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March 22 2017 9:30 AMDrake’s More Life Is Drake’s Best Album Because It Has the Least DrakeAnd that might be the most Drake thing about it.
March 8 2017 3:43 PMStephin Merritt Comes Out—as HumanThe reticent Magnetic Fields impresario returns to the jumbo-sized concept-album format he pioneered with 69 Love Songs, with a surprising new theme: himself.
Feb. 23 2017 1:17 PMTrumpeting Alternative FactsThis month, the first jazz record celebrates its 100th anniversary. The bandleader claimed white people alone invented jazz.
Feb. 13 2017 9:14 AMGrammys, Don’t Hurt YourselfIf you won’t fix yourself for Beyoncé, please fix yourself for Adele.
Jan. 24 2017 12:08 PMThe Mood-Swing VoteHow Twenty One Pilots channeled Trump-state anxieties and became the biggest new rock band (if they are a rock band) in America.
Dec. 19 2016 10:15 AMThe Best Jazz Albums of 2016Plus the best historical releases.
Dec. 2 2016 1:03 PMA Starboy, Not Yet a StarmanThe Weeknd’s sure-to-be-blockbuster new album suggests it’s time for his self-destructive persona to finally kill itself off.
Nov. 17 2016 4:50 PM“Family Affair” and “Brown Sugar”The ’60s end, and things get complicated.
Nov. 11 2016 9:59 AMHey, That’s No Way to Say GoodbyeRemembering the profane prophet Leonard Cohen, gone at the moment we need him most.
Oct. 28 2016 11:10 AM“What the Woman Can Do With a Line”How Aretha Franklin made Sam Cooke’s greatest song her own.
Oct. 24 2016 7:30 PMThe Woman Behind the Meat DressOn her new album Joanne, Lady Gaga grapples with where her stage persona ends and Stefani Germanotta begins.
Oct. 18 2016 2:11 PMTo Shift the Way the World Is HeardHow “A Change Is Gonna Come” reveals the powers—and the limits—of political pop music.
Oct. 6 2016 10:56 AMSolange’s A Seat at the Table Doesn’t Have an Empowering “Message”And that’s exactly what makes it so powerful.
Oct. 5 2016 8:45 AMWhich Beatle Wrote It? Revolver Edition.Our latest quiz, for the 50th anniversary of the landmark album.
Sept. 22 2016 12:24 PM“Blowin’ in the Wind” and “A Change Is Gonna Come”Two iconic protest anthems reveal the deeply interconnected—and interracial—roots of ’60s folk, soul, and rock ’n’ roll.
March 19 2017 4:38 PMRoll Over, BeethovenChuck Berry didn’t just invent rock and roll. He perfected it.
Feb. 28 2017 3:04 PMCry Me a River (of White Male Tears)Dirty Projectors’ first release in five years is a one-man breakup album that can’t count on listeners’ sympathies. And it doesn’t.
Feb. 22 2017 9:27 AMCould Anti-Trump Americans Make “FDT (F--- Donald Trump)” the No. 1 Song in the Country?Here’s how the United States could have its own “God Save the Queen” moment.
Jan. 30 2017 1:58 PMIf You Miss Leonard Cohen, Then You Need to Meet Mark EitzelThe former frontman for American Music Club is just reaching his own middle-aged bardic stride.
Dec. 27 2016 10:40 AMGuilty Feet Ain’t Got No RhythmHow I found faith in the pop elation of George Michael—and why I wish I’d found it sooner.
Dec. 16 2016 7:42 AM808s and Heart EyesA new documentary—streaming now—is a nerdy love letter to the revolutionary drum machines.
Nov. 18 2016 2:53 PMWhy We Need Miranda LambertThe country singer’s new two-disc album could help our two Americas understand each other.
Nov. 14 2016 2:26 PMThe Return of the Love MovementOn A Tribe Called Quest’s first album in 18 years, its music is, amazingly, as timely as ever.
Nov. 4 2016 7:00 AM“Voodoo Child (Slight Return)” and “Ball and Chain”Why Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin don’t fit into the standard narrative of the ’60s.
Oct. 26 2016 11:48 AMThe Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle on His 1995 Song “Cubs in Five”And what it means to him in 2016.
Oct. 20 2016 2:05 PM“Money (That’s What I Want)” and “We Can Work It Out”Are we living in the Beatles’ world, or Motown’s?
Oct. 7 2016 12:07 PMDanny Brown’s Dance Hall of MirrorsOn his captivating new album Atrocity Exhibition, the Detroit rapper makes his mind into a fun house.
Oct. 6 2016 5:54 AMHow Rock and Roll Became WhiteAnd how the Rolling Stones, a band in love with black music, helped lead the way to rock’s segregated future.
Oct. 4 2016 10:45 AMThe Drive-By Truckers’ American Band Is the Perfect Album for the Year of TrumpWith songs about racism, police shootings, and immigration, the Southern group is making rock great again.
Sept. 22 2016 12:24 PMIntroducing “Pop, Race, and the ’60s”A new Slate Academy asks how, across a decade of integration, rock music became “white.”