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Mixing Desk
Jan. 30 2004 10:38 AMPsst!How to find the best hip-hop of the year (hint: not in a store near you); plus, the cooling tones of Air.
Dec. 18 2003 6:14 PMFrom Coldplay to Jack BlackA holiday roundup of the year's best music DVDs and box sets.
Oct. 30 2003 4:36 PMWho's the Next White Stripes?M.A.S.S. should be on your stereo.
Dec. 23 2003 11:13 AMTango to TimbuktuAn up-tempo Romanian brass band, plus Terry Hall, Ursula Rucker, and more.
Dec. 5 2003 2:59 PMWhen Hipsters CryYeah Yeah Yeahs get sentimental; plus a jaunty Bob Dylan.
Oct. 7 2003 8:34 AMThe Real Diana RossA disco classic gets a makeover, plus Erykah Badu, Missy, etc.