Aug. 27 2013 6:21 PMShould You Go See Your Favorite Band’s Reunion Tour?Yes, you should.
July 30 2013 12:10 PMThe Most Beautiful Melody in the WorldYou know it when you hear it.
June 18 2013 5:28 PMGive Us Now Our Daily CroissantKanye West’s blasphemous, beguiling Yeezus.
May 30 2013 12:43 PMWild in the SeatsThe Rite of Spring, May 29, 1913. Paris.
May 28 2013 8:00 AMGuess Who Just Got Back Today?The triumph of Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys Are Back in Town.”
May 21 2013 1:25 PMWith a Little Love, and Some TendernessHow Hootie & the Blowfish frontman Darius Rucker remade himself as a country star.
March 12 2013 12:28 PMThe Next DayDavid Bowie’s excellent new album is a return to his high '70s form without being a retread.
Feb. 15 2013 8:30 AMThe Time Is Out of JointBehind the scenes on D'Angelo's Voodoo.
Dec. 12 2012 5:11 PMRavi ShankarHe was a lot more than just the Indian guy who hung out with the Beatles.
Nov. 16 2012 8:08 AMMusic To Sleep toThe ambient beauty of Brian Eno.
Nov. 7 2012 11:51 PMIn Praise of the Foreign-Language Pop SongThe world needs more “Gangnam Style”-style hits.
Oct. 23 2012 9:30 AMBeing BrahmsThe surprising snippets of autobiography embedded in his music.
Oct. 1 2012 12:02 PMPrivate MusicMost of what I know about myself, I’ve learned from playing the work of Robert Schumann.
July 17 2012 7:30 AMOcean’s KingdomFrank Ocean reimagines R&B on his brilliant debut album.
June 20 2012 7:30 AMWhere You’re From and Where You’re @Azealia Banks, A$AP Rocky, TNGHT, and the end of hip-hop regionalism.
Aug. 15 2013 2:07 PMThe Song of MidsummerSam Phillips’ Push Any Button is the perfect album for right now.
July 9 2013 12:37 PMHow to Fix the Magna Carta… Holy Grail AppFive patches that would have made Jay-Z’s album a better listen.
June 12 2013 6:11 PMThe Beauty of Slow DeteriorationNew electronic music that’s nostalgic for the sounds of the VHS era.
May 28 2013 3:31 PMWhy I Hate the NationalAnd how I decided it’s OK to hate the bands that I hate.  
May 21 2013 5:28 PMDaft Punk’s Random Access MemoriesTotally undanceable, dafter than ever—and a wire-to-wire triumph.
March 19 2013 10:15 AMObey Your MasterWhy Metallica was huge, still is huge, and always will be huge.
March 5 2013 7:41 AMDream On vs. Radio OnMassachusetts has a very Massachusetts fight over its official state rock song.
Dec. 13 2012 9:15 AMThe Best Jazz Albums of 2012From Ravi Coltrane, Chick Corea, and others.
Dec. 6 2012 12:33 PMLost CauseOn his new “album”—it’s actually a collection of sheet music—Beck tries to revive the days of singing ‘round the piano.
Nov. 15 2012 11:22 AMHer Banner Yet WavesA lean, mean new album from a battle-tested Christina Aguilera.
Nov. 1 2012 3:35 AMOld ManNeil Young takes a look at his life on his new album, Psychedelic Pill.
Oct. 19 2012 5:07 PMCall Me MelancholyWhat new albums from Carly Rae Jepsen and Pink tell us about the sad state of love.
Sept. 21 2012 3:49 AMAh, Fugitive VisionsThe pale, meaningless, non-punk-rock of Grizzly Bear.
July 16 2012 6:16 AMCan’t Stop Won’t StopHow Usher became a pop music institution.
June 12 2012 1:40 PM“Niggas,” in PracticeJay-Z, Gwyneth Paltrow, and when white people can say the word.