July 1 2014 11:56 AMRandy Newman’s SoulThe songwriter revisits the musical-theater career he might have had, for one night only, with Faust.
June 27 2014 1:37 PMRumble FishAn excerpt from the first e-book edition of S.E. Hinton’s classic YA novel.
June 24 2014 11:53 PMThe Radical Notion of Michael Jackson’s HumanityFive years after his death, we’ve done little to locate the man beneath the tabloid caricature.
June 18 2014 11:49 PMGood Times Bad TimesModern rock didn’t start with Dylan or the Beatles. It started with Zeppelin.
June 16 2014 3:47 PMCrying ShameWe don’t look down on movies designed to make us laugh—why do we look down on ones designed to make us cry?
June 12 2014 11:59 AMThe Tragedie of Scar, King of Pride RockThe Shakespearean grandeur of The Lion King’s villain.
June 3 2014 12:35 PMYou Live in Alabama. Here’s How You’re Going to Die.A look at the most common causes of death by state.
June 2 2014 11:55 PMOh! You Kid!How a sexed-up viral hit from the summer of ’09—1909—changed American pop music forever.
May 30 2014 11:57 AMMy Voyage With MimiHow a Mariah Carey skeptic finally fell for the elusive chanteuse.
May 29 2014 12:34 PMBefore You Accept Any Invitation …You must ask yourself this question.
May 29 2014 8:04 AMRelatively Indolent but RelentlessMatt Freedman’s extraordinary graphic journal of his cancer treatment.
May 26 2014 11:32 PMIt’s Time to Abolish the Week
May 19 2014 11:37 PM“Hang in There!” –Arthur SchopenhauerQuotation websites and the outsourcing of erudition.
May 14 2014 2:08 PMShort Men, UniteShort men need to stop attacking other short men.
May 13 2014 1:02 PMThe Return of the KingA producer resurrects—and transforms—a Michael Jackson song for Xscape.
June 29 2014 11:45 PMShouldn’t Artists Benefit When Their Paintings Auction for Millions?A new bill giving American artists rights their European counterparts enjoy probably won’t pass. It should.
June 26 2014 8:11 AMThe Longest Movie Plot Summary on WikipediaDoes it belong to Ben-Hur? Star Wars? Inception? (Hint: You’re not even getting warm.)
June 19 2014 11:33 PMThe Freaks and Geeks Series BiblePaul Feig’s 1999 blueprint for the show.
June 17 2014 11:42 PMFilmmakers in DisguiseWhat I learned about Hollywood by shooting a guerrilla documentary about the next Transformers movie.
June 16 2014 1:02 PMD3N1ED PL8S995 vanity plates that were too risqué for the Utah DMV.
June 6 2014 3:34 PMThe Acoustics of EavesdroppingWhere not to have a private conversation.
June 3 2014 12:00 PMThe King of Pop in ExileMichael Jackson’s personal security guards describe his final days.
June 2 2014 12:01 PM“At Times Like This”A poem for Maya Angelou, by Nikki Giovanni.
May 29 2014 11:44 PMGame of Thrones Isn’t Just Great FunIt’s great, period. And it should change how we think about television.
May 29 2014 10:31 AMPuff Puff BrassThe Colorado Symphony Orchestra staged a marijuana-friendly concert. It wasn’t easy.
May 28 2014 12:52 PMAs Easy As A-B-SchwaWhat sounds and letters are most likely to trip up contestants at the National Spelling Bee?
May 23 2014 9:36 AMMacklemore and Masquerade“Jewface,” umbrage, and pop music’s original sin.
May 19 2014 4:15 PMEthiopians in Colorado, Cubans in KentuckyWhat are the biggest immigrant groups in your state?
May 14 2014 10:31 AM“You Can Do Anything With a Law Degree”That’s what everyone says. Turns out everyone’s wrong.
May 13 2014 7:35 AMTagalog in California, Cherokee in ArkansasWhat language does your state speak?