In The Parallax View, Conspiracy Goes All the Way to the Top—and Beyond

Alan J. Pakula’s suspense thriller suggested that political assassinations were part of something much, much larger.

July 20 2017 10:58 AMGirls TripOne of the best comedies ever made for black women—and one of the funniest movies of the year, period.
July 18 2017 6:18 PMLandlineThe new rom-com from the team behind Obvious Child has fewer abortions, just as many laughs.
July 17 2017 8:05 PMEven Christopher Nolan Skeptics Will Be Wowed by DunkirkThe Inception filmmaker’s World War II epic is a triumph of—of all things—simplicity.
July 11 2017 1:03 PMWar for the Planet of the ApesThe thrilling conclusion to this thoughtful trilogy will make a monkey out of anti-franchise snobs.
July 4 2017 9:10 AMConspiracy Thrillers Movie Club: Blow OutIn Brian de Palma’s unconventional thriller, John Travolta just wants to expose the truth. He doesn’t get a happy ending.
June 29 2017 11:56 AMNothing to HideEnemy of the State suggests that ubiquitous surveillance is just the price of middle-class American life.
June 28 2017 6:01 PMBaby DriverEdgar Wright’s new car-chase movie is part greatest-hits compilation, part remix.
June 21 2017 5:30 AMThe BeguiledSofia Coppola’s new movie is elegant and tasteful to a fault—even when the hacksaws come out.
June 16 2017 10:26 AMPicture Me LOLin’The long-gestating biopic All Eyez on Me is as awkward and laughable as the Tupac hologram.
June 14 2017 1:50 PMAll the President’s Men Is a Superhero Flick for JournalistsHow do you keep an audience interested when the entire country knows how the story turns out?
June 8 2017 7:27 PMIt Comes at NightLike a Bruegel painting, this post-apocalyptic horror film portrays a bleak vision with a master’s touch.
June 1 2017 3:32 PMWonder WomanThis delicately powerful superhero movie made me finally see the importance of female representation.
May 25 2017 11:45 AMBaywatchNot even Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson can save this movie from drowning in dick jokes.
May 12 2017 9:03 AMKing Arthur: Legend of the SwordGuy Ritchie’s entirely brainless, totally enjoyable fantasy reveals the bro-y side of the Arthurian legend.
May 10 2017 3:37 PMSnatchedThe perfect Mother’s Day movie for mothers and daughters with strong stomachs.
July 19 2017 6:10 PMValerian and the City of a Thousand PlanetsLuc Besson’s daffy epic is a blast from sci-fi’s much sillier past.
July 18 2017 9:01 AMConspiracy Thrillers Movie Club: The Parallax ViewWhy Alan Pakula’s conspiracy flick makes you feel like you’re being brainwashed, too.
July 13 2017 10:53 AMThe Girl Doesn’t Get SavedAudiences called Blow Out a downer. Critics called it genre trash. In fact, it’s a deeply personal study of obsession.
July 5 2017 7:17 PMA Ghost StoryThis odd movie, starring Casey Affleck under a bedsheet, won’t scare you, but it will haunt you.
June 29 2017 5:35 PMSpidey-Sense and SensibilityThe new Spider-Man marks the web-slinger’s homecoming to the world of the Avengers, but it’s strongest as a coming-of-age comedy.
June 29 2017 10:50 AMOkjaBong Joon-ho’s irresistible first movie for Netflix is an anti-capitalist E.T. starring Tilda Swinton and a superpig.
June 22 2017 1:35 PMThe Conversation Encapsulated All of Our Nixon-Era FearsFrancis Ford Coppola’s thriller tapped into timely anxieties around privacy and trust.
June 20 2017 8:00 AMConspiracy Thrillers Movie Club: The Conversation and Enemy of the StateBefore 9/11, the idea of constant government surveillance seemed extreme. Now we take it for granted.
June 15 2017 1:38 PMThe Big SickBased on the unbelievable story of Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon’s real-life romance, this is the rare rom-com that’s as messy as real life.
June 13 2017 8:07 PMCars 3The Cars sequel for people who hate Cars 2.
June 8 2017 3:17 PMThe MummyUniversal’s attempt to launch its own cinematic universe feels like it’s had its brains pulled out through its nose.
May 25 2017 2:47 PMPirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No TalesGod help me, I still like this franchise.
May 24 2017 5:23 PMWar MachineBrad Pitt’s first film for Netflix is a perfectly timed satire. If only it were a good movie.
May 11 2017 5:16 PMAlien: CovenantCome for the xenomorphs. Stay for the tender Fassbender-on-Fassbender action.
May 5 2017 10:48 AMGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2Derivative of the rib-poking, candy-colored original? Hell yes it is!