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Dvd extras
May 22 2008 11:49 AMSmart as a WhipCan Indiana Jones teach kids about history?
April 22 2008 8:00 AMSay It Ain't So, JoseThe remarkable pertinence of two pre-steroid-era classics: Bull Durham and Eight Men Out.
April 8 2008 3:13 PMThe Mayor of HellJames Cagney and the formative years of the American gangster movie.
Feb. 26 2008 11:11 AMWould You Like a Hair Sandwich?The life and times of America's greatest hoaxer.
Feb. 5 2008 12:16 PMGuess Who's Coming To Solve Your MurderThe enduring pleasures of In the Heat of the Night, a liberal message movie that worked.
Jan. 7 2008 7:33 AMZodiacFile it under: serial killer flick/brief on behalf of a just, liberal society.
Dec. 13 2007 4:17 PM"Now I Have a Machine Gun. Ho Ho Ho."Slate's guide to overlooked Christmas movies.
Nov. 20 2007 7:39 AMClose Encounters of the Third KindNevermind those little alien guys—how about that suburban malaise!
Oct. 16 2007 5:27 PMNot-So-Great Salt LakeWhy have even the environmentalists given up on the Salton Sea?
Sept. 25 2007 5:02 PMGreed Is Bad. Bad!Gordon Gekko was supposed to be a villain. Instead, he became a Wall Street folk hero.
Sept. 4 2007 5:13 PMA Second Look at Primary ColorsWhat can it tell us about Hillary '08?
Aug. 9 2007 7:36 AMHam of the PeopleHow Al Pacino got typecast as Al Pacino.
July 19 2007 1:21 PMSlouching Towards HollywoodThe screenwriting of Joan Didion and John Gregory Dunne.
April 27 2007 1:56 PMTwin Peaks RevisitedThe second season is not what it seems.
April 13 2007 12:56 PMHollywood HemingwayHow the movies mangled great fiction.
May 6 2008 11:54 AMPop CultureDo boys today still have time for red balloons?
April 15 2008 8:15 AMIt's a New Box Set!How much would you pay for a four-disc collection of the best episodes of The Price Is Right?
April 1 2008 8:06 AMFugue InterstateLost Highway—the O.J. Simpson story by way of Vertigo as imagined by David Lynch—finally comes to DVD.
Feb. 19 2008 7:41 AMWhite Shoe, Black HatMichael Clayton's devastating critique of the legal profession.
Jan. 29 2008 12:59 PMI Live in FearWhat Kurosawa's forgotten film about the bomb captures about post-9/11 America.
Dec. 26 2007 12:02 PMGo East, Young Man Two-Lane Blacktop was supposed to be the next Easy Rider. But it went in a different direction.
Dec. 4 2007 7:54 AMThe Lady VanishesHitchcock's first Hitchcock film.
Oct. 30 2007 6:25 PMConfessions of a Jericho FanIt's not good. It's not so-bad-it's-good. It's just plain mediocre. And yet I watch.
Nov. 11 2009 7:11 AMThe Cineaste of CoolHow Jim Jarmusch's hipness distracts from his greatness.
Sept. 11 2007 5:03 PMScent of a ManAl Pacino hunts a killer in New York City gay bars in Cruising.
Aug. 23 2007 10:34 AMDavid Lynch Goes DigitalWhy Inland Empire is better on your TV than it was on the big screen.
Aug. 2 2007 7:23 AMPopeye the EverymanRediscovering the weird, wonderful, working-class hero of the original Popeye cartoons. Plus: Why spinach.
May 25 2007 1:00 PMSnob vs. SnobDon't let your memory fool you. Chevy Chase's Fletch is abominably bad.
April 20 2007 4:35 PMViolent DisagreementWhat Cho Seung-Hui got wrong about Oldboy.
March 26 2007 7:25 AMMeet the Hindustani Malcolm XLooking for pulse-pounding excitement in Richard Attenborough's Gandhi.