Oct. 13 2016 3:23 PMCertain WomenNewcomer Lily Gladstone joins a remarkable cast of actresses in Kelly Reichardt’s stories of women’s work in the West.
Oct. 7 2016 5:50 AMThe Birth of a NationThe dishonesty at the center of this much-debated movie has nothing to do with its director’s personal history and a lot to do with history itself.
Oct. 6 2016 11:17 AMThe Girl on the TrainThe novel could be repetitive and squalid; the movie, despite its chills, feels oddly redemptive.
Sept. 28 2016 1:49 PMDeepwater HorizonA satisfying action spectacle that valorizes the workers on the ill-fated rig—but skirts the greater question of what the oil they drilled for means for us all.
Sept. 22 2016 3:46 PMThe DressmakerYes, the fancy frocks are pretty. But Kate Winslet’s revenge is bloody in this surprising Aussie drama.
Sept. 22 2016 5:45 AMThe Magnificent SevenDenzel Washington and a ragtag team of cowboys in an old-fashioned shoot-’em-up.
Sept. 19 2016 1:07 PMThe White HelmetsA new Netflix documentary shows in gripping detail what the war in Aleppo looks like from the city’s streets.
Sept. 16 2016 4:40 PMThe Leaky Myths of SnowdenOliver Stone’s new movie about Edward Snowden is a fairy tale and a bore.
Sept. 9 2016 12:55 PMSullyClint Eastwood can’t pull off his own miracle on the Hudson.
Aug. 26 2016 11:24 AMSouthside With YouA charming microbiopic that will make you miss the Obamas before they’re even gone.
Aug. 12 2016 10:36 AMPete’s DragonDisney’s latest live-action remake stars two magnificent creatures: Elliot the computer-generated dragon and Robert Redford.
Aug. 9 2016 9:15 AMThe Little PrinceThis Netflix original movie makes a conventional (but good) animated film out of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s mysterious novella.
July 28 2016 10:22 AMBad MomsA women-gone-wild comedy that could have been a bit wilder—and gone after different targets.
July 14 2016 4:39 PMGhostbustersI ain’t afraid of the fizzy, all-female remake.
June 24 2016 4:47 PMIndependence Day: ResurgenceThis bad disaster movie nonetheless feels perfect for our times.
Oct. 13 2016 9:00 AMMascotsThis Netflix mockumentary isn’t Christopher Guest at his best, but it’s still a charmer that packs a sneaky punch.
Oct. 6 2016 3:50 PMNew SlavesI’m a criminal justice reporter, and Ava DuVernay’s new Netflix documentary about mass incarceration shocked me.
Sept. 30 2016 10:03 AMAmerican HoneyNewcomer Sasha Lane is a star in the making, though Andrea Arnold’s film can’t quite find the elusive truths of the heartland.
Sept. 23 2016 10:30 AMQueen of KatweA feel-good movie about a teenage Ugandan chess champion with some sly lessons about the rest of the world.
Sept. 22 2016 11:03 AMChronicTim Roth stars as a hospice nurse in a difficult movie with a shocking ending.
Sept. 20 2016 8:15 AMThe Toxic Charisma of John McAfeeA new Showtime documentary paints an eerie, irresistible portrait of the anti-virus software pioneer turned international fugitive.
Sept. 16 2016 5:31 PMBlair WitchThe reboot of 1999’s horror classic shows us the witch. Really?!
Sept. 15 2016 6:09 PMBridget Jones’s BabyDear Diary, Renée Zellweger is back, and maybe Bridget should just focus on herself for a while.
Sept. 1 2016 1:56 PMThe Light Between OceansA romantic drama set 100 years ago that feels surprisingly modern.
Aug. 19 2016 11:36 AMMorris From AmericaA subtle, stirring, foul-mouthed showcase for Craig Robinson’s surprising dramatic gifts.
Aug. 9 2016 10:30 AMFlorence Foster JenkinsBe who you are, this movie urges. I’m a critic who can’t resist a late-summer Meryl Streep comedy.
Aug. 4 2016 10:26 AMSuicide SquadWho broke these actors out of movie jail and forced them to star in this terrible comic-book adaptation?
July 21 2016 1:45 PMStar Trek BeyondThe latest film doesn’t reinvent the franchise, but it does understand what’s made it live long and prosper.
June 30 2016 10:43 AMThe BFGSteven Spielberg’s Roald Dahl adaptation is a little schmaltzy, but there’s real magic in Mark Rylance’s performance.
June 24 2016 2:21 PMSwiss Army ManThe farting corpse movie, and so much more.