deserves another golf clap for creativity.

A.J. McCarthy is a speechwriter for New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio and a former Slate writer and producer.