Aug. 27 2014 8:35 PMHer EverythingHow Ariana Grande remixed a chunk of pop history and became the artist of the summer.
July 21 2014 11:43 AMA Different Kind of Summer SongGaze wistfully into the past, and hopefully into the future with Reigning Sound’s Shattered.  
July 3 2014 11:58 AMProudly Hailed“The Star-Spangled Banner” is militaristic, syntactically garbled, and impossible to sing. It’s perfect.
May 8 2014 4:26 PMBones Banging Out BeatsTune-Yards’ Nikki Nack and the dangers of appropriation.
March 20 2014 7:08 PMSurprisingly Enjoyable New Albums From George Michael and Boy George
Feb. 14 2014 12:18 PMWhat Is “Achy Breaky 2”?A remix? A sequel? An answer record? (And what is Larry King doing here?)
Jan. 27 2014 1:13 PMThe Same LovesWhite people win again at the Grammys.
Dec. 22 2013 11:30 PMAnno DominantYeezus’ miraculous year.
Oct. 28 2013 12:30 PMLou ReedWhy the music, and even the man himself, will always be with us.
Oct. 3 2013 4:09 PMCall Me, DefinitelyThe brash, swaggering girls of Lorde and Haim.
Aug. 27 2013 6:21 PMShould You Go See Your Favorite Band’s Reunion Tour?Yes, you should.
July 30 2013 12:10 PMThe Most Beautiful Melody in the WorldYou know it when you hear it.
June 18 2013 5:28 PMGive Us Now Our Daily CroissantKanye West’s blasphemous, beguiling Yeezus.
May 30 2013 12:43 PMWild in the SeatsThe Rite of Spring, May 29, 1913. Paris.
May 28 2013 8:00 AMGuess Who Just Got Back Today?The triumph of Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys Are Back in Town.”
Aug. 4 2014 10:21 AMNot Gonna Break for YouCalifornia songs about American mistakes from Jenny Lewis.
July 16 2014 4:47 PMHis BolognaA mostly fond farewell to pop music’s longest-running—sometimes only running—comedy act, Weird Al.
June 5 2014 8:44 AMCountry Music’s Bro ProblemCan Miranda Lambert take the country charts back for female artists?
April 2 2014 10:22 AMIt Ain’t Me, Babe
Was Dylan really terrible in the ’80s—or had we just forgotten how to listen to him?
Feb. 24 2014 12:06 PMYoung Women, Old MusicOn their new albums, Angel Olsen, Lydia Loveless, and Alynda Lee Segarra use history to change the present.
Feb. 3 2014 4:34 PMPunk Is AliveWith songs of terror and longing, Against Me returns punk to its origins as a refuge for sexual outsiders.
Jan. 15 2014 6:47 PMThe River & the ThreadRosanne Cash's thrilling new album about the road, the South, and history—hers and ours.
Nov. 1 2013 1:14 PMThirteen Ways of Looking at Arcade FireThe frustrations of Reflektor.
Oct. 24 2013 11:47 PMListening Between the LinesHow much of musicians' lives should we read into their songs? How much of their lives should they put into them?
Sept. 12 2013 2:44 PMCan Mumford and Sons Get Better?The band’s hey-nonny-nonsense can grate, but past revival movements have nurtured great acts—like Neko Case.   
Aug. 15 2013 2:07 PMThe Song of MidsummerSam Phillips’ Push Any Button is the perfect album for right now.
July 9 2013 12:37 PMHow to Fix the Magna Carta… Holy Grail AppFive patches that would have made Jay-Z’s album a better listen.
June 12 2013 6:11 PMThe Beauty of Slow DeteriorationNew electronic music that’s nostalgic for the sounds of the VHS era.
May 28 2013 3:31 PMWhy I Hate the NationalAnd how I decided it’s OK to hate the bands that I hate.  
May 21 2013 5:28 PMDaft Punk’s Random Access MemoriesTotally undanceable, dafter than ever—and a wire-to-wire triumph.