The Look of Silence

The follow-up to Joshua Oppenheimer’s Act of Killing is just as beautiful—and just as disturbing.

July 16 2015 9:47 AMTrainwreckIt’s not one!  
July 2 2015 10:48 AMI Said Go, Go, GoLike its subject and her music, Asif Kapadia’s Amy Winehouse documentary is soulful, joyful, tragic.
June 18 2015 5:50 AMAll the Feels Pixar’s astonishing Inside Out will change the way you think about your emotions.
June 4 2015 11:11 AMSpyPaul Feig’s latest movie gives Melissa McCarthy her best and realest character since Bridemaids.
May 21 2015 7:29 PMBrad Bird Is Not SuperhumanTomorrowland is the incredible Incredibles director’s first misfire.
May 15 2015 1:05 PMPitch Perfect 2A fan’s lament for a cynical sequel that cares less about the joy of music than it aca-oughta.
May 12 2015 11:59 AMMad Max: Fury RoadCome for the feminist empowerment, stay for the tricked-out nightmare doomcars.
April 20 2015 5:40 PMLive From New York! and Very Semi-SeriousTwo new documentaries suggest the pitfalls, and the opportunities, of authorized portraits of cultural institutions.
March 27 2015 12:13 PMNoah Baumbach’s Golden YearsA Baumbach maniach on While We’re Young.
March 20 2015 9:36 AMKumiko, the Treasure HunterA depressed Japanese woman travels to Minnesota in search of the treasure Steve Buscemi buried in Fargo.
March 12 2015 11:13 AMAshes to SashesDisney’s live-action Cinderella is thrillingly sincere.
Feb. 26 2015 12:02 PMMaps to the StarsRecalibrate your disgust-o-meter for David Cronenberg’s Hollywood satire.
Feb. 22 2015 5:59 PMThe Snark MachineWhat Twitter’s smartest critics and funniest comics are saying about the Oscars.
Feb. 12 2015 7:56 PMSweet Whispered Safe WordsOh my God, ladies, are you dying over Fifty Shades of Grey?
Feb. 6 2015 8:15 AM“I Don’t Know What You Mean by ‘Healing’ ”A new documentary shows that the loss of Matthew Shepard will be with his family and friends forever.
July 10 2015 11:39 AMTangerineAn uncommon and unmissable romantic comedy about two transgender prostitutes.
June 19 2015 7:18 AMBoy HoodDope, a sly comedy about a young black man’s coming of age.
June 12 2015 10:39 AMJurassic WorldA whomping good time, as long as you don’t pay too close attention.
May 29 2015 11:19 AMPromising ResultsEvery cinema lover has a director she wishes audiences would embrace. Mine is Andrew Bujalski.
May 21 2015 3:40 PMThe Big RiverSee Satyajit Ray’s Apu Trilogy in its wondrous new restoration before you accept your death.
May 14 2015 2:37 PMThe Loneliness of the Long-Distance GunnerEthan Hawke plays a drone operator in Andrew Niccol’s Good Kill.
April 28 2015 3:36 PMAvengers: Age of UltronYou know I can’t totally support Joss Whedon’s avenging.
April 3 2015 10:44 AMAbout Last KnightsClive Owen is grim and steady in a fairly splendid throwback historical adventure.
March 25 2015 12:46 PMWhat We Were Watching: Guess WhoTen years ago this Bernie Mac comedy was No. 1 at the box office. Bernie Mac holds up! The social commentary does not.
March 16 2015 5:22 PMThe “How Does Adam McKay Work?” TranscriptRead what Adam Davidson asked a Hollywood director in Episode 1 of Season 2 of Slate’s Working podcast.
March 11 2015 4:52 PMCult ComedyI’m a convert to the dark and funny deprogramming movie Faults.
Feb. 23 2015 1:06 AMTeam JulianneHer Oscar only confirms what those of us who have been watching this incredible actress have known for 25 years.
Feb. 17 2015 10:45 AMMonster CardsThe disgruntled vampire roommates of What We Do in the Shadows expertly thread the needle of horror-comedy.
Feb. 6 2015 8:28 AMThe Voices in My FridgeRyan Reynolds in the unhinged comedy/romance/thriller/horror movie/musical The Voices.
Jan. 27 2015 11:18 AMSlate Voice: “American Liar”Listen to Mark Joseph Stern read his piece about Jesse Ventura’s defamation suit against Chris Kyle.