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The Undercover Economist
Sept. 2 2006 8:21 AMA Cock-and-Bull StoryExplaining the huge rise in teen oral sex.
Aug. 3 2006 5:57 PMHezbollah and the Prisoner's DilemmaCan game theory solve the Israel-Lebanon war?
July 8 2006 7:10 AMThe Case of the Unpaid Parking TicketWhy some people cheat, and others don't.
June 10 2006 9:05 AMBuy! Buy! Buy! Sell! Sell! Sell!The rational explanation for stock market frenzies and crashes.
May 13 2006 2:39 AMRisky BusinessShould you ever buy rental car insurance?
April 15 2006 7:33 AMConfusion PricingWhy cell-phone plans are so hard to understand.
March 18 2006 8:16 AMFire Grandpa! Hire Junior!Why older workers are paid way too much, and younger workers way too little.
Feb. 18 2006 2:27 AMI Do, I Do, I Do, I DoThe economic case for polygamy.
Jan. 21 2006 8:38 AMThe Mystery of the Rude WaiterWhy my favorite restaurant employs such a churlish lout.
Aug. 19 2006 6:15 AMThe Preservation ParadoxWhy conservation laws can kill the animals they're supposed to protect.
July 22 2006 9:37 AMThe Chocolate WarCan schools successfully ban candy? An economist doubts it.
June 24 2006 8:17 AMWorld Cup Game TheoryWhat economics tells us about penalty kicks.
May 27 2006 8:10 AMThe $10,000 Light Bulb …Or, why it's so hard to measure inflation.
April 29 2006 8:17 AMIf Life Gives You Lemons …Why you can never buy a decent used car.
April 1 2006 11:07 AMThere's Not Enough Money in PoliticsLobbyists spend $2 billion a year to influence Congress. Why so little?
March 4 2006 7:31 AMWhy New Orleans Won't RecoverAn economic explanation based on the Chicago Fire, the Kobe earthquake, and my CD collection.
Feb. 4 2006 8:25 AMWho's the Greatest Artist of the 20th Century?This economist has figured out the answer.