March 10 2016 12:32 PMThis Land Was Made for You and MeNick Hayes’ cartoon portrait of Woody Guthrie reimagines the familiar image of the Dust Bowl.
March 10 2016 7:15 AMThe Time Traveler’s WifeDaniel Clowes’ remarkable new comic sends a husband back in time to avert his beloved’s death.
March 9 2016 3:07 PM“This Child Will Bring Me a Terrible Sorrow”A devastating memoir by Sue Klebold, mother of one of the Columbine shooters, explains what it’s like to live with guilt of “what if.”
March 8 2016 11:19 AMInto That Good Night A fascinating new book explores what it really means to have a “good death”—and how America is doing end-of-life care wrong.
March 7 2016 10:52 AMThe Wilder Women The publication of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s letters reveal more about the collaboration—and the politics—of Laura and her daughter Rose.
Feb. 18 2016 3:01 PMTristram Shandy: The Comic BookGraphic novelist Martin Rowson on how he adapted Sterne’s unadaptable masterpiece.
Feb. 5 2016 3:01 PMWhat a CharacterThe fragile, young savant in Julia Claiborne Johnson’s debut novel joins the ranks of our best child protagonists.
Feb. 4 2016 1:38 PM“I Would Never Forgive Myself if I Let the Book Go Out”Alexander Chee on why, three years ago, he withdrew his novel The Queen of the Night just before publication.
Feb. 3 2016 1:04 PMA Comic for Readers Who Like to SquirmNick Drnaso’s unsettling book of short stories Beverly.
Feb. 2 2016 10:45 AMIndistinguishable From Magic In its third decade, Diane Duane’s Young Wizards series explores the magic of systems and words.
Feb. 1 2016 9:34 AMTransformersA 19th-century opera star must face the person she once was in Alexander Chee’s novel.
Jan. 28 2016 3:13 PMLife SentenceIn the winding sentence that opens Tristram Shandy, Laurence Sterne encapsulates the rich, lunatic character of the book and its protagonist.
Jan. 13 2016 5:15 AMLadies of LeisureThe resurgence of the housewife novel.
Jan. 8 2016 10:42 AMThe End of the StoryDiana Athill, Roger Angell, and Ann Burack-Weiss on old age.
Jan. 7 2016 3:33 PMWild and FreeThis bold new novel about a woman’s relationship with a squirrel blurs the line between eccentricity and madness.
March 10 2016 9:28 AMLife in HellMark Beyer’s weird, wonderful 1987 comic Agony returns to print.
March 9 2016 3:30 PMHow to Fight LonelinessRead Olivia Laing’s lyrical, wise The Lonely City.
March 9 2016 1:02 PMLovecraft’s Black MonstersA thrilling novella digs into the racism embedded in the horror master’s work.
March 7 2016 10:56 AMDana Spiotta’s PerpetratorsInnocents and Others, a novel of ideas that also feels pain and hope.
Feb. 29 2016 3:38 PMA Triumphant FailureFor Sterne, the central fact of life is impotence. His hero is wise enough to embrace it.
Feb. 11 2016 3:57 PMThe Scent of HistoryRuth Goodman’s immersive, engrossing How to Be a Tudor.
Feb. 5 2016 8:59 AM“I’m Not an Animal Anymore”Han Kang’s mystifying, ecstatic The Vegetarian.
Feb. 4 2016 8:00 AMA Conversation With The New York Times’ A.O. ScottOn the purpose of film criticism, the academy’s diversity problem, and why Leo DiCaprio shouldn’t get an Oscar for 2.5 hours of grunting.
Feb. 3 2016 10:00 AMTextual HazardsRachel Cantor’s second novel examines a navel-gazing translator’s crumbling personal life. 
Feb. 2 2016 8:10 AMLiterature’s Greatest MansplainerThe women in Tristram Shandy barely get a word in edgewise. It’s still a great feminist novel. 
Jan. 31 2016 8:31 PMThe Critic as ArtistA.O. Scott defends criticism—but against whom?
Jan. 21 2016 5:50 PMThe Vindicated ParentsA history of autism hints at why the vaccination scare has taken hold so firmly.
Jan. 8 2016 1:58 PMDare to DisappointOzge Samanci’s charming cartoon memoir of a regimented—yet still often surprising—childhood in Turkey.
Jan. 7 2016 5:22 PMThe Return of the Cartoonist Studio PrizeThis spring, two cartoonists will follow in the footsteps of Richard McGuire, Chris Ware, and Noelle Stevenson. 
Jan. 7 2016 3:02 PMBleeding EdgesPaul Lisicky’s lovely and honest memoir of a friendship.