CBS's JAG: A few sanctimonious men.
CBS's JAG: A few sanctimonious men.
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Aug. 15 2002 6:18 PM

A Few Sanctimonious Men

CBS's JAG preaches all that it can preach.

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But it's hard to watch those old JAGs now, knowing what has come later—several seasons of speechifying, fanfare, loaded dice, plot cheats, twisted logic, and bad faith. There's not much pleasure in calling JAG propaganda or even being outraged about it; it's too obvious. I do, however, take some civic pride today in advising people who have never seen it to stay away, unless you feel your imagination has been running wild lately and needs to be curbed by a condescending, doctrinaire, and mind-numbing lesson about the perfection of sailors and soldiers.

Virginia Heffernan is a television critic for The New York Times. Her book, The Underminer, which she wrote with Mike Albo, comes out in February.

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