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Great News for People Who Want to Play Tacoma but Only Have a PS4: Tacoma Is Coming to PS4!

April 24 2018 11:48 PMHere’s How Critics Are Describing Thanos In Avengers: Infinity War
April 24 2018 3:57 PMNetflix’s Uncanceled Sense8 Finale Gets a Release Date
April 24 2018 11:51 AMHere’s What’s Disappearing From Netflix in May
April 24 2018 8:17 AMThe Twist in Jane the Virgin’s Season Finale Makes Us Rethink the Entire Show
April 23 2018 11:58 PMTrailer for The Rain
April 23 2018 3:06 PMThe Fast and the Furious Franchise Is Moving into Animation
April 23 2018 11:22 AMJohn Oliver Tries to Save the Iran Deal by Taking Out an Ad on the President’s Favorite Show
April 23 2018 12:02 AMAmy Adams Is on Pins and Needles in the Teaser Trailer for HBO’s Sharp Objects Miniseries
April 22 2018 6:21 PMClive Owen and Amanda Seyfried Go Off the Grid in the Trailer for Anon
April 21 2018 11:45 PMWho the Heck Are Mr. Magoo and Mr. Peepers, Anyway?
April 20 2018 2:46 PMThe Music World Reacts to the Death of Avicii
April 20 2018 1:32 PMThe Daily Show’s “A Series of Gunfortunate Events” Goes After Good Guys With Guns
April 19 2018 4:47 PMBlumhouse Is Producing a Movie Based on the Viral “Worst Roommate Ever” Story
April 19 2018 3:40 PMToast the End of Scandal by Watching Olivia Pope Have Many, Many Glasses of Wine
April 19 2018 2:40 PMClassical Music Needs Kendrick Lamar More Than It Needs the PulitzerComposers shouldn’t fear hip-hop. They should embrace it.
April 24 2018 5:41 PMThe Casts of Hamilton Get Goofy While Lip-Syncing to Weird Al’s “Hamilton Polka”
April 24 2018 2:09 PMThandie Newton, Asia Argento Criticize Time’s Up Movement for Exclusivity
April 24 2018 9:19 AMDo-It-Yourself Nduja to Spice Up Your Charcuterie Board (and Life)
April 24 2018 1:02 AMTom Hardy Gets Symbiotic In the Trailer for Venom
April 23 2018 3:41 PMSierra Boggess Drops Out of West Side Story Concert After Whitewashing Controversy
April 23 2018 11:51 AMConstance Wu Flies High in Crazy Rich Asians Official Trailer
April 23 2018 9:08 AMWhy Rampage Is the Most Faithful Video-Game Adaptation Ever Made
April 22 2018 7:10 PMShania Twain Says She Would Have Voted for Donald Trump Because “He Seemed Honest”
April 22 2018 6:07 AMThe Homestar Runner Guys Celebrated Record Store Day by Making a New Fisher-Price Record
April 21 2018 5:11 PMVerne Troyer Has Died at 49
April 20 2018 1:41 PMDJ Avicii Dies at 28
April 20 2018 12:13 PMTwo Members of R. Kelly’s Team Have Left Him Amid New Allegations
April 19 2018 4:05 PMKanye West Announced a New Seven-Song Album Due on June 1
April 19 2018 2:55 PMPrince Believed He Was Taking Vicodin, Not Fentanyl, Says Prosecutor in Death Investigation
April 19 2018 2:14 PMYou Can Now Listen to Prince’s Original Version of “Nothing Compares 2 U”