Nov. 14 2015 1:40 PMIt’s Insane, This Guy’s SketchThe anti-nostalgic joys of With Bob and David.
Nov. 12 2015 9:00 AMNothing’s a Hit AnymoreIn the streaming age, the way we calculate ratings has become nearly meaningless. But they matter more than ever.
Nov. 9 2015 10:31 AMThe Walking Dead Podcast: “Now”Join our members-only TV Club to listen to spoiler-filled discussion of Episode 5.
Nov. 2 2015 10:40 AMThe Walking Dead Podcast: “Here’s Not Here”Join our members-only TV Club to listen to spoiler-filled discussion of Episode 4.
Oct. 27 2015 7:00 AMThe True Detective of Network TVWicked City features a necrophiliac serial killer and plenty of shocking violence and sex—but somehow makes it all seem tame.
Oct. 22 2015 2:36 PMSupergirlIt’s a procedural in a cape.
Oct. 19 2015 1:02 PMWalking Dead Podcast: “J.S.S.”Join our members-only TV Club to listen to spoiler-filled discussion of Episode 2.
Oct. 15 2015 3:13 PMThe Knick Reinvented the Period DramaIt’s easy to treat the past as a cozy prequel to the present. But in Steven Soderbergh’s hands, history is at once horrifying and so beautiful you can’t look away.
Oct. 8 2015 4:53 PMCrazy Ex-Girlfriend Is Peak #PeakTVThe CW has made exactly the right kind of show—nichey, meta, aware that it can’t please everyone—for our TV-over-saturated age.
Oct. 2 2015 4:22 PMHomeland Didn’t Need More NuanceSeason 5 turns the show into something more complicated, moody, and dull. 
Oct. 1 2015 3:58 PMYou Should Be Watching The Leftovers In Season 2, HBO’s series gets hauntingly good.
Sept. 23 2015 3:13 PMEmpire Is the Most Important Show on TVSeason 1 did things to ratings and audiences that network shows aren’t supposed to be able to do anymore. Now Season 2 seems poised to do it all again.
Sept. 21 2015 2:58 PMThe Muppets Reboot Ruined Miss PiggyShe was the forerunner to some of our best, most complicated female characters, from Liz Lemon to Skyler White. Now she’s been hung out to fry.
Sept. 14 2015 9:55 PMThe Bastard Executioner FX’s new show from the creator of Sons of Anarchy is a Game of Thrones knock-off that misunderstands everything that makes Game of Thrones good.
Sept. 7 2015 7:07 PMMust-Please TVThe fall network comedies all seem neurotically aware of just how hard they have to work for your attention.
Nov. 13 2015 7:33 AMInto the BadlandsAMC’s new martial arts series has such deeply cool fight scenes that it hardly needs anything else.
Nov. 11 2015 1:52 PMCharge It to the Race CardMaster of None’s depiction of Indian-Americanness rings so true that it took my breath away.
Nov. 4 2015 10:30 AMMaster of NoneAziz Ansari’s Netflix series is a canny social satire—and a truly great sitcom. 
Oct. 29 2015 9:00 AMThe Indispensable Project GreenlightReality TV’s heyday may have passed, but this show is single-handedly making the case for the genre’s importance. 
Oct. 26 2015 8:53 PMWalking Dead Podcast: “Thank You”Join our members-only TV Club to listen to a spoiler-filled discussion of Episode 3.
Oct. 22 2015 1:09 PMHow I Turned My Love of The Simpsons Into a Freelance GigSlate’s Springfield correspondent tells all.
Oct. 16 2015 1:01 PMInsanity DefenseIn its third season, Nathan for You is even more delightfully deranged—and ingenious.
Oct. 12 2015 2:20 PMYou BetchaThe second season of Fargo adds some fresh ingredients to the first season’s monotonous Minnesota menu.
Oct. 7 2015 12:56 PMAmerican Horror Story: HotelRyan Murphy’s anthology series has gone from creepy to preachy. But this season seems like a promising new start. 
Oct. 2 2015 1:15 PMThe Affair Should Be a Sexy, Irresistible StunnerBut something’s holding the Showtime series back.
Sept. 30 2015 5:45 AMThe Frustrating Fate of Ken JeongHis Hangover and Community characters were so singular that they destroyed Asian stereotypes. What happened with Dr. Ken?
Sept. 22 2015 3:57 PMScream QueensRyan Murphy’s new show about killer sorority girls is classic Ryan Murphy: full of spiked bubblegum and nutritious venom.
Sept. 16 2015 5:54 PMMoonbeam CityThe new Comedy Central cartoon—starring the voice of Rob Lowe—is so willfully dumb that it might make you wonder if it’s meta-dumb. Don’t be fooled.
Sept. 9 2015 11:38 AMBabies and Bomb Squads and Bradley CooperWe sifted through all the wacky premises, ludicrous character names, and soapy plots to bring you this guide to the 2015 fall network dramas.
Aug. 25 2015 2:35 PMHello, FriendMr. Robot represents a new, increasingly common TV archetype: the alienated hero—a stranger to society and to himself.