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The Gentleman and the Child

The first excerpt from Philip Pullman’s new trilogy The Book of Dust.

March 6 2017 8:35 AM“The Museum of Near Misses”A writer gets trapped by what could have been.
Feb. 22 2017 10:01 AM“Slippernet”Is it ethical to force empathy on your enemy?
Feb. 14 2017 7:30 AM“Patriot Points”You may qualify for huge discounts, TSA Precheck approval, and more!
Feb. 6 2017 11:21 AM“Clay and Smokeless Fire”He had seen fool kings and robber-kings, mad kings and rape-kings. The new American king was all of them at once.
Jan. 31 2017 12:47 PMFifth Avenue”Trump keeps his campaign promises.
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Sept. 8 2009 11:09 AMSaving Face? Or Losing My Mind?I'm going to try to write a chick-lit novel in real time. In less than a month. And I really need your help.
Jan. 19 2009 7:02 AMObamamaniacs
Jan. 15 2009 6:48 AMGot Hope?
June 29 2006 11:06 AMThe UnbindingIn which Rob and Kent face off for the final time.
Feb. 27 2017 7:09 PM“Clippers”Measuring the slow but steady whitening of public life.
Feb. 16 2017 7:14 PM“What Someone Else Does Not Want Printed”Comforting the comfortable and afflicting the afflicted.
Feb. 10 2017 9:03 AM“Trump Land”It started as a joke, and then it turned into a theme park, and then it became something worse.
Feb. 1 2017 4:41 PM “Chorus”In the Pence administration, high school girls have to take things into their own hands.
Jan. 24 2017 12:14 PMThe Daylight Underground”What does it look like when 1 million people are deported all at once?
Oct. 2 2009 1:37 PMThe End Has No EndChecking in with my Saving Face readers and collaborators.
Jan. 20 2009 7:23 AMA New Nation
Jan. 16 2009 6:58 AMStars and Stripes Forever
Jan. 13 2009 7:04 PMYes, We Did