Number 1
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Number 1

I'm French, Chew on Me

Sophie the Giraffe, the European teething toy that's sweeping America.

Feb. 18 2009 4:58 PMThe Hardest-Working Hand in Show BusinessHow ventriloquist Jeff Dunham became the country's most popular stand-up comedian.
Nov. 26 2008 6:52 PMGazing Into the Crystal FootballWhy high-school recruiting gurus are better than NFL scouts at finding gridiron talent.
Feb. 23 2007 12:18 PMIs Classical Making a Comeback?The hottest musical genre of 2006.
Sept. 29 2006 12:32 PMThe Other Trojan WarWhat's the best-selling condom in America?
June 2 2006 7:18 AMCandy LickerA best-selling book about cunnilingus and thugs.
March 24 2006 12:43 PMSo Take Off All Your ClothesThe quick-change artists who dominate the NBA halftime circuit.
Jan. 13 2006 5:51 AMThe Shrimp FactorAmericans love it now more than ever. Why?
Nov. 4 2005 11:24 AMEl ChavoThe enduring popularity of a Mexican sitcom about a street kid who lives in a barrel.
Aug. 26 2005 6:31 PMThe Sin City UMDWhy gamers are watching movies instead.
July 8 2005 5:04 PMTop DogWhy Americans love Labrador retrievers.
May 27 2005 12:03 PMJudge JudyThe most-watched court show for 452 straight weeks.
April 14 2005 5:50 PMJ.K. LasserThe dead accountant who wants to do your taxes.
March 18 2005 12:01 PMA Tabloid for 'TweensJ-14 is shoddy, scatological, and wildly successful.
March 10 2005 3:35 PMThe Game Is UpWhy Dr. Dre's protégés always top the charts.
June 24 2003 1:01 PM50 Cent Is CallingRap's biggest star is now appearing on cell phones near you.
Feb. 2 2009 12:19 PMMonster TruckIs the Ford F-series' 27-year reign at the top of America's sales charts about to end?
Nov. 12 2008 6:53 AM"AXXo You Are a God"The secrets of BitTorrent's top movie pirate.
Jan. 19 2007 6:28 AMThe Purloined SirloinWhy is meat the most shoplifted item in America?
Aug. 25 2006 1:31 PMThe Little Documentary That CouldWhat's IMAX's biggest hit? A schlocky NASA film.
May 5 2006 1:27 PMBig GunsThe wild success of a massive Smith & Wesson revolver.
Feb. 14 2006 4:49 PMI Don't!Why people in Connecticut have cold feet.
Dec. 2 2005 11:26 AMThe Shorts ListAmazon's selling stories and essays for 49 cents. Is anybody buying?
Oct. 21 2005 4:36 PMA Breath of Snow and AshesThe romance novel at the top of the New York Times best-seller list.
Aug. 5 2005 7:28 AMRanch DressingWhy do Americans love it so much?
June 24 2005 5:34 PMDora the ExplorerHow Nickelodeon slew Barney.
April 21 2005 3:25 PMJeff FoxworthyHe's the best-selling comedy recording artist of all time. Really.
March 31 2005 2:16 PMThe Big Applebee'sThe restaurant at the top of the casual-dining heap.
March 18 2005 12:01 PMA Tabloid for ‘TweensJ-14 is shoddy, scatological, and wildly successful.
July 21 2003 12:09 PMNumber 1 With a WhimperWhat's it take to get your song on Billboard's newest chart? Not much.
April 4 2003 12:12 PMWhat Would Jay-Z Drive?Tracking rappers' favorite cars and clothes.