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Patrick Melrose and the Long Afterburn of Trauma

Benedict Cumberbatch stars in an adaptation of Edward St. Aubyn’s novels.

May 2 2018 7:54 PMShow Everything, Reveal NothingHBO’s Being Serena is an all-access pass to the tennis star’s life that provides no access to her heart or brain.
April 25 2018 9:30 AM“I Was Margo Martindale, Private Dick”The Americans’ actress on why she’s loved playing a spy—and being one.
April 20 2018 1:58 PMThe Long Shadow of ScandalOver seven seasons, the show sometimes lost the (insanely complicated) plot, but it changed TV for good.
April 10 2018 12:41 PMKilling Eve Makes Murder Dangerously FunPhoebe Waller-Bridge’s BBC America series tracks the hunt for a gleeful contract killer, but underestimate her, and it, at your peril.
April 3 2018 11:49 AMRoseanne Is More Than Just Its PoliticsLike most good art, it cannot be reduced to a single message.
March 26 2018 12:03 AMBelieve This WomanStormy Daniels did wonders for her credibility on 60 Minutes.
March 21 2018 9:30 AMWell-Funded FearWealth makes people fascinating targets in a miniseries about the John Paul Getty III kidnapping.
March 1 2018 5:55 AMAtlanta Isn’t Afraid to Be ArtThe second season of Donald Glover’s FX series settles on you like an uneasy dream.
Feb. 16 2018 1:02 PMCrazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Third Season Broke New GroundToo bad its strides were outnumbered by its stumbles.
Feb. 1 2018 10:04 AMOur Bodies, Their SelvesIn Netflix’s Altered Carbon, the 1 percent can live like gods, as long as they have new bodies to live in.
Jan. 22 2018 11:53 AMSteven Soderbergh’s Newest Project? There’s an App for That.Mosaic isn’t great on a smartphone or on HBO.
Jan. 16 2018 6:03 AMThe Assassination of Gianni Versace Makes a Killer the StarAndrew Cunanan wanted to be famous. Does Ryan Murphy’s new series give him what he wanted?
Jan. 5 2018 1:03 PMThe ChiLena Waithe’s Showtime series is far more like The Wire than Master of None.
Dec. 28 2017 3:16 PMBlack Mirror, CrackedCharlie Brooker’s anthology explores the perils of technology, but its characters are weirdly unskeptical about its possibilities.
Dec. 15 2017 2:13 PMThe New Man ShowJimmy Kimmel—mouthy, mean, and quick to cry—is the perfect foil for Donald Trump. But how long can he play the hero?
April 30 2018 10:00 AMThe Man Who Perfected the Laugh TrackCharlie Douglass changed the way TV viewers watch comedies.
April 24 2018 2:38 PMThe New Episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale Suggest It Should Have Ended After Its First SeasonBut it’s still as good as ever at making you feel bad.
April 18 2018 5:50 AMPlayed OutWestworld, the game, undermines Westworld, the TV show.
April 5 2018 4:27 PMBack to the ShoreJersey Shore Family Vacation finds reality stars trying to mature without changing their bankable personas.
March 27 2018 11:04 AMThe New Roseanne Proves It’s Still the Ultimate White, Working-Class SitcomBut what that means, two decades later, is much more complicated.
March 23 2018 9:30 AMAnd SceneA hit man takes up acting—and takes on TV’s antihero fixation—in Barry.
March 13 2018 4:10 PMThe Musical Drama Rise Takes One Step Forward, Two Steps BackIt’s not blind, but it can’t quite see.
Feb. 23 2018 10:00 AMUnReal Gets Back in the SaddleAfter a disastrous second season, the Bachelor satire recovers in its third.
Feb. 6 2018 9:00 AMQueer Eye Returns, Aiming for Acceptance, Not Just ToleranceThe new Fab Five visit Trump country in Netflix’s reboot.
Jan. 30 2018 5:55 AMCitizen Rose Charts a Weinstein Accuser’s Journey Back to HerselfA testament to Rose McGowan in all her gnarly singularity.
Jan. 19 2018 9:00 AMThe Deracination of Andrew CunananWhy is The Assassination of Gianni Versace interested in its protagonist’s sexuality but not his race?
Jan. 12 2018 1:38 PMEven on Netflix, David Letterman Sticks to the Late-Night FormulaMy Next Guest Needs No Introduction, and neither does Letterman’s too-familiar new show.
Jan. 4 2018 8:18 PMCrazy ExegesisOn Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, mental illness and musical deconstruction go hand in hand.
Dec. 15 2017 2:13 PMComedy TonightAmy Sherman-Palladino’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a fizzy, funny series about a housewife turned comedienne.
Dec. 15 2017 5:55 AMWhy Errol Morris Reinvented His Approach for His New Netflix SeriesThe master documentarian on abandoning the Interrotron, doubling down on dramatizations, and why he’s still not done with Wormwood.