May 28 2015 9:54 PMNo, Brad Bird Isn’t a Disciple of Ayn RandThe key philosophical influence on the director of Tomorrowland and The Incredibles isn’t the Atlas Shrugged author. It’s Walt Disney.
May 18 2015 12:27 PMWhat Coke Taught the WorldThe “It’s the Real Thing” ads were among the first to recognize the market potential of a multicultural America. 
May 14 2015 11:41 AMTiny LibrariesBorrowing books from the world’s nooks and crannies.
May 6 2015 2:09 PM“We Express Ourselves to Cure the World”PEN President Andrew Solomon on Charlie Hebdo and “the intersection of language and justice” around the world.
May 1 2015 11:45 AMWhat Happened at Slate This Week?Dan Kois found the single rightest thing ever published at Slate Dot Com.
April 30 2015 10:34 AMI Love MyselfIs first-person journalism a pox on the profession—or a valuable weapon?
April 28 2015 1:59 PM“Where Are the Police?”When cities spasm with violence for complicated reasons, that’s the only question CNN wants to ask.
April 23 2015 3:45 PMWhy Superheroes Don’t KillBatman’s murderous past, and why Daredevil agonizes over killing the Kingpin.
April 10 2015 9:01 PMIn Defense of the TakeNot all opinion journalism is glib and vapid.
April 10 2015 10:20 AMDaredevil’s Greatest Superpower Is His CatholicismIt’s also his greatest enemy.
April 7 2015 10:00 AMWhat’s the Yams?How the annotation site Genius awakened the hyperintellectual close reader slumbering within us all.
April 3 2015 10:20 AMHow to Survive Henry VIIIMy seven-point plan to avoid the fate of Anne Boleyn.
March 29 2015 7:14 PMBiggest SelloutNow that Guinness World Records is in bed with publicity-seeking companies, can we trust it?
March 25 2015 12:46 PMWhat We Were Watching: Guess WhoTen years ago this Bernie Mac comedy was No. 1 at the box office. Bernie Mac holds up! The social commentary does not.
March 20 2015 10:46 AMDavid O. Russell’s Lost MovieRussell abandoned Accidental Love in 2010. You can finally watch it—and see the link between his career nadir and his current winning streak.
May 20 2015 10:01 AMHotel HellsWhy disgusting hotels are existentially upsetting.
May 15 2015 5:53 PMB.B. King’s Greatest PerformanceThe three-song medley at the heart of his masterpiece may be the best 12 minutes of live musical performance ever recorded.
May 14 2015 10:30 AMLarge as LifeWhat it’s like being a Fat Amy–sized actress in Hollywood.
May 1 2015 1:20 PM“Paying Attention and Paying Respect Is All That Writers Can Do”Why PEN is right to honor Charlie Hebdo.
May 1 2015 10:28 AMWhat Was the Venus de Milo Doing With Her Arms?3-D printing allows us to test a provocative theory that she was busy spinning thread.
April 29 2015 10:14 AMWhere Did Kurtz Come From?A new theory on the origins of the legendary character from Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.
April 27 2015 9:01 AMFrontiers of the StuplimeSitting in on UPenn’s controversial seminar in “Wasting Time on the Internet.”
April 21 2015 9:30 AMIt’s Not DoneWhy did I watch It Follows twice? What was I seeking in the feeling of fear?
April 10 2015 11:13 AMWhat Happened at Slate This Week?How Laura Bennett sustains “a great tradition of tiny, ridiculous arguments, vigorously defended.”
April 9 2015 3:31 PMDaredevil Is the Best Superhero TV Series I’ve Ever SeenDark and gripping, smart and sure-footed—and no pretentious brooding or fanboy pandering.
April 6 2015 10:31 AMThe Binoche EffectA French actress becomes a world cinema auteur.
March 31 2015 6:41 PMWere We Too Hard on Jonah Lehrer?A new book says yes. The facts say no.
March 26 2015 4:11 PMOvercookedAction Bronson has all the ingredients of hip-hop greatness. Why does his major label debut taste funny?
March 23 2015 10:30 AMThe Week the ’60s Were BornMarch 20–28, 1965—50 years ago.
March 18 2015 11:28 AMUngratefulAs the long, strange trip nears its conclusion, two radio show hosts talk down disillusioned Deadheads.