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Steven Soderbergh’s Unsane Wants to Make You Feel Crazy

Is Claire Foy being gaslighted, or is it you?

March 15 2018 2:38 PMWes Anderson’s Talking-Canine Picture Isle of Dogs Feels As Real As Any of His MoviesThe filmmaker may be most at home with stop-motion puppets, but his latest shows he’s not afraid to get political.
March 13 2018 9:04 AMThe Task Is a Movie That Makes You Feel Like You’re Being WatchedThe task is to discover what The Task is.
March 7 2018 2:05 PMA Wrinkle in Time Is Less Subtle Than a Tesseract, but It Finds Moments of Humanity When It CanIf you’re a tween, or able to tap into your inner tween, you just might fall for it.
Feb. 28 2018 6:17 PMFeminism Has Done Worse Than Jennifer Lawrence’s Red SparrowThe new spy thriller tries to reclaim the femme fatale, but it’s more interested in women’s bodies than in their experiences.
Feb. 23 2018 9:30 AMWatching Netflix’s Mute Is Like Counting Electric SheepDuncan Jones’ dream project was hyped as a daring spiritual sequel to Blade Runner. Instead it just feels like a retread.
Feb. 15 2018 12:57 PMBlack Panther Is a Marvel Movie Superpowered by Its IdeasIt isn’t just great for what it is. It’s great for what it says.
Feb. 9 2018 5:01 PMFifty Shades Freed Is Basically Just Constant Boning, Which Is GreatEven if it occasionally gets distracted by things like plot.
Feb. 8 2018 10:14 AMA Fantastic Woman Shows That Trans Stories Are Not Just Transition StoriesUnlike so many movies about the trans experience, this Oscar nominee makes a point of showing its protagonist only as she always was.
Jan. 26 2018 6:59 PMA Futile and Stupid Gesture Fails to Capture the Spirit of the National LampoonDavid Wain’s Netflix movie about Doug Kenney can’t decide whether it’s a solemn biopic or an Animal House–esque farce.
Jan. 26 2018 4:10 PMKangaroo: A Love-Hate Story Examines Australians’ Relationship With the National Icon They Both Love and EatHow did such an innately lovable, national icon come to be considered a pest?
Jan. 22 2018 5:19 PMThe Tale Is the Perfect Movie for Our #MeToo MomentThe film that left Sundance shell-shocked blurs the lines between fiction and nonfiction, past and present, victim and hero.
Jan. 16 2018 7:35 PMMary and the Witch’s Flower Is Like Harry Potter as Directed by MiyazakiThe first movie from a new studio staffed by Ghibli alums faithfully re-creates the Miyazaki magic. But is it too faithful?
Jan. 12 2018 4:47 PMWhy Academy Voters Shouldn’t Overlook Get Out’s Daniel KaluuyaJordan Peele’s film requires the British actor to get across two convincing performances simultaneously, and he delivers both beautifully.
Jan. 9 2018 3:50 PMI, Tonya’s Take on Toxic Masculinity and Messy Victimhood Arrives at Just the Right Moment
Dec. 20 2017 7:10 AMThe Greatest Showman Isn’t Exactly the Greatest Show on EarthThe new movie musical overpromises as much as P.T. Barnum did, but you might not be mad when it swindles you out of your money.
March 14 2018 1:00 PMThe New Tomb Raider Finds a Different Way of Admiring Female BodiesIn the thrilling new video game adaptation—whoever thought we’d say that?—the pleasure is in seeing all that Alicia Vikander’s Lara Croft can do.
March 8 2018 3:27 PMThe Strangers: Prey at Night’s Only Value Is as a Reminder of What Made the Original a MasterpieceThe sequel is as determined to lean into well-worn horror-movie tropes as the original film was to invert them.
March 4 2018 6:30 PMThe Snark MachineWhat Twitter’s smartest critics and funniest comics are saying about the Oscars.
Feb. 23 2018 4:33 PMGame Night Is a Team Effort, but Rachel McAdams Is the Big WinnerRachel McAdams and Jason Bateman ground an increasingly outlandish satire.
Feb. 22 2018 4:22 PMAnnihilation Wants to Be the Ultimate Trip, but It’s Not Always Clear Where It’s GoingThe new film from Ex Machina writer-director Alex Garland has a contempt for clichés but can’t always find something satisfying to replace them.
Feb. 14 2018 3:55 PMEarly Man Shows That Primitive Technologies Can Still Achieve WondersThe new movie from the team behind Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run is a plasticine tribute to the Pleistocene era.
Feb. 8 2018 6:35 PMThe 15:17 to Paris Is Such a Meandering, Tedious Ride It’s Almost Avant-GardeClint Eastwood’s latest never finds its greater purpose.
Feb. 1 2018 5:55 AMOscar Nominee A Fantastic Woman Tells a Different Kind of Trans StoryFocusing its camera on trans actress Daniela Vega, the Chilean drama allows us to see not an actorly transformation but a fully formed person.
Jan. 26 2018 4:36 PMThe King vs. the “Reality Star Fool”The King, Eugene Jarecki’s latest documentary, compares the glorious ascendance and pitiful demise of Elvis Presley to the Trump era.
Jan. 25 2018 12:15 PMFinally, a Sensitive Portrayal of Both Autistic Women and Star Trek FansPlease Stand By boldly goes where too few films have gone before.
Jan. 19 2018 1:14 PMA Documentary in Which Everything Is a LieOur New President retells the 2016 campaign through Russian propaganda.
Jan. 16 2018 5:59 AMThe Final Year Shows the Obama Administration at Its Best—and Ignores the WorstPerhaps a movie released under President Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have let its heroes off so easy.
Jan. 11 2018 8:25 PMThe Commuter Is an Express Train to NeesontownMaking stops for gravelly ultimatums, unintentional laughter, and a surprising number of literary references.
Jan. 3 2018 5:55 AMThe Last Jedi Isn’t for the FansIt’s about fandom and how it leads even Star Wars characters astray.
Dec. 19 2017 7:52 PMPhantom Thread Is Too Good to Keep a SecretPaul Thomas Anderson’s new movie, featuring the performance that Daniel Day-Lewis says will be his last, is a marvel of craft too beautiful to miss and too delicate to spoil.