Should Barack have told Michelle about the Bin Laden mission?
The Obamas
Should Barack Have Told Michelle About the Bin Laden Mission?
New books dissected over email.
Jan. 13 2012 5:30 PM

The Obamas


I would never assassinate anybody without talking to you first.

Should Barack have told Michelle he was plotting to take out Bin Laden?

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Darling Jacob,

First of all, I appreciate your little post-sexist switcheroo on the question by turning it around to ask if I were going to take out a terrorist, when of course you likely did that for the benefit of the readers when in fact you were thinking, if you were going to take out a terrorist, would you tell your wife? But to go along with your question: I would tell you because I simply can't imagine trying to assassinate anybody without talking to you first.

Our roles are much like the actual Barack and Michelle: You could easily make that decision without me. But I have faith you would discuss it with me because we are partners (another awful word), even if you did not require my counsel. I think I would be awfully hurt if you Baracked me in this way. And even though I can be quite a blabber-mouth and that would definitely be a good piece of gossip, I know that you know that when it comes to stuff that matters, my lips are sealed.


Your loving partner (barf!),

Deborah Needleman is the editor in chief of WSJ Magazine and the author of The Perfectly Imperfect Home.


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