Everyday Economics
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Everyday Economics
Oct. 2 2003 9:29 AMOh, No: It's a Girl!Do daughters cause divorce?
June 13 2003 4:37 PMWhy Jews don't farm.
April 14 2003 1:33 PMThe case for looting.
March 3 2003 9:22 AMIs Your Life Worth $10 Million?Nope. But your grandson's will be.
Oct. 10 2002 1:17 PMPhony GenerosityEconomics Nobelist Vernon Smith's alarming discovery about human nature.
June 27 2002 2:31 PMThe Great Banana RevolutionShould you peel bananas from the bottom up?
March 25 2002 4:21 PMShort ChangedWhy do tall people make more money?
Nov. 26 2001 2:40 PM$10 a FootShould we stop Paul Morgan from amputating his feet on the Web?
Sept. 28 2001 3:00 AMFlying Pork BarrelsThe airline bailout enriches stockholders at the expense of taxpayers. 
July 31 2001 3:00 AMMaking Your Tax Rebate PayWanna promote the general welfare? Here's what to do with your tax rebate. 
May 31 2001 9:00 PMThe Readers Weigh InYour theories on why America is getting fatter.
May 2 2001 3:00 AMWhy Are We Getting So Fat?A few theories on America's weight problem.
March 13 2001 9:00 PMPutting All Your Potatoes in One BasketThe economic lessons of the Great Famine. 
Jan. 4 2001 3:00 AMMicrowave Oven Liberation Household appliances, not Gloria Steinem, ushered women into the workplace.
Nov. 1 2000 3:00 AMIf eBay Ran the ElectionWho would buy the votes and what would they pay? 
Aug. 4 2003 2:27 PMWhy do gays smoke so much?
May 19 2003 10:46 AMWe Find Ourselves … GuiltyShould we punish juries that get it wrong?
April 9 2003 10:42 AMGreat Expectations?The war's going worse than expected. So what? Almost everything in life goes worse than expected.
Dec. 9 2002 5:25 PMBeat on the BratThe economics of spanking.
Aug. 28 2002 11:07 AMOne Small Step for Man …… and one giant leap for economists: How we figured out why people walk up staircases but not up escalators.
June 4 2002 3:48 PMShut City Hall!The Supreme Court concludes that most government agencies should be out of business.
Jan. 30 2002 4:12 PMClick, Clack, and Car TalkNPR's Tappet brothers are wrong about the societal costs of car phones.
Nov. 6 2001 6:03 PMAfghanistan After the WarDon't give them democracy. Give them capitalism.
Sept. 6 2001 9:00 PMSell Me a StoryTwo skyscrapers, built at the same time in the same block. One's much taller. Why? 
July 9 2001 9:00 PMHey, Gorgeous, Here's a Raise!As for you fatties, we're cutting your salaries.
May 25 2001 3:00 AMDon't Ask, Don't Tell Campaign-Finance ReformWould it make politics cleaner? I dunno.
April 6 2001 3:00 AMWhy God Created Junk FoodThe rationality of Big Macs, cashews, and … unlimited sex appetites. 
Feb. 8 2001 11:30 PMThe First One Now Will Later Be LastA foolproof method to shorten queues.
Dec. 1 2000 8:30 PMWhy Men Pay To Stay MarriedAnd women pay to get divorced. 
Sept. 14 2000 3:00 AMDon't Pay Down the National DebtIt's a great deal.