July 14 2016 4:39 PMGhostbustersI ain’t afraid of the fizzy, all-female remake.
June 24 2016 4:47 PMIndependence Day: ResurgenceThis bad disaster movie nonetheless feels perfect for our times.
June 15 2016 6:18 PMFinding DoryPixar’s sequel to Finding Nemo does more than “just keep swimming.” It explores new depths.
June 3 2016 10:30 AMPopstar: Never Stop Never StoppingFinally, the age of Bieber has its Spinal Tap.
May 5 2016 7:26 PMCaptain America: Civil WarOne of Marvel’s best films is a human-sized affair.
April 8 2016 9:30 AMWhen Beckett Met BusterThe genius of stage and the genius of screen made a movie together. Why was it bad?
March 31 2016 9:14 AMEverybody Wants Some!!Richard Linklater’s easygoing masterpiece will make you fall in love with one of the most reviled figures in American culture: the bro. 
March 25 2016 6:35 PMFAQ: Batman v SupermanThe super confusing new Superman movie, explained.
March 23 2016 7:06 PMMy Big Fat Greek Wedding 2This ode to family heritage would have done better to break with tradition.
March 17 2016 11:28 AMKeeping Faith in Jeff NicholsHis soulful new sci-fi Midnight Special confirms that he’s a magical directorial talent—who’s making increasingly flawed films.
March 3 2016 10:40 AMCinema’s Poet of Awe? Or That Horny Kid in Your Directing Class?Terrence Malick’s new Knight of Cups is beautiful, and obsessed with observing beautiful women.
Feb. 18 2016 8:15 AMThe Witch Finds Rapture in the DarknessA “New England folktale” of savage grace and conviction.
Feb. 3 2016 10:21 AMThe Cosmic Purpose of the Film IndustryThe Coen brothers’ new movie (about movies) is one of their very best.
Jan. 14 2016 2:59 PMMichael Bay Goes to WarThe director’s Benghazi movie is loud, tasteless, and remarkably astute about American foreign policy.
Dec. 31 2015 10:10 AMAnomalisaA beautiful, tricky, heartbreaking puppet show from Charlie Kaufman.
June 30 2016 10:43 AMThe BFGSteven Spielberg’s Roald Dahl adaptation is a little schmaltzy, but there’s real magic in Mark Rylance’s performance.
June 24 2016 2:21 PMSwiss Army ManThe farting corpse movie, and so much more.
June 10 2016 5:54 AMNow You See Me 2?Now I don’t! Sequel fatigue syndrome and why I’m not reviewing this franchise that isn’t a franchise.
May 13 2016 9:20 AMTrapped in the Tower of LondonHigh-Rise, a chilly glimpse into J.G. Ballard’s preapocalyptic abyss. 
April 15 2016 5:00 PMGreen RoomA thriller that starts out as a requiem for white America and ends up as something much more violent—and fun.
March 31 2016 2:46 PMSketches of PainWhy can’t movies about jazz greats get what makes jazz great?
March 29 2016 10:00 AMIt’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Another Nabokov QuoteThe dumbest thing about Batman v Superman is its obsession with sounding smart.
March 24 2016 5:30 AMDo You Have Any Right to Complain About Hollywood’s Endless Sequels and Remakes?Find out with our calculator.
March 23 2016 7:00 PMWhy So Serious?Batman v Superman spends so much time teasing later installments that it forgets to have any fun.
March 10 2016 1:36 PMEverything’s Amazing and Nobody’s HappyIn the bracing indie Creative Control, technology can’t save us from ourselves. 
Feb. 26 2016 10:22 AMThe Mermaid Comes Ashore Even Sony’s publicists didn’t know Stephen Chow’s new movie was opening in the U.S. But it’s demented, great, and a hit.
Feb. 11 2016 11:21 AMWhy Male Models?Zoolander 2 has no idea.
Jan. 22 2016 11:56 AMThe $400 Million Baby Vampire RadishWhat can Hollywood learn from Monster Hunt, the highest-grossing film in Chinese history?
Jan. 8 2016 8:40 AMThe ForestNatalie Dormer stars in yet another of Hollywood’s early January mercy killings.
Dec. 23 2015 1:59 PMHands to the FaceThe woeful Concussion fails to hold the NFL—or anyone—accountable for the CTE crisis.