July 19 2017 6:10 PMValerian and the City of a Thousand PlanetsLuc Besson’s daffy epic is a blast from sci-fi’s much sillier past.
July 18 2017 9:01 AMConspiracy Thrillers Movie Club: The Parallax ViewWhy Alan Pakula’s conspiracy flick makes you feel like you’re being brainwashed, too.
July 13 2017 10:53 AMThe Girl Doesn’t Get SavedAudiences called Blow Out a downer. Critics called it genre trash. In fact, it’s a deeply personal study of obsession.
July 5 2017 7:17 PMA Ghost StoryThis odd movie, starring Casey Affleck under a bedsheet, won’t scare you, but it will haunt you.
June 29 2017 5:35 PMSpidey-Sense and SensibilityThe new Spider-Man marks the web-slinger’s homecoming to the world of the Avengers, but it’s strongest as a coming-of-age comedy.
June 29 2017 10:50 AMOkjaBong Joon-ho’s irresistible first movie for Netflix is an anti-capitalist E.T. starring Tilda Swinton and a superpig.
June 22 2017 1:35 PMThe Conversation Encapsulated All of Our Nixon-Era FearsFrancis Ford Coppola’s thriller tapped into timely anxieties around privacy and trust.
June 20 2017 8:00 AMConspiracy Thrillers Movie Club: The Conversation and Enemy of the StateBefore 9/11, the idea of constant government surveillance seemed extreme. Now we take it for granted.
June 15 2017 1:38 PMThe Big SickBased on the unbelievable story of Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon’s real-life romance, this is the rare rom-com that’s as messy as real life.
June 13 2017 8:07 PMCars 3The Cars sequel for people who hate Cars 2.
June 8 2017 3:17 PMThe MummyUniversal’s attempt to launch its own cinematic universe feels like it’s had its brains pulled out through its nose.
May 25 2017 2:47 PMPirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No TalesGod help me, I still like this franchise.
May 24 2017 5:23 PMWar MachineBrad Pitt’s first film for Netflix is a perfectly timed satire. If only it were a good movie.
May 11 2017 5:16 PMAlien: CovenantCome for the xenomorphs. Stay for the tender Fassbender-on-Fassbender action.
May 5 2017 10:48 AMGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2Derivative of the rib-poking, candy-colored original? Hell yes it is!
July 18 2017 6:18 PMLandlineThe new rom-com from the team behind Obvious Child has fewer abortions, just as many laughs.
July 17 2017 8:05 PMEven Christopher Nolan Skeptics Will Be Wowed by DunkirkThe Inception filmmaker’s World War II epic is a triumph of—of all things—simplicity.
July 11 2017 1:03 PMWar for the Planet of the ApesThe thrilling conclusion to this thoughtful trilogy will make a monkey out of anti-franchise snobs.
July 4 2017 9:10 AMConspiracy Thrillers Movie Club: Blow OutIn Brian de Palma’s unconventional thriller, John Travolta just wants to expose the truth. He doesn’t get a happy ending.
June 29 2017 11:56 AMNothing to HideEnemy of the State suggests that ubiquitous surveillance is just the price of middle-class American life.
June 28 2017 6:01 PMBaby DriverEdgar Wright’s new car-chase movie is part greatest-hits compilation, part remix.
June 21 2017 5:30 AMThe BeguiledSofia Coppola’s new movie is elegant and tasteful to a fault—even when the hacksaws come out.
June 16 2017 10:26 AMPicture Me LOLin’The long-gestating biopic All Eyez on Me is as awkward and laughable as the Tupac hologram.
June 14 2017 1:50 PMAll the President’s Men Is a Superhero Flick for JournalistsHow do you keep an audience interested when the entire country knows how the story turns out?
June 8 2017 7:27 PMIt Comes at NightLike a Bruegel painting, this post-apocalyptic horror film portrays a bleak vision with a master’s touch.
June 1 2017 3:32 PMWonder WomanThis delicately powerful superhero movie made me finally see the importance of female representation.
May 25 2017 11:45 AMBaywatchNot even Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson can save this movie from drowning in dick jokes.
May 12 2017 9:03 AMKing Arthur: Legend of the SwordGuy Ritchie’s entirely brainless, totally enjoyable fantasy reveals the bro-y side of the Arthurian legend.
May 10 2017 3:37 PMSnatchedThe perfect Mother’s Day movie for mothers and daughters with strong stomachs.
May 3 2017 11:00 AMRiskLaura Poitras’ WikiLeaks documentary shows what happens when a filmmaker gets too close to her subject.