Crashing the Oscar Race

Crashing the Oscar Race

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Feb. 14 2001 3:00 AM

Crashing the Oscar Race

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Edelstein: I thought Billy Elliot was a pretty limp movie.


Loughlin: Speaking of limp—I gotta ask ya—you think Billy was a little light in the loafers? Maybe that hurt him with the Academy?

Edelstein: Well, his sexuality wasn't really the point.

Loughlin:Almost Famous, GET OUTTA THE WAY!!! Oooh, too bad.

Edelstein: You don't like to see that … that was a sweet picture …

Loughlin: That's gotta hurt, huh? The darling of all you critical ay-leets …

Edelstein: Looks like two supporting actresses and a screenplay slipped through, though.

Loughlin: That little Goldie Hawn girl, she can be my groupie any time. Hey, who's that driving the Wonder Boys car? Robert Downey? It's off the track—and mowing down bystanders!

Edelstein: Well, I thought that movie didn't work.

Loughlin: I guess you could say Downey lost by a nose, eh? Anyway, Traffic moves into the lead. They've got a whole bunch of cars on the track!

Edelstein: I think Hollywood respects that film's multiple subplots and vast ambition—as do I.

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