July 24 2014 10:46 AMÜberfrauTurn off 90 percent of your brain to watch Lucy.
July 17 2014 3:30 PMSex TapeThe sex tape in Sex Tape seems much more entertaining than Sex Tape.
July 9 2014 8:57 PMBoyhoodAs transcendent as it is ordinary—just like life.
July 2 2014 2:11 PMTammyMelissa McCarthy and Susan Sarandon have terrific comic chemistry.
June 27 2014 12:14 PMSnowpiercerThis train makes stops at bleak political allegory, elaborately choreographed ax battles, and goofy comic pratfalls. All aboard!
June 20 2014 6:19 PMJersey BoysAs I recall it ended none too soon.
June 12 2014 6:29 PMPixote’s GameSpike Lee’s misguided World Cup joint.
June 11 2014 7:57 PM22 Jump StreetCan the bromance survive without bromophobia?
June 6 2014 3:56 PMEdge of TomorrowWatch out for that alien tentacle—it’s a doozy!
May 30 2014 7:21 PMNight MovesA slow-burning suspense thriller from Kelly Reichardt, with an ending you’ll argue about all night.
May 23 2014 6:21 PMThe Book Every Movie Lover Should OwnThe sixth—and possibly last—edition of David Thomson’s New Biographical Dictionary of Film.
May 22 2014 1:43 PMEffin’ Magnetos—How Do They Work?X-Men Days of Future Past is maximalist Hollywood filmmaking at its best.
May 15 2014 9:55 PMWant to See a Giant Radioactive Lizard Whale on Stuff?Then Godzilla delivers.
May 9 2014 2:38 PMEnemy and The DoubleTwo new movies about doppelgangers bear an uncanny resemblance.
May 2 2014 11:01 AMIdaA journey you won’t forget.
July 21 2014 11:19 AMWe Are the Best!A wonderful Swedish comedy about girls in a punk band.
July 11 2014 12:32 PMDawn of the Planet of the ApesThe primate revolution enters its Reign of Terror phase.
July 3 2014 8:47 AMLife ItselfRoger Ebert at the movies, at home, and in the hospital.
June 27 2014 6:51 PMTransformers: Age of ExtinctionTwo Slate staffers try—and fail—to explain what happens in the franchise’s fourth film.
June 25 2014 4:39 PMThey Came TogetherThere’s not enough pepper in this paprikash.
June 20 2014 10:49 AMVenus in FurA sharp, sexy comedy about the complex theater of contemporary gender relations.
June 12 2014 6:17 PMThe RoverGuy Pearce really wants his car back.
June 6 2014 7:06 PMThe Fault In Our StarsI didn’t cry once. What is wrong with me?
June 5 2014 10:30 AMObvious ChildA modest little comedy about an abortion.
May 29 2014 7:36 PMMaleficentA fairy tale about the evil spell Angelina Jolie has cast on America.
May 23 2014 8:08 AMWhy Is Wolverine Doing All the Stuff I Already Did?Kitty Pryde has some notes on the new X-Men movie.
May 20 2014 2:06 PMThe Best Spielberg Blockbuster in YearsHow Godzilla director Gareth Edwards cloned the formula behind Jaws, Close Encounters, and Jurassic Park.
May 15 2014 10:46 AMThe ImmigrantJames Gray’s lavish, old-fashioned melodrama showcases big performances from Joaquin Phoenix and Marion Cotillard.
May 8 2014 7:38 AMFreaks and GreeksSeth Rogen and Rose Byrne make war on bro privilege in Neighbors.
May 1 2014 11:59 AMLockeA stripped-down existential road movie with a masterful performance from Tom Hardy.