The Last Jedi Brings Fresh Ideas Not Just to Star Wars but to the Whole Universe of Movies

Writer-director Rian Johnson approaches the franchise with a bold new vision, influenced by everything from Ran to Spaceballs.

Dec. 12 2017 5:55 AMWhite! Christmas!The Hallmark Channel’s 21-movie fusillade in the War on Christmas is a ratings sensation. I’m watching it all to find out why.
Dec. 7 2017 4:34 PMThe Top 10 Movies of 2017The 10 pieces of flotsam I kept clinging to during this tempestuous year.
Dec. 1 2017 12:46 PMThe Disaster Artist May Redefine Your Sense of What It Means to Be GreatJames Franco’s new movie about the making of The Room will make you belly-laugh, but its comedy is also deeper and richer than mere mockery.
Nov. 21 2017 5:58 PMGary Oldman Doesn’t Just “Vanish” Into His Role as Winston Churchill in Darkest HourIn Joe Wright’s biopic, it’s actually difficult to see him.
Nov. 20 2017 5:50 AMCoco Is Haunted by the Ghosts of Past Pixar MoviesThe Day of the Dead–inspired new movie would have benefited from being a little less faithful to its ancestors.
Nov. 16 2017 4:26 PMJustice League Hates Its Predecessor Almost As Much As the Rest of Us DidBut even a hero with the strength of an Amazon can’t turn this ship all the way around.
Nov. 10 2017 6:48 PMWatching Louis C.K.’s New Movie and Saying GoodbyeI’ll never look at my old cultural crush the same way again.
Nov. 9 2017 2:42 PMThree Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Is Martin McDonagh’s Darkest, Funniest Movie YetThe third movie from the writer-director and playwright behind In Bruges will make you want to take out your own ad for Frances McDormand.
Nov. 2 2017 4:05 PMThor: Ragnarok Is the Goofiest Thor Film Yet, and Also the BestIt’s the first Marvel film to raise the question “Can a superhero movie be too funny?”
Oct. 30 2017 5:55 AMChristine Vachon Stays Thriving by Telling the Stories That Hollywood Won’tThe “fierce” indie producer on how she’s remained successful in a world hostile to both women and midbudget films.
Oct. 22 2017 8:00 PMHow Movie Theaters, TV Networks, and Classrooms Are Changing the Way They Show Gone With the WindAfter almost 80 years, America is finally rethinking how it screens its favorite movie.
Oct. 20 2017 11:06 AMBPM Is a Tragically, Thrillingly Human Look at How to Survive a PlagueThe Grand Prix winner from this year’s Cannes Film Festival is a cinematic memoir about ACT UP that transcends the facts of history.
Oct. 13 2017 1:50 PMThe Harvey Weinstein Scandal Is Changing How I Look at the MoviesJust as the election challenged my perception of America, the past week has transformed my whole understanding of Hollywood.
Oct. 6 2017 12:07 PMThe Florida Project Is a Wonderful Film About Childhood That Isn’t at All for KidsSix-year-old Brooklynn Prince gives one of the finest child performances in years.
Sept. 29 2017 9:00 AMBlade Runner 2049 Is Just As Visually Dazzling and Thematically Vague As the OriginalWe’re gonna need a bigger “whoa.”
Dec. 8 2017 10:35 AMThe New Tonya Harding Biopic Plays Like Goodfellas on Ice, or Fargo With Triple AxelsAnd Margot Robbie is its De Niro.
Dec. 6 2017 5:45 AMThe Post Is a Rousing Call to Resistance That Couldn’t Feel More TimelySteven Spielberg’s Pentagon Papers movie celebrates a free and feisty press, an independent judiciary, and a woman willing to stand up to a world ruled by men.
Nov. 30 2017 12:08 PMThe Shape of Water Is Like Pan’s Labyrinth With More Steamy Woman–on–Fish-Monster SexGuillermo Del Toro’s new sci-fi romance may not be as deep as it thinks, but it overflows with visual imagination.
Nov. 21 2017 1:52 PMCall Me by Your Name Is an Extravagant Revelry in the Beauty of Italy, First Love, and Armie HammerLuca Guadagnino’s new film is a pleasure trip whose melancholy ending makes it no less beautiful.
Nov. 16 2017 5:50 PMNetflix’s Mudbound Gives One of Our Most Promising Filmmakers Her Biggest Canvas YetDee Rees’ timely drama is an ambitious, if flawed, portrait of race and gender in the American South.
Nov. 13 2017 8:09 PMThe Spy Reporters Who Broke the James Toback Story 28 Years Ago on Everything SinceIn 1989, they used a pseudonym to publish 13 accounts of the director’s behavior—two of which were their own. Now they’re stepping forward.
Nov. 10 2017 10:43 AMEvery Single Star in Murder on the Orient Express Is Upstaged by Kenneth Branagh’s MustacheIf only the rest of the movie were so wonderful.
Nov. 2 2017 4:39 PMCould Variable Ticket Pricing Save the Movies?Regal is betting you’ll pay more for in-demand showtimes the way you pay more for the most popular flights. It’ll be just like in the olden days.
Nov. 2 2017 1:36 PMLady Bird Is a Coming-of-Age Movie That Announces Greta Gerwig as a Fully Developed FilmmakerThe actress’ solo directorial debut is as mature and refreshing a high school movie as The Edge of Seventeen and Diary of a Teenage Girl.
Oct. 26 2017 5:00 PMWant to Honor the Vets? Go See This Movie.Thank You for Your Service is hard to watch, but it’s your duty as an American.
Oct. 20 2017 1:50 PMWonderstruck Is a Cabinet of WondersTodd Haynes’ new film is a meticulously curated pastiche that spans generations, genres, and styles.
Oct. 19 2017 10:09 PMThe Killing of a Sacred Deer Is Like the Myth of Iphigenia as Directed by Stanley KubrickUntil it begins to resemble the myth of Iphigenia as directed by Lars von Trier.
Oct. 12 2017 7:45 PMThe Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) Might Sound Pretentious, Except It Stars Adam SandlerNoah Baumbach’s new film for Netflix might be the most un–Adam Sandler movie Adam Sandler has ever done.
Oct. 5 2017 5:00 PMMy Little Pony: The Movie Is a My Little Pony Movie for Our TimesEven if it’s too late to capitalize on the Brony’s brief internet fame.
Sept. 28 2017 1:13 PMAmerican Made Is an Iran–Contra Movie That Gets High on Its Own SupplyThe new movie is one that director Doug Liman has been making for 15 years and Tom Cruise has been making for almost 35.