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Cannes Winner Shoplifters Is the Rare Movie That Actually Makes Life More Interesting

Japan’s submission for the Best Foreign Film Oscar finds rich ambiguities in stark poverty.

Nov. 19 2018 7:21 PMThe Favourite Was Not MineThis Oscar contender has everything. Plus, for some reason, fisheye!
Nov. 16 2018 1:05 PMCreed II Is a Throwback to an Older Kind of SequelThe newest Rocky movie fights like the franchise isn’t even planning to go another round.
Nov. 15 2018 12:27 PMNetflix’s New Thriller Is Like Black Mirror for Cam GirlsBut Cam’s most provocative striptease is its slow reveal of the realities of the profession.
Nov. 14 2018 2:38 PMRalph Breaks the Internet Is Remarkably Smart About What It Feels Like to Live OnlineThe Disney sequel levels up on the first movie.
Nov. 8 2018 6:19 PMThe New Dragon Tattoo Movie Reduces Lisbeth Salander to a Goth James BondThe Girl in the Spider’s Web has style, but it won’t leave you shaken or stirred.
Nov. 1 2018 7:39 PMOrson Welles’ Latest Meta-Masterpiece Is Premiering on NetflixAnd after nearly a half-century in the making, The Other Side of the Wind feels remarkably finished.
Oct. 26 2018 6:17 PMLuca Guadagnino’s Suspiria Remake Is a Witches’ Brew of Art House, Horror, and KinkHair of Tilda Swinton! Eye of Dakota Johnson! Toe of Chloë Grace Moretz!
Oct. 24 2018 6:23 PMBohemian Rhapsody Doesn’t Ignore Freddie Mercury’s Sexuality, but You May Wish It DidThe Queen biopic turns the singer’s complicated life into a surprisingly puritanical redemption story.
Oct. 18 2018 3:47 PMCan You Ever Forgive Me? Reveals a New Side of Melissa McCarthyAs literary forger Lee Israel, the actress gives us one of the most charming anti-heroines in years.
Oct. 12 2018 5:06 PMBeautiful Boy Can’t Free Itself From the Cycle of Addiction MoviesAt least it provides another showcase for Timothée Chalamet and for Steve Carell.
Oct. 11 2018 10:34 AMRoyale With CheeseDrew Goddard’s new movie is a Tarantino-esque genre trip with one twist too many.
Oct. 3 2018 9:59 PMThe New A Star Is Born Is Astonishing on Multiple LevelsBradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s dazzling retelling of Hollywood’s favorite myth rivals the 1954 classic.
Oct. 2 2018 5:50 AMThe New Movie From the Writer-Director of The Savages Is No Less, Well, SavageNetflix’s fertility drama Private Life dissects its Manhattanite subjects with surgical precision.
Sept. 26 2018 4:43 PMNappily Ever After Is Smarter About Womanhood Than It Is About Black HairFor some viewers, of course, there’s no separating the two.
Sept. 20 2018 7:05 PMLove, Gilda Is a Wonderful Documentary for Those Who Already Love GildaThe new movie offers an affectionate all-access portrait of the late SNL star, if one unlikely to win new converts.
Nov. 19 2018 5:55 AMRoma Is the Culmination of Everything Alfonso Cuarón Has Ever DoneAnd this sublime new movie can only be fully appreciated in the theater.
Nov. 15 2018 5:19 PMThe New Fantastic Beasts Is So Bad It Actually Makes the Other Books and Movies WorseWhat a magic trick!
Nov. 14 2018 3:27 PMWidows Is the Rare Heist Movie That Seamlessly Blends Thrills and PoliticsSteve McQueen’s follow-up to 12 Years a Slave is a genre film with a lot on its mind.
Nov. 14 2018 11:01 AMDriving Mr. ShirleyWith Green Book, this year’s Oscar race gets its Driving Miss Daisy.
Nov. 8 2018 2:04 PMThe Coen Brothers’ New Netflix Movie Is a Western Out to Break All the RulesThe Ballad of Buster Scruggs is six lawbreaking genre films in one.
Nov. 1 2018 2:30 PMBoy Erased Doesn’t Soft-Pedal the Horrors of Gay Conversion Therapy, and Thank God for ThatThe latest attempt at dramatizing this tricky subject is also (so far) the best.
Oct. 25 2018 10:26 AMBurning Shows That Korean Cinema Goes So Much Deeper Than Octopi and Train ZombiesChang-dong Lee’s suspenseful, thematically rich new thriller stars Steven Yeun.
Oct. 18 2018 6:28 PMA Portrait of the Artist as a Young Skater BroJonah Hill’s first movie as a director may leave you thinking he’s just a poser.
Oct. 17 2018 11:02 AMThe Most Unpredictable Thing in Wildlife Is Carey MulliganEven across from Jake Gyllenhaal, she steals Paul Dano’s directorial debut.
Oct. 11 2018 5:38 PMFirst Man Is As Intense and Emotionally Distant As Its HeroDamien Chazelle’s follow-up to La La Land is about a sad man obsessed with moonlight.
Oct. 5 2018 4:47 PMThe Hate U Give Is a Black Lives Matter Movie Designed for Anyone Willing to ListenIt’s a message movie, but it never forgets the human dimension.
Oct. 3 2018 3:53 PMA Review of Venom as Written by One Movie Critic and His Evil Alien SymbioteWAIT—WHO SAID YOU GET TO WRITE THE HEADLINE?
Sept. 28 2018 12:55 PMThe Old Man and the Gun Is a Perfect Swan Song for Robert RedfordDavid Lowery’s drama is both a postmodern curtain call and an earnest throwback.
Sept. 21 2018 6:07 PMIn The Sisters Brothers, the Only Thing Wilder Than the Frontier Is Joaquin PhoenixThe darkly comic Western is Jacques Audiard’s English-language debut, but he already has a feel for the territory.
Sept. 20 2018 3:55 PMThe House With a Clock in Its Walls Is the Perfect Gateway Movie for Introducing Kids to HorrorEli Roth’s take on the John Bellairs novel nails the tricky balance between funny and scary.