"The Man I Killed"

"The Man I Killed"

"The Man I Killed"

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A weekly poem, read by the author.
March 28 2006 5:15 AM

"The Man I Killed"

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was in his early 30s, rosaceous, pocky, the Checker on a Newark pier. He said

I'll be respected
by Jersey turds
like you reporters


and these Hoboken wankers
still wearing bog shit.
Don't you get it?

I said No pictures.
Later, off the wharf
the camera guy

used a telephoto lens
as I pointed, for my byline story,
Wildcat Strikers

Shut Port Newark.
The next week they found him
floating near a buoy

dead in Bayonne harbor
in a mess of bootleg whiskey
and my story in the paper.