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April 26 2016 1:03 AMGame of Thrones PodcastJoin our members-only TV Club to listen to spoiler-filled discussion of every episode.
Dec. 29 2015 11:00 AMThe TV Club, 2015Shiri Appleby gave an amazing performance on UnReal—and took on the rare task of playing a woman a decade younger than she is. 
Dec. 29 2015 9:45 AMThe TV Club, 2015Fargo’s Patrick Wilson gave us a totally new kind of male protagonist.
Dec. 29 2015 5:45 AMThe TV Club, 2015Colin Farrell didn’t get enough credit for his stellar performance in True Detective Season 2. 
Dec. 27 2015 9:00 AMThe TV Club, 2015Game of Thrones had nothing to say this year other than “This is what a big budget looks like, ha ha.”
Dec. 25 2015 9:00 AMThe TV Club, 2015Some of the year’s best shows used identity and diversity to riff on and spiff up familiar genres.
Dec. 24 2015 10:00 AMThe TV Club, 2015This was a stellar year for second-season comedies.
Dec. 24 2015 6:30 AMThe TV Club, 2015How binge-watching steamrolls flaws in television shows.
Dec. 23 2015 12:00 PMThe TV Club, 2015Why Sense8 was the most unfairly overlooked show of 2015.
Dec. 23 2015 7:00 AMThe TV Club, 2015No show sums up the story of this strange, great, busy year in TV better than The Leftovers.
Dec. 4 2015 4:41 PMThe Empire Podcast, Episode 10Slate’s TV Club hosts wrap up Empire’s eventful midseason finale. 
Oct. 2 2015 4:29 PMThe Empire Podcast: The Second Season Is HereHear Slate’s complete commentary on the newest Empire episodes.
May 21 2015 2:18 PMMad Men Zinger of the Week: “Person to Person”Slate’s TV Club writers pick their favorite Mad Men lines of the episode.
May 19 2015 7:05 PMMad Men, Season 7, Part 2How Mad Men used sex scenes for a lot more than simple titillation.
May 18 2015 5:44 PMMad Men, Season 7, Part 2Did everything have to end quite so neatly?
Dec. 30 2015 8:38 AMThe TV Club, 2015Get ready for next year’s deluge of reboots.
Dec. 29 2015 10:15 AMThe TV Club, 2015How many episodes is the right length for a TV season?   
Dec. 29 2015 8:45 AMThe TV Club, 2015What will the future of TV networks look like?
Dec. 28 2015 9:00 AMThe TV Club, 2015Homeland had the most impressive turnaround of 2015.
Dec. 26 2015 9:00 AMThe TV Club, 2015Why Peggy’s strut down the halls of McCann was the best TV moment of the year.
Dec. 24 2015 12:00 PMThe TV Club, 2015I love procedurals, and let me tell you: This is the one corner of the television landscape that’s not flourishing. 
Dec. 24 2015 8:00 AMThe TV Club, 2015The idea that streaming networks are inherently superior to more traditional TV is nuts. 
Dec. 23 2015 2:00 PMThe TV Club, 2015For proof that viewers are struggling to keep up with all this new content, just look at the ratings.
Dec. 23 2015 10:00 AMThe TV Club, 2015Forget peak TV—the world needs even more shows.
Dec. 23 2015 5:00 AMThe TV Club, 2015What does “peak TV” really mean?
Nov. 13 2015 5:52 PMThe Empire Podcast, Episode 7Slate’s TV Club reviews Empire’s recovery from last week and budding family ambitions—from music aspirations to love interests.
Sept. 25 2015 11:15 AMThe Empire Podcast, Episode 1Slate’s TV Club recaps the second season’s premiere, “The Devils Are Here.”
May 20 2015 9:38 AMMad Men, Season 7, Part 2We’ve never had a better depiction of the banalities and joys of office life.
May 19 2015 12:02 PMMad Men, Season 7, Part 2Mad Men stuck the landing.
May 18 2015 1:57 PMMad Men, Season 7, Part 2I wish Mad Men had handled its themes about women in the workplace with a little more subtlety.