An open letter to Frank Gehry.

An open letter to Frank Gehry.

An open letter to Frank Gehry.

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June 19 2006 12:14 PM

Brooklyn's Trojan Horse

What's wrong with the buildings Frank Gehry wants to put in my neighborhood?

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Click  here to see a slide show about Frank Gehry's Atlantic Yards proposal.

*Correction, June 19, 2006: Due to a production error in the original version of this article, a photograph of developer Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Terminal mall was substituted for a photograph of his neighboring Atlantic Center mall. Click here to return to the corrected photograph.


** Correction, June 19, 2006: In addition, this article originally misidentified the time and place at which Frank Gehry made certain remarks about the Atlantic Yards development. The occasion was a public seminar sponsored by the New York Times in January, 2006. Click here to return to the corrected paragraph.

Correction, June 20, 2006: The name of the Williamsburgh Savings Bank Tower was initally misspelled in this article and in the accompanying slide show. The spelling has been corrected. The sidebar to this article misidentified the Manhattan Municipal Building as the Federal Building.

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