Skin And Scares
Skin And Scares

The True Blood Season Finale

Not enough skin, not enough scares, plenty of cliffhangers.

Aug. 30 2010 11:28 AMIs True Blood Killing Itself Off?How many great characters have to die before the season is over?
Aug. 16 2010 1:19 PMTrue Blood's "Barrage of Homosexuality"Was the Philadelphia Eagles' Todd Herremans on to something?
Aug. 2 2010 11:16 AMStyle, Soap, Sex—and Splat!Why doesn't True Blood get as much critical love as Mad Men?
July 19 2010 2:53 PMHow To Act Like A 3,000-Year-Old ManIn praise of Denis O'Hare.
June 28 2010 1:11 PMNeckingTrue Blood reinvents vampire sex.
June 14 2010 6:40 PMA Shirt Shortage Strikes Bon TempsTrue Blood's very sexy, very gay Season 3 debut.
Aug. 23 2010 1:01 PMWho Will Die on True Blood Next Week?There are several contenders.
Aug. 10 2010 11:36 AMWhat's Wrong With Vampires?Werewolves, shape shifters, swimming hippies—the world of True Blood is getting too crowded.
July 26 2010 3:25 PMOf Werewolves, Dog Fighting, and Lady GagaTaking stock of True Blood at the midseason mark.
July 12 2010 4:24 PMThis is Your Brain on BloodTrue Blood's devastating critique of the war on drugs.
June 21 2010 7:09 AMWhat Do Vampires See in Sookie?She's deadly boring.