The Movie Club
The Movie Club
Jan. 13 2014 10:31 AMThe Movie ClubEntry 2: Movie critics have become more partisan than Congress.
Jan. 12 2013 1:52 PMThe Movie ClubWe need more star vehicles like Flight.
Jan. 11 2013 1:28 PMThe Movie ClubI love that Casa De Mi Padre exists. Hope Springs, too.
Jan. 10 2013 2:04 PMThe Movie ClubI have no legitimate complaints about Seth MacFarlane and Emma Stone.
Jan. 10 2013 11:11 AMThe Movie ClubNo love for Paul Thomas Anderson? Or Wes Anderson?
Jan. 9 2013 10:50 PMThe Movie ClubChanning Tatum's great year, and Taylor Kitsch's terrible one.
Jan. 9 2013 8:45 AMThe Movie Club3-D now seems like an entertainment tax levied by Hollywood on moviegoers.
Jan. 8 2013 11:48 AMThe Movie ClubIn defense of trash.
Jan. 7 2013 8:30 AMThe Movie ClubI loved the moral murk of Zero Dark Thirty.
Jan. 9 2012 6:45 PMThe Movie ClubThe complicated hugs of Ralph Fiennes.
Jan. 9 2012 2:52 PMThe Movie ClubWar Horse wasn’t corny.
Jan. 6 2012 5:39 PMThe Movie ClubSomehow, the best comic book movie of the year was about Marvel’s squarest hero.
Jan. 6 2012 12:29 PMThe Movie ClubDid anyone else take delight in the placenta-splooge craziness of Twilight: Breaking Dawn-Part One?
Jan. 5 2012 12:17 PMThe Movie ClubThere is no single movie this year that everyone is excited about.
Jan. 4 2012 12:44 PMThe Movie ClubA defense of The Artist, offered without disclaimers or shame.
Jan. 12 2014 11:43 PMThe Movie ClubEntry 1: Was Wolf of Wall Street a critique of capitalist privilege or a feast on the goodies such privilege can buy?
Jan. 11 2013 5:40 PMThe Movie ClubA few words about Bradley Cooper.
Jan. 11 2013 11:46 AMThe Movie ClubMore rom-coms should be as idiosyncratic, sexy, and funny as Silver Linings Playbook.
Jan. 10 2013 12:08 PMThe Movie ClubI had enormous problems with Beasts of the Southern Wild.
Jan. 10 2013 10:38 AMThe Movie ClubOscar nominations: Bigelow and Tarantino snubbed, Affleck likely sad.
Jan. 9 2013 12:03 PMThe Movie ClubI used to hate Matthew McConaughey. Now I love him. I hate when that happens.
Jan. 8 2013 4:48 PMThe Movie ClubForget Life of Pi. The year’s best digital effects were in Rust and Bone.
Jan. 8 2013 11:15 AMThe Movie ClubI’m a guilt-ridden white liberal and I thought Django Unchained was fun. Fun fun fun!
Jan. 7 2013 5:27 AMThe Movie ClubMy grand unified theory of the cinema in 2012.
Jan. 9 2012 6:04 PMThe Movie ClubYou want action and suspense? Watch the Formula One documentary Senna.
Jan. 9 2012 12:59 PMThe Movie ClubLightning round! What were your five favorite cinematic moments of 2011?
Jan. 6 2012 2:58 PMThe Movie ClubAre we drawn to the kinds of movies we watched at an impressionable age?
Jan. 6 2012 7:13 AMThe Movie ClubTransformers 3 was the filmic equivalent of a very long Chuck E. Cheese birthday party.
Jan. 5 2012 11:01 AMThe Movie ClubThey don’t make bad movies like they used to.
Jan. 4 2012 10:16 AMThe Movie ClubBridesmaids proved a comedy could be big and brash and rude and still fully, proudly female.