President Summers resigns.
President Summers resigns.
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Feb. 22 2006 4:45 PM

School of Hard Knocks

What President Summers never learned about Harvard.

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Correction, Feb. 23, 2005: This article originally and incorrectly identified Allston, Mass. as a town. In fact, it is part of the city of Boston. ( Return to corrected sentence.) It also incorrectly stated that Tina Brown left The New Yorker after five years as its editor—in fact, she stayed for six and a half years—and should have acknowledged the author's work relationship with her. ( Return to corrected paragraph.)

James Traub is at work on a book about Kofi Annan and the United Nations.

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Nov. 29 2015 9:02 PM Claimed When Castro took power, Americans fled Cuba and left a lot of property behind. Now the claims on these contested holdings—land, buildings, cars and more—are exciting speculators and could stand in the way of reconciliation.