April 23 2014 9:31 AMThe Easiest Thing to ForgetWhy we judge other people for being uncool.
April 22 2014 10:30 AMRethinking Spring CleaningStart with the closets.
April 18 2014 8:08 AMEmpty SuitsOrphan Black’s straight male characters are completely flat. That’s not an accident.
April 10 2014 4:06 PMDraft DayWhy did the NFL—America’s most obsessively image-conscious sports league—allow this catastrophe to happen? 
April 8 2014 12:59 PMDon Draper 101My college course on Mad Men taught my students to be smarter TV watchers. It can teach you, too.
April 3 2014 6:45 PMLetterman Revolutionized Late Night. Ellen’s the Perfect Replacement to Revolutionize It Again.
April 1 2014 11:44 PMThe Humor CodeEntry 8: Who invented stand-up?
March 31 2014 11:25 PM“Bad Romance,” Great TritoneExplaining the genius of Lady Gaga—using music theory.
March 30 2014 11:42 PMThe Humor CodeEntry 6: Can comedy bring about real political change?
March 28 2014 10:55 AMEcstatic Melodic CopulationExplaining the genius of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”—using music theory.
March 27 2014 8:00 AMThe Hardest Puzzles in Wheel of Fortune HistoryWhere does NEW BABY BUGGY rank? Plus: Try your hand at the toughest solves ever.
March 25 2014 11:41 PMThe Humor CodeEntry 3: Why do humans laugh? (Hint: It’s rarely because something’s funny.)
March 24 2014 11:35 PMThe Humor CodeEntry 2: When is a joke too soon? A scientific inquiry.
March 21 2014 1:00 PMEveryone Knows Where They BelongThe Choosing Ceremony, the Sorting Hat, the Reaping: YA and the quest to know who you are.
March 4 2014 1:29 PMSanteria and Voodoo All Mashed TogetherIf you want to understand True Detective, you need to understand Louisiana.
April 23 2014 8:43 AMRethinking Spring CleaningSentimentality is the enemy of cleanliness.
April 20 2014 9:31 PMRethinking Spring CleaningIt’s an antiquated ritual—but we need it now more than ever.
April 15 2014 12:00 AMThe Lathe of HeavenAn excerpt from the first e-book edition of Ursula K. Le Guin’s science fiction classic.
April 9 2014 12:05 PMVisit Marian Anderson's Fur Coat Today, Its 75th BirthdayOn April 9, 1939, Marian Anderson was forced by segregation to sing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. She showed up in the coolest fur coat ever.
April 3 2014 11:33 PMThe Humor CodeEntry 10: No, men are not funnier than women.
April 2 2014 11:47 PMThe Humor CodeEntry 9: Are comedians really depressed?
March 31 2014 11:30 PMThe Humor CodeEntry 7: Who owns a joke? And can a comedian sue if someone steals his material?
March 31 2014 11:17 AMRhyme and PunishmentProsecutors are using rap lyrics as evidence in criminal trials. That needs to stop.
March 28 2014 12:39 PMTaco Bell Gave Me a CellphoneThen I started getting urgent calls from ConEd and the Bronx Criminal Court.
March 27 2014 11:47 PMThe Humor CodeEntry 5: Every culture has a Polish joke—but only Americans make fun of lawyers.
March 26 2014 11:56 PMThe Humor CodeEntry 4: Do animals have a sense of humor?
March 25 2014 8:32 AMSkin Tight Jeans and SyncopationExplaining the genius of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”—using music theory.
March 23 2014 9:10 PMThe Humor CodeEntry 1: What, exactly, makes something funny? A bold new attempt at a unified theory of comedy.
March 10 2014 12:24 PMDark, Not MurkyEverything True Detective did, Red Riding did better, and did first.
March 4 2014 12:26 PML.A. KingsSchoolboy Q, the latest West Coast MC to make a powerful claim to the hip-hop throne.