“A Disaster Prompted by Economic Activity”

Brazil’s mining dam disaster, the worst in the country’s history, will continue to cause irreparable environmental damage for years.

Dec. 1 2015 2:15 PM“A Crime Against Humanity of Extraordinary Proportions”Indonesia’s fires are an environmental catastrophe and a climate change nightmare.
Sept. 17 2015 10:59 AMLove Letters, a Toothbrush, a BibleThe stories told by the personal objects of immigrants who died illegally crossing the border.
July 3 2015 11:12 AMGreece in CrisisPhotos from a nation struggling with closed banks, empty ATMs, rumors and uncertainty
Jan. 9 2015 12:55 PMPhotos From Friday’s Hostage Situation in Paris Standoff outside a kosher supermarket and a printing plant where the Charlie Hebdo suspects and others took people hostage. 
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Nov. 14 2014 2:36 PMMexico’s Days of RageGripping photos of the protests sweeping a nation.
Sept. 21 2014 11:34 PMPeople’s Climate March in PhotosHundreds of thousands of marchers took to the streets of NYC in the largest climate rally in history.
Aug. 13 2014 1:28 AMThe Lady With “the Look”Photos of Lauren Bacall (1924–2014), the sultry star of Hollywood’s Golden Age.
July 24 2014 5:05 PMUnder the ShellsGripping images of Gaza under siege.
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Feb. 19 2014 2:26 PMPhotos From the Anti-Government Protests in Kiev, Ukraine
Jan. 24 2014 4:30 PMOn the BarricadesThe streets of Kiev turned violent as Ukrainians stood up to a dictatorship in the making.
Nov. 19 2013 12:50 PMThen and Now: The Assassination of JFKCapturing present-day photos of the iconic scenes of JFK’s assassination.
Aug. 23 2013 8:48 AMWhy Do People Visit Washington, D.C.?Today’s tourists are buried in their technology.
June 4 2013 6:14 PMPhotos From the Anti-Government Protests in Turkey
Sept. 26 2015 9:18 AMIn MemoriamAfter the disappearance of the Mexican students, only art could give voice to a nation in mourning.
Sept. 8 2015 2:18 PMDevastating Photos of the Refugee Crisis  Life as a migrant in Europe.
Jan. 30 2015 5:46 PMThe Slatest Week in PicturesA pilgrimage in Nepal, elections in Athens, war in Syria, fashion in Paris, and trash heaps in China.
Jan. 7 2015 2:22 PMPhotos From France Following the Attack on Charlie HebdoParisians gather in solidarity at Place de la République to remember those who were killed. 
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Sept. 29 2014 3:59 PMAmazing Images From Hong Kong’s Umbrella RevolutionHong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters take to the streets, with firm grips on their rights and their umbrellas. 
Aug. 14 2014 10:37 AMPhotos of the Protests in FergusonDemonstrators are confronted by tear gas, rubber bullets, and a militarized police force.
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Jan. 7 2014 1:38 PMArtic Landscapes From the Polar VortexBeautiful photos.
Nov. 11 2013 12:18 AMSuper Typhoon Haiyan Devastates PhilippinesMore than 10,000 dead following one of the strongest storms in recorded history
June 26 2013 2:16 PMA Rally for EqualityPhotos of the scene outside the Supreme Court.
June 3 2013 5:48 AMPorch DogsExactly what it sounds like.