The Music Club
The Music Club
Dec. 26 2012 2:57 PMThe Music Club, 2012Grimes, Angel Haze, and other women fighting back against condescending sound guys and misogynistic rappers.
Dec. 26 2012 11:52 AMThe Music Club, 2012Pop music’s gun lust.
Dec. 21 2012 1:14 PMThe Music Club, 2012The rise of the Alabama Shakes and other reasons to love Americana.
Dec. 21 2012 12:33 PMThe Music Club, 2012How bottle service has changed pop music—for the worse.
Dec. 20 2012 9:17 AMThe Music Club, 2012How did South Korea turn into a gigantic drag show?
Dec. 18 2012 5:02 PMThe Music Club, 2012A great year for music about single ladies.
Dec. 17 2012 2:59 PMThe Music Club, 2012Mainstream music got really trippy this year.
Dec. 30 2011 3:15 PMThe Music Club, 2011Is it sexist to despise the music of Lana Del Rey?
Dec. 30 2011 12:33 PMThe Music Club, 2011Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Kreayshawn, and pop stars who know how to get talked about.
Dec. 28 2011 5:33 PMThe Music Club, 2011Is the worst poet in the history of pop music the guy from Bon Iver?
Dec. 26 2011 7:45 AMThe Music Club, 2011The year when indie music and R&B made nice.
Dec. 22 2011 12:12 PMThe Music Club, 2011The strategic usefulness of misogyny in hip-hop.
Dec. 21 2011 7:17 AMThe Music Club, 2011Drake’s just a classic passive-aggressive Canadian.
Dec. 19 2011 1:55 PMThe Music Club, 2011Nicki Minaj, Azealia Banks, and the rise of women in hip-hop.
Dec. 19 2011 12:08 AMThe Music Club, 2011Will someone please explain why Adele isn’t completely boring?
Dec. 26 2012 12:30 PMThe Music Club, 2012The pop performance of the year was Grace Jones hula-hooping at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.
Dec. 26 2012 10:58 AMThe Music Club, 2012I’m a blue-state-Brooklyn-secular-humanist-Jewish Obama voter, and I love country.
Dec. 21 2012 12:50 PMThe Music Club, 2012The mixtape renaissance.
Dec. 20 2012 1:00 PMThe Music Club, 2012Why are Mumford & Sons so popular?
Dec. 19 2012 8:00 AMThe Music Club, 2012I for one welcome dancing back to the center of the pop experience.
Dec. 18 2012 11:12 AMThe Music Club, 2012Should we be suspicious of hipsters’ newfound love of R&B?
Dec. 17 2012 7:30 AMThe Music Club, 2012Is music getting quieter, or am I just getting old?
Dec. 30 2011 2:07 PMThe Music Club, 2011Was Rebecca Black’s “Friday” the song of the year?
Dec. 29 2011 10:57 AMThe Music Club, 2011The rise of the stutter in pop music.
Dec. 28 2011 12:56 PMThe Music Club, 2011Why was there so much whistling in pop this year?
Dec. 23 2011 3:47 PMThe Music Club, 2011How Adele makes the “ordinary” profound.
Dec. 21 2011 6:44 PMThe Music Club, 2011There’s no way Drake is having such a bad time banging groupies.
Dec. 20 2011 7:03 AMThe Music Club, 2011How about a Bechdel test for albums by male rappers?
Dec. 19 2011 12:48 PMThe Music Club, 2011The year’s best and weirdest protest songs.
Dec. 23 2008 3:52 PMDo You Ever Fantasize About Being a Movie Critic?