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Every American Should See Eating Animals. Also, I Hated It.

The new documentary from Jonathan Safran Foer and Natalie Portman is alternately out of touch, over the top, and very, very powerful.

June 19 2018 5:50 AMJurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Takes the Series Back to Its Horror RootsThe franchise’s fifth film finds a new way to splice together its ancient DNA.
June 11 2018 12:00 PMIncredibles 2 Has Incredible ActionIf only the ideas were incredible, too.
June 5 2018 1:08 PMHereditary Reinvents the Horror PlaybookEven if this new movie sometimes feels like it’s throwing spooky spaghetti at the wall.
June 1 2018 5:41 PMCan Blumhouse Do for Sci-Fi What It Did for Horror?With Upgrade, the company behind Get Out and Paranormal Activity sets its sights on the future.
May 18 2018 2:09 PMThe Very Fact That a Movie Such as Book Club Exists Is a Dream Come TrueEven if the execution sometimes falters.
May 15 2018 5:00 PMSolo Is Half-Witted and Scruffy-LookingThe meh is strong with this one.
May 2 2018 2:38 PMBirth PangsTully is a maternal horror story as terrifying as anything since The Babadook.
April 26 2018 11:23 PMWhy Infinity War’s Ending Isn’t As Shocking As It First AppearsDon’t believe Thanos when he says, “No resurrections this time.’’
April 23 2018 7:30 AMDisobedience Is a Sensitive Examination of a False DilemmaIn Sebastián Lelio’s follow-up to A Fantastic Woman, Rachel McAdams must choose between her husband and Rachel Weisz.
April 11 2018 8:00 AMThe Rider Explores Daredevil Masculinity Through the RodeoChloé Zhao’s poignant new film examines the harsh borderline between dreams and reality.
April 6 2018 7:08 PMLean on Pete Is a Trojan HorseAndrew Haigh’s equestrian drama is not what you think.
April 4 2018 8:11 PMDon’t Let Anyone Stop You From Seeing BlockersThis comedy about the sexual desires of teenage girls is uproarious, irreverent, and surprisingly progressive.
March 28 2018 1:48 PMReady Player One Is a Feat of State-of-the-Art Pop Culture Navel-GazingIt’s juvenile, but Steven Spielberg’s TurboGrafx set pieces are worth your tokens.
March 15 2018 2:38 PMWes Anderson’s Talking-Canine Picture Isle of Dogs Feels As Real As Any of His MoviesThe filmmaker may be most at home with stop-motion puppets, but his latest shows he’s not afraid to get political.
March 13 2018 9:04 AMThe Task Is a Movie That Makes You Feel Like You’re Being WatchedThe task is to discover what The Task is.
June 15 2018 5:55 AMPixar’s Bao Is so Much More Than an Appetizer for Incredibles 2This moving encapsulation of the Asian-immigrant experience is the studio’s best short in years.
June 6 2018 12:01 AMOcean’s 8 Thrives on Its Own Unabashed GirlinessForget the heist. The gender-flipped spinoff is strongest when it revels in feminine pleasures.
June 4 2018 5:35 PMWon’t You Be My Neighbor? Is a Moving Documentary About One Fave Who Wasn’t ProblematicEven the most hardened cynics won’t be able to resist it.
June 1 2018 12:07 PMA Kid Like Jake Tiptoes Around the Word Trans. In This Case, That’s Not All Bad.This sensitive adaptation finds freshness by avoiding didacticism and embracing uncertainty.
May 17 2018 7:01 PMDeadpool 2 Poses as Subversive, but Really It Just Wants to Be LovedThe sequel to the surprise smash will leave you with nudge-bruised ribs.
May 3 2018 7:00 PMOverboard Stays AfloatA remake overturns a caveman comedy’s 1980s politics.
April 30 2018 5:55 AMRBG Reveals the Woman Behind the MemesThe documentary understands that it was a different kind of radicalism that made the justice notorious.
April 24 2018 6:31 PMSuper-Human OverpopulationInfinity War suggests Thanos is right about there being too many Avengers.
April 19 2018 10:26 AMI Feel Pretty Has Good Intentions, but It Doesn’t Have the BrainsIn this body-positive comedy, Amy Schumer gains self-confidence from a bump on the head.
April 10 2018 1:22 PMUnsuspicious MindsHBO’s new two-part Elvis documentary offers a treasure trove of footage but whitewashes some aspects of his story.
April 6 2018 4:43 PMA Quiet Place Can Only Be Fully Experienced in the TheaterJohn Krasinski’s inventive thriller—in which aliens attack anything that makes a sound—rewards those who sit in silence.
April 4 2018 12:48 PMYou Were Never Really Here Hits You Like a HammerLynne Ramsay’s new thriller may be a blunt instrument, but she knows exactly where she wants to strike.
March 20 2018 10:59 AMSteven Soderbergh’s Unsane Wants to Make You Feel CrazyIs Claire Foy being gaslighted, or is it you?
March 14 2018 1:00 PMThe New Tomb Raider Finds a Different Way of Admiring Female BodiesIn the thrilling new video game adaptation—whoever thought we’d say that?—the pleasure is in seeing all that Alicia Vikander’s Lara Croft can do.
March 8 2018 3:27 PMThe Strangers: Prey at Night’s Only Value Is as a Reminder of What Made the Original a MasterpieceThe sequel is as determined to lean into well-worn horror-movie tropes as the original film was to invert them.