Do Weblogs increase productivity?

Do Weblogs increase productivity?

Do Weblogs increase productivity?

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April 16 2002 3:10 PM

Mideast Reconstruction

The Big Switch
The Washington Monthly's Joshua Green suggests that John McCain should run for president in 2004--as a Democrat. Elsewhere, the New Republic's Noam Scheiber handicaps the other Democratic presidential hopefuls.

The Two-State Solution, Circa 1870
The New Yorker's Nicholas Lemann finds a parallel to the Arab-Israeli conflict in the post-Civil War South.

Corporate Blogging
"Weblogs actually can be used to increase worker efficiency," one man tells MSNBC. Blogging "can be used within a corporate environment to exchange ideas, revise documents ... and even manage projects."



Going, going...
Another sentimental farewell to Gary Condit. (First entry under the "Northwest" section.)