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What a 25-Year-Old Taiwanese Film Can Teach Us About the Immigration Debate 

Edward Yang’s A Brighter Summer Day is a melancholic masterpiece.

June 17 2015 9:32 AMThe Master BuildersThree remarkable films, separated by more than 30 years, constructed by the odd, patient duo of Wallace Shawn and André Gregory.
Nov. 11 2013 11:40 PMLife in Black and WhiteFrances Ha, America’s best French New Wave film.
Nov. 15 2011 7:16 AMThe White StuffThe most overlooked film in Krzysztof Kieslowski’s Three Colors trilogy is actually the best.
Sept. 13 2011 1:00 PMThe Magnificent AmbersonsOrson Welles' original version may be lost to history, but even the compromised studio cut is a masterpiece—and it's finally on DVD.
April 7 2011 10:20 AMThe WandererWith Meek's Cutoff, Kelly Reichardt makes the case that she deserves to be considered among the best American filmmakers.
Feb. 8 2011 10:14 AMWe Need More Women Like Jane CraigBroadcast News foresaw a crisis in journalism—and in rom-coms.
Nov. 9 2010 10:12 AMThe Greatest One-Off in Movie HistoryThe Night of the Hunter, Charles Laughton's only film, influenced Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee, and the Coen brothers.
Oct. 19 2010 11:24 AMThe Black CauldronIs the movie that almost killed Disney animation really that bad?
Oct. 5 2010 10:24 AMAbsence of MalickA new DVD of The Thin Red Line suggests Terrence Malick is as much a mystery to his actors and crew as he is to us.
Aug. 31 2010 10:02 AMMax HeadroomIt was ahead of its ti-ti-time.
May 4 2010 10:10 AMParanormal Activity vs. Paranormal EntityComparing the low-budget horror sensation to its even lower-budget knockoff.
March 16 2010 9:37 AMThe Complete Walker, Texas RangerFifty-one discs. Two hundred two episodes. Innumerable roundhouses.
Jan. 26 2010 11:06 AMBring It On. And On. And On.How a sleeper hit about cheerleading became a direct-to-DVD franchise. Plus: which sequel is best.
Jan. 12 2010 10:01 AMEarth AngelWhy everyone still loves Wings of Desire.
Dec. 10 2009 9:36 AMBadfellasHow Gomorrah tore up the mob-movie rulebook.
July 29 2014 2:23 PM“We’re Not Leaving. We’re Never Leaving.”The Big Chill and the enduring power of quarter-life crisis movies.
March 19 2013 12:02 PMHow to Shoot a Serial KillerWith Badlands, Terrence Malick showed how to humanize killers without romanticizing them.
Nov. 8 2011 12:15 PMBlue Velvet, 25 Years Later
An almost unrelieved carnival of perversion, corruption, mayhem, and spectacle.
Sept. 13 2011 5:40 AMBuy the Citizen Kane Blu-rayYou haven't seen the Orson Welles classic until you've seen this newly restored version.
March 8 2011 3:01 PMDetroit Needs RobocopNow more than ever. Why a proposed statue of the tragic hero is a good idea for the Motor City.
Feb. 1 2011 10:15 AMNight Catches UsA criminally overlooked film about the legacy of the Black Power movement.
Nov. 3 2010 7:08 AMBack to Your MomHow Back to the Future made incest fun for the whole family.
Oct. 13 2010 6:59 AMCracked ActorThe film career of David Bowie.
Sept. 23 2010 7:09 AMGreed Is Bad. Bad!Gordon Gekko was supposed to be a villain. Instead, he became a Wall Street folk hero.
May 18 2010 12:25 PMDariaIt got the misfits right, but it got the popular kids right, too.
March 30 2010 9:34 AMMake Way for TomorrowGood luck not crying.
Feb. 9 2010 9:50 AMThe War TrilogyNo director has done more with rubble than Roberto Rossellini.
Jan. 19 2010 6:53 AMLife on MarsWhy Americans hated the British hit. Plus: The dumbest finale in TV history.
Dec. 16 2009 9:56 AMTrojan HorsePrime time's first countercultural hero was a palomino named Mr. Ed.
Nov. 16 2009 7:41 AMThe Easy Rider Road MapAn interactive guide.