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June 13 2017 10:21 AMThe Mournful, Lonely Feminism of Chelsea Clinton’s She PersistedIf the broken heart of the Clinton campaign wrote a kids’ book, this would be it.
June 12 2017 3:59 PMOenophiles Gone WildWho would have guessed that a journey through the snooty world of sommeliers could be such raucous fun?
June 5 2017 5:50 AMWhy Not Al?Al Franken says his book isn’t a prelude to a presidential campaign, but the American people can hope, right?
May 26 2017 10:15 AMKillers of the Flower MoonHow does David Grann manage to repackage the historical record so that it arrives with the force of a revelation?
May 23 2017 12:42 PMWhat They Did to My BabyA new memoir by Trayvon Martin’s parents lays bare the emotional costs of watching your child’s murder catalyze a social movement.
May 15 2017 10:15 AMRed Pens and Invisible InkEditors do their work behind the scenes, but they can have as much to do with a novel’s success (or failure) as the author does.
May 15 2017 7:00 AMVoice in the WildernessIt’s hard to be the voice of a generation when your generation doesn’t need you anymore.
April 27 2017 1:12 PMGranta Made Us Obsessed With “Best Young Novelist” ListsBut what can such a list really tell readers about the heartbeat of American fiction?
April 20 2017 9:30 AMSpectacle and ImpostorThese essays about female ambition spotlight society’s tortured relationship to women who want to achieve—and our own tortured relationship to ourselves.
April 13 2017 9:30 AMThe Dismemberment of EuropeA new book aims to sound the alarm over the fate of the EU and the “dark age” to come.
April 11 2017 7:31 AMFantastical MapsRichard Florida is back with another theory about how to fix American cities. It’s a pipe dream—and even he knows it.
April 10 2017 9:00 AMToo Fervent, Too Forceful, Too MuchAriel Levy’s memoir about her miscarriage is shot through with a dark undercurrent of self-blame that just might terrify female readers.
March 21 2017 6:21 PM“He Couldn’t Conceive of a Life Without Being the Editor of the NYRBIan Buruma on the genius of Bob Silvers, the Review’s cultural influence, and the art of wrangling writerly egos.
March 20 2017 9:06 AMOur Disheveled WorldElif Batuman sets out to write a novel as chaotic, random, and intoxicating as real life.
March 14 2017 10:31 AMCapturing “Take” for the DictionaryA Merriam-Webster editor’s knock-down, drag-out battle to define a deceptively small, innocent word.
June 13 2017 9:00 AMA Novel Wrapped in a MysteryMaile Meloy’s thriller is a bait and switch in the best sense.
June 6 2017 1:36 PM“When I Write Fiction, I’m in My Body as a Different Person”Arundhati Roy on balancing her dual identity as fiery political commentator and soft-spoken novelist.
May 31 2017 9:00 AMBless Me FatherPatricia Lockwood’s writerly touch in her family memoir is almost too light.
May 25 2017 7:30 AMDark FuturesWhat happens when literary novelists experiment with science fiction.
May 22 2017 10:44 AMShe’s Not Like Those Other Feminists   Laura Kipnis’ lively, thrilling, maddening crusade against PC overreach in campus sexual politics.
May 15 2017 9:00 AMShalts and Shalt-NotsWhy do the Ten Commandments occupy such a lofty place in the American sensibility?
May 4 2017 7:19 AMRead the First Six Pages of the New Issue of the Award-Winning Comic Pope HatsGeorge Saunders loves Pope Hats. You will too.
April 24 2017 12:52 PMShe Was Right All AlongPaula Hawkins tries to create a formula in her follow-up to The Girl on the Train.
April 14 2017 5:20 PMThe Anti-PolemicistDurga Chew-Bose’s dense, meticulous writing on identity politics feels like a corrective for our current political moment.
April 12 2017 9:00 AMYabba Dabba DepressingA bleak, brilliant comic book reboot of The Flintstones.
April 10 2017 12:05 PMAnnouncing the Winners of the Fifth Cartoonist Studio PrizeThe best web and print cartoonists of the year win $1,000 each.
March 23 2017 2:23 PMReading 1984, the Breakout Novel of 2017What George Orwell taught the Culture Gabfest about “alternative facts.”
March 20 2017 9:30 AMIn Search of Lost TimeThe hipsters at the center of Hari Kunzru’s White Tears invent an ancient black bluesman—but is he real after all?
March 17 2017 11:33 AMThe Cartoonist Studio Prize ShortlistsThe best print and web comics of the year, selected by the Slate Book Review and the Center for Cartoon Studies.
March 14 2017 7:15 AMThe ShowgirlThe life and work of the magnificent, uncontainable Angela Carter.