Jan. 7 2014 7:46 AMRaylan It InJustified is still better than almost anything else—but it’s not the show it once was.
Jan. 1 2014 11:55 PMDan Harmon Is Still Pretty Torn Up About EverythingThe return of Community.
Dec. 9 2013 9:08 AMThe Creepy Incompetence of the CIAApparently there are only four agents in all of America, but still, why send Carrie to Tehran?
Dec. 6 2013 10:19 AMPlease Don’t Bring Back This Bonnie to MeA&E makes a misogynistic ratings grab with its Bonnie & Clyde remake.
Dec. 1 2013 11:24 PMHomeland Should Just Embrace the Fantasy'Cause it sure isn't working as an incisive political drama.
Nov. 27 2013 7:15 AMAwwwwwwwwwwwwww!Animal Planet gets into the adorable-video business.
Nov. 22 2013 2:47 PMThe Triumphant Return of Ja’mieThe most amazing, awful character in Chris Lilley’s Summer Heights High stars in a new HBO series.
Nov. 18 2013 7:00 AMAlmost Human and Sleepy HollowTwo new Fox dramas are silly enough to be serious about race.
Nov. 15 2013 8:44 AMPrimed for ComedyAmazon launches into the original-series world with its D.C. comedy Alpha House.
Nov. 3 2013 11:45 PMThe Guilt-Free AntiheroJames Spader in The Blacklist, the hit series that lets you have your darkness and enjoy it too.
Oct. 31 2013 10:04 AMThe Walking Dead, With BrainsThe amazing new French TV series The Returned.
Oct. 25 2013 7:38 AMNothing Lives ForeverNBC tries to keep the vampire trend going a little bit longer with Dracula.
Oct. 21 2013 11:17 AMI Know That You’re Gonna Have It Your Way or Nothing at AllVH1’s TLC biopic CrazySexyCool.
Oct. 15 2013 4:11 PMA Donkey in Fox’s Clothing?Megyn Kelly’s new show reminds liberals she’s not the Fox News anchor of their dreams.
Oct. 9 2013 2:08 PMAmerican Horror Story: CovenThe third season demonstrates once again that great TV doesn’t have to be self-serious.
Jan. 2 2014 11:41 PMThe World Is ChangingBut Downton Abbey stays the same.
Dec. 15 2013 10:13 PMA Tearful FarewellI cried at the finale of Homeland, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna watch this show again.
Dec. 8 2013 11:45 PMThe Top 10 TV Shows of 2013The shows I went wild for.
Dec. 4 2013 12:16 PMNoir! What Is It Good For?Well, it makes TNT’s Mob City pretty watchable, for starters.
Dec. 1 2013 8:36 PMRick Grimes in Whispered IntensityThe lonely, raspy struggles of The Walking Dead’s long-suffering hero.
Nov. 24 2013 10:00 PMHomeland’s Middle East Peace PlanWhen did you start laughing at this episode?
Nov. 22 2013 10:30 AMGetting OnI’ve never laughed so hard about the frail and failing elderly.
Nov. 17 2013 10:00 PMHomeland’s Smashmortion ProblemWould Carrie Mathison really have a baby?
Nov. 10 2013 10:00 PMSaul Wins This RoundBut is it his last?
Nov. 3 2013 10:00 PMWHYYYYYY?????!!!!!Why?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct. 27 2013 10:02 PMCareer Counseling With Saul BerensonIs he really cut out to be CIA director if he doesn’t even know that some other guy is gonna be made CIA director?
Oct. 22 2013 11:40 PMThe Best Competition Show on TV Features Children Cooking Escargot
Oct. 20 2013 10:10 PMFinally, Homeland Takes a Twist!I’m so happy I don’t even care it doesn’t make sense!
Oct. 13 2013 10:00 PMWelcome to Caracas, Brody!Did we mention there’s a $10 million bounty on your head?
Oct. 9 2013 12:14 PMTelekinetic Teens! Sexy Vamp-wolves! Mary Queen of Scots, but She’s Psychic!Just another fall season on the CW.