My Eyes Your Eyes

My Eyes Your Eyes

My Eyes Your Eyes

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A weekly poem, read by the author.
June 9 1999 3:30 AM

My Eyes Your Eyes

for Lily

I give you one of my blue eyes
Because you are four and ask for it

When we pass in the street


My blue eye looks

Between your brown eyes
And recognizes an old companion

There is a moment of envy
But it passes as we pass

Along the street
Two ships as adults like to say

Passing in the night
One a single blue beacon

The other three lights
One blue the other two

The color of soil
Holding forth

I give you one blue
And would send you another

If you asked
To improve your view of this world

If you asked
If you asked for it

Daniel Halpern's newest collection of poems, Something Shining, will be published this fall.