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Dvd extras
Nov. 11 2009 7:11 AMShadowsJohn Cassavetes' startling directorial debut changed American movies forever.
Sept. 24 2009 2:17 PMThe Death of KingsWhy you should be sorry you never watched NBC's biblical drama.
Nov. 2 2009 10:35 AMKing of PainMasaki Kobayashi's The Human Condition will crush you.
Aug. 25 2009 7:17 AMthirtysomething Turns TwentysomethingABC's groundbreaking chronicle of yuppy domesticity is finally out on DVD. How does it hold up?
June 23 2009 9:26 AMDeath by a Thousand Director's CutsHow DVD marketing is rewriting the history of film.
April 28 2009 10:31 AMEssential CassavetesNo one does the shock of emotional truth like he did.
April 7 2009 6:39 AMWauaugh!Howard the Duck, George Lucas' best movie about a talking duck, finally arrives on DVD.
Jan. 27 2009 10:55 AMRobert Altman's Short CutsStop comparing it to Nashville.
Nov. 18 2008 9:04 AMBuster Keaton's The GeneralYeah, it's silent. So what? You'll barely notice. It's that good.
Oct. 8 2008 6:55 AMRed DawnIts portrait of Russia is dated. Its portrait of America is timely—and terrifying.
Sept. 23 2008 11:23 AMMad WomenRevisiting 9 to 5.
Sept. 5 2008 12:58 PMA Very Long EngagementThe Netflix rentals Slate readers just can't bring themselves to watch.
Aug. 27 2008 7:14 AMJacques Tati's TraficIt just might make you love your car again.
June 30 2008 6:18 PMMirandize ThisWas Dirty Harry a right-wing fantasy of swift justice—or a cautionary tale about vigilantism?
June 17 2008 2:14 PMIn Defense of HulkYes, the Ang Lee one.
Oct. 27 2009 9:35 AMOn the Road AgainBefore there was Ira Glass, there was Charles Kuralt.
Sept. 22 2009 10:01 AMForget Harold and MaudeWatch Hal Ashby's exceptional message movies instead.
Aug. 26 2009 1:09 PMWhen Preppies Became YuppiesWhit Stillman's The Last Days of Disco.
July 14 2009 6:53 AMSex on the DesertWas Zabriskie Point—Antonioni's biggest flop—just misunderstood?
May 21 2009 6:41 AMThe Ubiquitous AndersonThe Brothers Bloom and the problem of Wes Anderson's pervasive influence.
April 21 2009 6:45 AMRobert Altman Made a Movie About a Lunar Landing?The thrill of exploring Warner's archive of previously unreleased films.
Feb. 3 2009 12:04 PMReturn to WaterworldWhat if the legendary flop were an eco-parable whose message was ahead of its time?
Dec. 23 2008 6:56 AMIt Was 30 Rock Meets WKRP in CincinnatiThe awkward charm of NBC's NewsRadio.
Nov. 11 2008 9:50 AMImagine Seeing John Wayne in IMAXThat's sort of what watching How the West Was Won is like.
Sept. 30 2008 11:11 AMYour DVD Player Sleeps With the FishesThe restored Godfather trilogy: the best reason yet to go Blu-ray.
Sept. 11 2008 6:58 AMWalter Sobchak, NeoconThe prescient politics of The Big Lebowski.
Aug. 28 2008 3:41 PMLand of No ReturnWhat Netflix rental have you kept unwatched the longest? A Slate reader poll.
Aug. 5 2008 5:53 AMCandid CamelotRobert Drew's documentaries captured the Kennedy mystique—and changed presidential politics forever.
June 26 2008 1:28 PMThe Complete CarlinWhat you can learn from watching 800 minutes of George Carlin.
June 5 2008 7:02 AMI Spy a Progressive Racial Fantasy …The original black-and-white buddy comedy, reconsidered.