Crashing the Oscar Race

Crashing the Oscar Race

Crashing the Oscar Race

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Feb. 14 2001 3:00 AM

Crashing the Oscar Race

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Loughlin: Zagnut? Zing Zang Zooley? I think the 80-year-olds just said, "Screw it, let's vote for Judi Dench." A great old Dame! Julie Walters, is she a Dame, too? Can we petition someone for a Dameship for Julie Walters? I'm kiddin' ya.


Edelstein: I suppose it could be worse. It looks like a good day for Javier Bardem.

Loughlin: Doesn't he play for the Phillies?

Edelstein: I do feel sorry for Mark Ruffalo.

Loughlin: Gesundheit.

Edelstein: They look upset at the Village Voice table. Gillian Anderson was a favorite for House of Mirth.

Loughlin: Legs too short to compete against Julia Roberts.

Edelstein: Ellen Burstyn did.

Loughlin: Hey, let me ask you something. Did Burstyn really get electroshock therapy? When they had the camera in close on her face and she was just rattling around there—how'd she do that?

Edelstein: I guess she was acting.

Loughlin: Now that's acting! Boy oh boy. Rattling your brains for the sake of art.