Movies for gamers.
Movies for gamers.
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Aug. 26 2005 6:31 PM

The Sin City UMD

Why gamers are watching movies instead.

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It would be far more convenient if a PSPer could rip the DVDs he already owns to a form of media that his gaming unit will recognize. And guess what? The software industry is already on the case, with X-OOM's Movies on PSP. The software lets you store movie files on a Sony memory stick, which works with the PSP. So, for all the buzz, UMDs probably won't keep studio executives out of Del Taco.

Correction, Aug. 27, 2005: This article originally identified the director of Sin City as "Richard" Rodriguez. The director's name is Robert Rodriguez. (Return to corrected sentence.)

Brendan I. Koerner is a contributing editor at Wired and a columnist for Gizmodo. His first book, Now the Hell Will Start, is out now.