Dec. 13 2013 6:36 PMSaving Mr. BanksIt’ll leave you feeling something short of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
Dec. 10 2013 8:02 AMThe Best Movies of 2013It was an outrageous year of cinematic bounty.
Nov. 27 2013 1:06 PMOldboyOh boy.
Nov. 22 2013 4:19 PMIs the Man Who Is Tall Happy?Noam Chomsky talks, Michel Gondry doodles, and somehow it makes for a captivating movie.
Nov. 14 2013 8:12 PMNebraskaBruce Dern offers a magnificent, nearly mute performance as a King Lear of the Great Plains.
Nov. 8 2013 5:48 PMThor: The Dark WorldThe Crocodile Dundee II of superhero films—in a good way!
Nov. 1 2013 6:14 PMEnder’s GameA future in which young people are both celebrities and cannon fodder.
Oct. 25 2013 8:32 PMBlue Is the Warmest ColorIt’s not about the sex scenes. It’s about the intensely intimate love scenes.
Oct. 25 2013 10:43 AMBastardsThe emotional weather is chilly, and the sex scenes torrid, in Claire Denis’ neo-noir thriller.
Oct. 18 2013 6:46 PMAll Is Lost. Or Is It?What to make of the ending of the new Robert Redford movie.
Oct. 17 2013 7:52 PM12 Years a SlaveA beautiful film about the ugliest of subjects.
Oct. 16 2013 10:13 AMSecrets and LiesWould any hacker trust the Julian Assange portrayed in The Fifth Estate?
Oct. 11 2013 4:27 PMEscape From TomorrowA day at Disney becomes a world of tears.
Oct. 4 2013 5:23 PMA.C.O.D.A good comedy about bad parents.
Sept. 27 2013 6:57 PMRushA sleekly assembled thrill machine.
Dec. 12 2013 7:00 PMAmerican HustleSomewhere between a raunchy All the President’s Men and an emo Goodfellas.
Dec. 5 2013 5:03 PMInside Llewyn DavisA journey back to Greenwich Village’s folk heyday with the freeflowin’ brothers Coen.
Nov. 26 2013 12:51 PMFrozenTwo princesses, a wonderfully daft snowman, a loyal and adventurous reindeer—and yet, something’s missing …
Nov. 21 2013 6:55 PMThe Hunger Games: Catching FireNeeds more kindling.
Nov. 8 2013 6:32 PMAt BerkeleyA four-hour documentary about a public university, and not a minute too long.
Nov. 7 2013 8:32 PMDo You Have Total Recall? Also, Do You Have a Smaller Box of Whoppers?The miseries and pleasures of Blockbuster Video.
Nov. 1 2013 8:38 AMDallas Buyers ClubAs a randy homophobe who becomes an AIDS activist, Matthew McConaughey is brilliant.
Oct. 25 2013 3:29 PMThe CounselorBrad Pitt and Cameron Diaz philosophize about death in the friscalating dusk light of Cormac McCarthy’s new film.
Oct. 25 2013 8:08 AMBad GrandpaThe Jackass boys embrace narrative complexity and genuine human emotion. Well, kinda.
Oct. 18 2013 4:04 PMAll Is LostBut at least we have Robert Redford.
Oct. 16 2013 5:28 PMBurton and TaylorDominic West and Helena Bonham Carter star as the poster children for how fame warps stars.
Oct. 11 2013 4:36 PMRomeo and JulietDon’t bite your thumb at it.
Oct. 10 2013 7:17 PMCaptain PhillipsOscar, ho!
Oct. 3 2013 3:30 PMGravityIt gives outer space back its beauty, terror, and wonder.
Sept. 26 2013 5:53 PMThe films of Dan SallittIntimate domestic dramas about incest, nymphomaniacs, and really bad honeymoons.