How filmmakers use tracking in and out during monologues to great effect (VIDEO).

The Great Trick Filmmakers Use to Empower Monologues

The Great Trick Filmmakers Use to Empower Monologues

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June 2 2015 12:46 PM

Track In, Track Out

How subtle camera moves can transform a movie speech into a defining moment.


When filming a monologue, directors sometimes decide that frequent cuts back and forth or a perfectly still camera are not enough to bring the scene home. Instead, they may favor a different technique: pushing or pulling the camera in at a steady pace. You may not always notice it as it’s happening, but the device has been used during countless monologue sequences to great dramatic effect in everything from Citizen Kane to Good Will Hunting.

The video below looks at all the different ways in which this type of camera movement enhances a monologue and draws us, the audience, more deeply into the cinematic world.

Aisha Harris is a Slate staff writer.

Anne Marie Lindemann is a former associate producer and editor for Slate Video.