The Spy Who Arranged Me by Dewey Decimal 

The Spy Who Arranged Me by Dewey Decimal 

The Spy Who Arranged Me by Dewey Decimal 

Philosophical ruminations.
Jan. 28 2000 3:30 AM

The Spy Who Arranged Me by Dewey Decimal 

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Puck Off


Officials at the University of Vermont canceled the remainder of the men's hockey season Jan. 14 after learning that some players had lied about a serious hazing incident. The team was originally put under investigation after a player complained about a party where freshman players had been forced to eat seafood pie until they vomited, walk naked holding each other's genitals, and drink warm beer and shots of liquor—all in violation of Vermont's hazing policy. If the players suspected of lying come clean, the school has said it will allow them to keep their scholarships and remain enrolled at the university.

Pulp Fictions

The library at SUNY-Buffalo has received a donation of 25,000 pulp fiction titles worth millions of dollars. The George Kelley Pulp Fiction Collection, named after its donor, a teacher of English literature at Erie Community College, includes titles by authors including Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Carver, Jack Woodford, and Ellery Queen.

Yale Beats Yale

Yale University has persuaded Yale College, an unrelated vocational institute in Wales, to change its name, reports the Chronicle of Higher Education. The Welsh school does not grant degrees and has a mostly part-time student body. The other Yale will become Coleg Iâl Yale College of Wrexham. The school agreed to the change because it "could not afford to engage in litigation," said its chief executive. Yale University's student newspaper noted that the school had filed similar complaints against institutions in South Korea and Venezuela in the last three years.

"If You Paid List Price for Elements of Calculus …"

The National Association of College Stores has filed a lawsuit against online textbook seller, accusing the Internet retailer of advertising nonexistent price discounts. calls the suit a publicity stunt intended to harm the company's IPO and alleges in Publisher's Weekly that NACS has singled it out because, unlike other online booksellers advertising discounts, it is not an NACS member. 

Wall to Wall Paneling

From adjunct professors at this year's meeting of the American Historical Association  in Chicago: "The New Academic Labor System and Its Discontents: Contingent Faculty and the Future of the Profession." For the jobless: "Postacademic Careers in the Twenty-First Century: Continuity and Change beyond the Academy." For those who've resisted Clinton fatigue: "The Impeachment Imbroglio: History and the Role of Historians." And for the club profs: "Hip-Hop History: New Directions in Scholarship and Thought."


He Also Disputed the Existence of the Universe