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Alita: Battle Angel May Actually Get You Excited for the Avatar Sequels

The new manga adaptation fuses Robert Rodriguez’s po-mo cool with James Cameron’s naïve thrills.

Feb. 13 2019 3:56 PMIsn’t It Romantic Wants to Rescue the Rom-ComRebel Wilson’s new movie spoofs the genre, but it’s really an excuse to revel in its pleasures.
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Feb. 1 2019 3:56 PMNetflix’s Velvet Buzzsaw Is an Art-World Satire Disguised as a ThrillerIts ideas are silly, but Jake Gyllenhaal delivers them with such goofy passion that who cares?
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Feb. 7 2019 5:38 PMThe Lego Movie 2 Forgets It’s More Fun When You Can Play AlongBy making the subtext text, the sequel takes away half the fun.
Feb. 7 2019 2:35 PMOcean’s 1-on-1Steven Soderbergh’s High Flying Bird is a sleek heist movie that conceals mutinous ideas about the NBA.
Jan. 11 2019 5:25 PMThe Upside Breaks Ground That Green Book Doesn’tThe Intouchables remake may be feel-good hokum, but it has a silver lining.
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Dec. 21 2018 7:00 AMAll Is True Is a Shakespeare Biopic for the #MeToo GenerationKenneth Branagh’s new movie is part fact, part fan fiction.