Long Live the Queen

Thank God for The Crown and its fantasy of the benevolent authoritarian.

Nov. 29 2017 10:26 AMComedy TonightAmy Sherman-Palladino’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a fizzy, funny series about a housewife turned comedienne.
Nov. 21 2017 10:55 AMShe’s Gotta Have ItSpike Lee’s buoyant comedy features a heroine who’s a work in progress.
Oct. 29 2017 11:37 PMCareless LoveThe season finale of The Deuce shows why David Simon’s new series is just as smart as, but more fun than, The Wire.
Oct. 20 2017 11:04 AMStylin’ and Profilin’Mindhunter follows the first FBI agents to try to get inside the head of a serial killer.
Sept. 28 2017 5:50 AMWill & Grace Is Still a Show America NeedsBecause now it’s a sharp comedy about white, moneyed, liberal hypocrisy.
Sept. 13 2017 1:22 PMBetter Things Gets Even BetterSeason 2 of a family sitcom that really understands how messy parenting can feel.
Aug. 27 2017 10:15 PMThe Game of Thrones GraveyardLeave a flower for a fallen character.
Aug. 3 2017 4:05 PMSlatesters’ Favorite TV Shows of 2017 (So Far)Slate staff on their must-watch TV this year.
June 13 2017 1:41 PMCaptives to CaptorsSeason 5 of Orange Is the New Black puts the inmates in charge—with very disturbing results.
May 22 2017 10:51 AMLynch UnleashedThe Twin Peaks reboot is not the fusion of arthouse and mainstream sensibilities that viewers might expect. It’s pure David Lynch—and it’s glorious.
May 12 2017 7:19 PMAnne With an ENetflix’s dark, gritty reboot of Anne of Green Gables has all the subtlety of a chalkboard smashed over your head.
May 3 2017 8:06 PMTwin Peaks Didn’t Just Change TVIt was about TV.
May 3 2017 8:03 PMTwin Peaks’ Bob Is the Scariest TV Villain of All TimeHere’s why.
May 3 2017 8:01 PMTwin Peaks Was the Most Visually Striking TV Show Ever MadeAnd still is.
May 3 2017 5:15 PMIn Season 2, Master of None Goes Bigger and Gets BetterThe comedy series’ ambitious new episodes take on everything from Italian neorealism to reality TV.
Nov. 22 2017 9:09 AMSuperheroes Have Parents, TooSometimes, as in Hulu’s Runaways, they’re murderous supervillains.
Nov. 2 2017 10:05 AMThe WhydunnitIn Netflix’s Margaret Atwood adaptation Alias Grace, a maybe murderer spins a tale.
Oct. 26 2017 11:27 AMStranger Things, Season 2Netflix’s ’80s adventure was already the perfect sequel. Season 2 is, happily, more of the same.
Oct. 17 2017 4:04 PMThe New Man ShowJimmy Kimmel—mouthy, mean, and quick to cry—is the perfect foil for Donald Trump. But how long can he play the hero?
Sept. 26 2017 7:30 AMLaw & Order Tries to Get RealWith The Menendez Murders, the august franchise can’t quite pull off its own splashy true-crime story.
Sept. 5 2017 12:35 PMIn Twin Peaks’ Finale, Dreams Have a CostAnd when you wake up, the bill comes due.
Aug. 8 2017 4:51 PMThe Heartbreaking First Black BacheloretteI hoped this season could find a way to change cultural perceptions of black love. I’ll be honest: I’m crushed.
June 22 2017 4:50 PMGLOWNetflix’s charming new show, executive-produced by Jenji Kohan, takes gender and racial stereotypes and body-slams them into the mat.
June 1 2017 4:55 PMHouse of Cards Season 5 Is TV’s Slyest Take Yet on Our Political MomentIt’s full of pessimism not just about the egomaniac in the White House but about the uniquely American institutions and attitudes that got him there.
May 19 2017 11:11 AMThe Unbingeable Kimmy SchmidtSeason 3 is so dense with jokes that it’s hard to watch too many episodes in one sitting. Also, it’s glorious.
May 11 2017 4:20 PMAmerican RaceSomeone thought it was a great idea to give Charles Barkley a four-part doc on race.
May 3 2017 8:04 PMBetween Two WorldsA comprehensive history of the strange, sublime collaboration between Twin Peaks creators David Lynch and Mark Frost.
May 3 2017 8:02 PMWrapped in CelluloidWhy the web of movie allusions in David Lynch’s show helped it take hold of the cultural imagination in a way no series ever had.
May 3 2017 8:00 PMDiane, Remind Me to Tell You How Twin Peaks Changed TV ForeverBefore Special Agent Dale Cooper, you could just watch a show. Now you have to solve it.
April 28 2017 12:43 PMAmerican GodsIt’s hard to imagine a better TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s wonderstruck fantasy.