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Dec. 9 2016 7:17 AMThe 10 Best Audiobooks of 2016Kind voices in your ears during a year of shouting.
Dec. 8 2016 12:13 PM“Inexplicable, Terrible, and Capricious”A history of scurvy, the mysterious disease that haunted the age of exploration.
Dec. 8 2016 10:00 AMMark O’Connell’s 10 Favorite Books of 2016Future sex, cryogenics, and a defense of pretentiousness.
Dec. 7 2016 10:00 AMKaty Waldman’s 10 Favorite Books of 2016Slavery counterfactuals, death memoirs, and Ramon the cat.
Dec. 6 2016 11:31 AMThe Last BattleDavid France’s remarkable history of the fight against AIDS is a chronicle of the recent past that sheds light on the fights to come.
Dec. 6 2016 10:00 AMClarity, Faith, a Dash of DyspepsiaHow Christian Wiman made poetry matter.
Dec. 5 2016 8:04 AMTwo-Thousand Years of GrinchesHand-wringing over Christmas has been going on since the Christ child left the manger.
Nov. 30 2016 5:51 AMThe Scheherazade of the East BayMichael Chabon’s Moonglow is once again testament to the power of storytelling to cast a spell.
Nov. 14 2016 1:57 PMIntroducing The Brothers KaramazovOur final Year of Great Books selection is a philosophical novel, a family drama, a murder mystery, and a love story. It’s also an immortal masterpiece.
Nov. 10 2016 3:30 PMThe Brimming Heart of Zadie SmithAfter the departure of NW, Swing Time returns her to the clamorous, loving realism she does best.
Nov. 10 2016 7:00 AMIsland of the Blue Dolphins and the Dream of LonelinessHow the great children’s novel about a girl left alone on an island in the Pacific was written—and the real girl whose story inspired it.
Jan. 10 2017 9:49 AMThe Novel as Math ProblemAs a formal exercise, Paul Auster’s 4321 is impeccable. As a story, it’s curiously cold.
Jan. 9 2017 3:36 PMThe Return of the Cartoonist Studio PrizeThis spring, two cartoonists will follow in the footsteps of Chris Ware, Noelle Stevenson, and Carol Tyler.
Jan. 9 2017 7:15 AMCannibalismThis history of species eating their own kind is so captivating that you’ll want to devour it with a nice Chianti.
Dec. 20 2016 9:45 AMThe Gerund That Tore a Literary Friendship ApartThe sad, silly tale of Vladimir Nabokov and Edmund Wilson’s Feud.
Dec. 8 2016 12:49 PMIdiot EmperorThis oral history of The Daily Show was clearly intended to land in a very different political landscape. But it’s still eerily relevant now.
Dec. 8 2016 10:23 AMLost in TranslationAn American tries to connect in rural Japan in the conclusion of Lars Martinson’s ambitious, beautiful Tonoharu trilogy.
Dec. 8 2016 7:15 AMThe Fuzzy In-Betweenness of EverythingIn Paul Muldoon’s curiously timely poetry, identities are always fluid and allegiances always partial.
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