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Why Not Start Your Weekend on Wednesday?

There's no need to preach the gospel of leisure. Most of us work less than our parents did.

Dec. 13 2008 7:22 AMOn the Dole, but Not DolefulUnemployment benefits do encourage joblessness. But that may not be a bad thing.
Nov. 15 2008 7:41 AMOnly the Good Buy YoungWhy 20-year-olds should invest way more in the stock market, and 50-year-olds, way less.
Oct. 18 2008 6:15 AMThe Theory and Practice of BlackmailWhy it's so hard to get away with it.
Sept. 20 2008 7:11 AMBurn Her!Why it's dangerous to be a witch in a recession.
Aug. 23 2008 12:02 AMThe Fruits of Their LaborsAn amazing economics experiment and how it got field workers to pick a lot more strawberries.
July 26 2008 7:25 AMBut My Neighbor Has a Cell Phone …Finally, a sensible way to measure poverty.
June 28 2008 7:04 AMLikely BedfellowsHow much do Republican-leaning corporations benefit from Republican political success? A lot!
May 31 2008 7:45 AMA Secret Tax on TeenagersYou get your rebate check today. Your kid pays the tax bill later.
May 3 2008 7:33 AMIt's Like Money, but With No Dead PresidentsDo "local currencies" really help the communities that use them?
April 12 2008 7:20 AMSteal This Book! Please! Why software and media companies should encourage piracy (sometimes).
March 15 2008 7:09 AMSmallpox or Facebook?Which better explains how ideas move through society: diseases or social networks?
Feb. 16 2008 7:13 AMMy Own Private Housing BubbleI'm about to pay way too much for a house, and I know it. Does that make me a fool?
Jan. 19 2008 7:13 AMHow Facebook Is Like IkeaThey get their customers to do the work—and to enjoy doing it.
Dec. 22 2007 7:07 AMRationalizing ResolutionsCan economics make you a better person?
Nov. 24 2007 7:47 AMVive la DifférenceAre societies hard-wired to tolerate income inequality?
Nov. 29 2008 7:03 AMHoles in Our SocksWhy it's so hard to predict how bad the recession will be.
Nov. 1 2008 7:55 AMMoney on the BrainWhat can "neuroeconomics" teach us about how we shop?
Oct. 4 2008 7:50 AMBailouts Are Inevitable, Even DesirableStop complaining about the "moral hazard" problem and enjoy the rescue.
Sept. 6 2008 7:01 AMWhy Houses Cost More in SummerAn economics mystery has finally been solved.
Aug. 9 2008 6:44 AMThe Wisdom of Crowds?A single economic forecast is usually wrong. But groups of economic forecasts are often just as mistaken. Why?
July 12 2008 7:27 AMThe World Needs More SpeculatorsStop demonizing the investors who are betting heavily on oil prices.
June 14 2008 8:01 AMYou're Saving Enough for Retirement (Probably)Don't worry—you won't have to live on ramen and cat food.
May 17 2008 6:55 AMThe $20 PackWhy smokers are happier when cigarettes cost more.
April 19 2008 12:11 AMWhat Is "Income per Natural"?How a new way to count national income could change how we think about immigration and development.
March 29 2008 7:05 AMThe Price Is RightDoes evolution explain why we hate to pay more for scarce goods?
March 1 2008 7:17 AMMoney That Lasts ForeverWhy are we so scared of annuities?
Feb. 2 2008 7:39 AMAmazing RacismA study that shows the true stupidity of discrimination.
Jan. 5 2008 7:19 AMTrial by CameraMeasuring the effectiveness of foreign aid.
Dec. 8 2007 7:21 AMSimple GivingC'mon, you can do better than a gift card.
Nov. 10 2007 6:58 AMWaiting for Good JoeDo coffee shops discriminate against women?