Curtain Call
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Curtain Call

Chekhov’s Banana Peel

Stop staging stuffy, boring productions of the Russian master’s work. He’s much more fun than that.

March 19 2012 1:30 PMA Sad StoryMike Daisey didn’t just break the rules of journalism. He did a disservice to his own art.
Feb. 22 2012 7:00 AMHow To Save SmashMake it more like the real Broadway.
Feb. 8 2011 11:32 AMWith Great Power Comes Great IrresponsibilitySpider-Man is a wild, sexed-up, Greek mythologized train wreck. But it's Julie Taymor's train wreck, through and through.
Oct. 22 2010 7:13 AMLombardi PuntsThe new play about the Green Bay Packers coach is more interested in the myth than the man.
March 12 2012 6:50 AMCarrie’s Mom Was RightReconsidering one of the most reviled mothers in the history of horror.
May 3 2011 5:39 PMWhy the Tonys Matter This YearTwo brave, timely new American dramas are vying for best play.
Nov. 29 2010 4:11 PMThe Scottsboro BoysIs the most ambitious new musical of the Broadway season racist?