High Maintenance

This is how you should spend your 4/20.

April 17 2014 6:55 PMTranscendenceThe perils of uploading Johnny Depp to a supercomputer.
April 10 2014 4:18 PMHateship LoveshipKristen Wiig is a revelation in this adaptation of Alice Munro’s short story.
April 4 2014 11:34 AMManeaterYou’d be crazy not to watch Scarlett Johansson in Under the Skin, but you might be unhappy you did.
March 21 2014 3:40 PMWhy Teens Love DystopiasBrutal, highly factionalized worlds governed by remote authoritarian entities? That’s basically high school.
March 12 2014 7:39 PMLars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac: Vol. I: You Won’t Believe Shia LaBeouf’s Cockney Accent
March 3 2014 8:14 AMIt Was Gravity vs. GravitasAnd the weightier movie won.
Feb. 27 2014 8:31 AMPut Your Oscars Knowledge to the Test With This Screenplay Quiz
Feb. 21 2014 6:46 PMChild’s PoseIt ain’t about yoga.
Feb. 21 2014 3:42 PMEmmanuel Lubezki Is on InstagramAnd the Gravity cinematographer is just as gifted with still images as he is with moving ones.
Feb. 19 2014 11:52 PMMeryl Streep Gets Thanked More Than GodCrunching the numbers on a decade-plus of Oscar acceptance speeches.
Feb. 13 2014 6:14 PMRoboCopIs the spirit of the original still alive?
Feb. 3 2014 6:48 AMPSH, RIPPhilip Seymour Hoffman could do anything—and he was just getting started.
Jan. 30 2014 4:34 PMTomorrow NightLouis C.K.’s genre-busting, never-released feature about a man who makes love to ice cream.
Dec. 31 2013 7:14 PMThe Secret Life of Walter MittyA movie searches for its own sense of fun.
Dec. 23 2013 5:16 PMThe Wolf of Wall StreetEpic in size, claustrophobically narrow in scope.
April 11 2014 7:23 PMHorse SenseWhat I learned about being a mother from National Velvet’s Araminty Brown.
April 4 2014 4:34 PMA Very Special SnowflakeTalking to Errol Morris about Donald Rumsfeld, who’s as maddeningly opaque as ever in The Unknown Known.
April 3 2014 12:53 PMA Mild WinterScarlett Johansson enlivens the pleasant but unremarkable new Captain America.
March 19 2014 7:29 PMMuppets Most WantedThe lovers, the dreamers, and Ray Liotta.

March 5 2014 7:01 PMThe Scribblin’ SamuraiDana Stevens answers reader questions during a Reddit AMA.
Feb. 28 2014 5:51 PMThe Lady in Number 6This documentary short about the oldest Holocaust survivor is 38 minutes of pure joy.
Feb. 26 2014 9:18 PMThe Grand Budapest HotelWes Anderson goes to war.
Feb. 21 2014 5:17 PMHow to Get Yourself to Watch “Difficult” MoviesNotes from a Schindler’s List viewing party.
Feb. 20 2014 6:55 PMThe Wind RisesHayao Miyazaki’s final film has the sweep of a David Lean epic and the dreamlike quality of late Kurosawa.
Feb. 14 2014 7:19 PMI Can’t “Let It Go”My daughter loves Frozen, but that weird come-hither makeover in its show-stopping ballad leaves me very cold.
Feb. 6 2014 7:23 PMThe Lego MovieA clever, vivid, funny, oddly profound movie … about plastic bricks.
Jan. 31 2014 4:35 PMLabor DayCampiest sex scene since Ghost?
Jan. 2 2014 7:32 PMLone Survivor’s Title Gives Away the Ending, But That Doesn’t Make It Any Less Harrowing
Dec. 26 2013 6:30 PMAugust: Osage CountyA gifted ensemble cast can't save this messy adaptation of the acclaimed play.
Dec. 20 2013 1:11 PMAnchorman 2Some of it is funny. Some of it dies.