My Slatearticle on Rajinikanth was plagiarized by India Today.

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Oct. 20 2010 4:38 PM

Great Writers Steal

My Slatearticle on Rajinikanth was lifted by India Today.

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Mr. David Plotz
Slate Magazine
Dear Mr. Plotz,
I would like to bring to your attention that an error has been made by me in good faith.
I would like to take this opportunity to fill you in on what precisely happened.
It's my normal practice in my letter from the editor to enumerate why we carry a particular cover story. In the regional edition of our weekly newsmagazine India Today issue dated Oct 18th 2010 we carried a cover story on the film star Rajinikant.
I normally ask for inputs on subjects that are specialized , as for instance a superhit filmstar from the south, from those in charge of editing the copy. Some of the inputs which were sent to me on Rajinikant were unfortunately taken from an article authored by Mr. G Hendrix  in your magazine. This was not known to me. I believed it to be original copy and a portion of it got included as inputs in my longer letter from the editor which got published. I greatly regret this error.
An apology has already been carried in the subsequent issue.  India Today Group has always stood for integrity in journalism and thus serious action has been taken against those concerned.
I hope that you understand and accept this sincere apology.
Aroon Purie
India Today

Correction, Oct. 21, 2010: This article originally misspelled the name of the Hindustan Times.
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