March 4 2015 9:39 AMAmerican CrimeThis new ABC drama is the most nuanced, intelligent take on race relations we’ve seen in years.
Feb. 27 2015 3:45 AMAll Box, No SexWE TV’s new show wants to have its smut and censor it, too.
Feb. 25 2015 9:21 AMThe Heart of PawneeWhat made Parks and Recreation such a uniquely good sitcom—even if the finale lost sight of it.
Feb. 18 2015 1:13 PMThe Odd CoupleCBS’s show puts a retrograde new spin on an old story about what it means to be a straight man.
Feb. 5 2015 5:47 PMThe Anti-SerialHBO’s documentary The Jinx is a true-crime story that doesn’t do any hand-holding.
Feb. 5 2015 7:00 AM“It Takes More Than Lunchables to Assimilate”Arthur Chu, Jennifer Lai, and Phil Yu discuss the Fresh Off the Boat premiere.
Feb. 3 2015 3:20 PMOutsider ArtThe sweet, subtly provocative Fresh Off the Boat is the latest reason to be grateful for TV’s diversity push.
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Jan. 16 2015 7:47 AMAmazon Had a Great Week!Then they released their new pilots.
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Jan. 6 2015 2:56 PMMarvel Made a Woman-Led, Anti-Sexist Superhero ShowIt’s mostly about men.
Jan. 2 2015 9:03 AMJean Hamm, Weird Al, and Xanax the MagicianGalavant is the oddest new TV show in ages.
Dec. 2 2014 10:25 AMLowbrow and DelectableGirlfriends’ Guide to Divorce is the TV equivalent of a great beach read.
Nov. 17 2014 8:00 AMThe Slate Doctor Who Podcast: Final Thoughts on Series 8    Phil Plait and Mac Rogers on the finale and the season.
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Feb. 12 2015 9:53 AMThe SlapNBC makes the case for why prestige shouldn’t be limited to cable TV.
Feb. 5 2015 12:45 PMNBC’s Bad MemoryThe network repeatedly criticized Hillary Clinton for her false memory of “sniper fire.” Will it hold Brian Williams to the same standard?
Feb. 4 2015 11:00 PMThere Was a Dildo on Broad CityAbbi wore it.
Jan. 30 2015 10:23 AMHuckster as HeroBetter Call Saul is a comic book origin story disguised in a cheap suit and hairpiece.
Jan. 27 2015 4:48 PMSink or SwimIn Season 3 of The Americans, the clash between principles and parenting is more violent than ever.
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Jan. 14 2015 3:15 PMBeautiful MonsterThe return of stately serial-killer show The Fall.
Jan. 7 2015 11:50 PMWarm With a Chance of Abhorrent AnticsIn Season 4, Girls is better—and more provocative—than it’s been for a while.
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Dec. 8 2014 4:03 PMThe Top 10 TV Shows of 2014From stoned Brooklynites to dating Jerusalemites.
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