April 6 2015 9:29 AMPardon MeIn a secular age, who offers absolution?
March 6 2015 12:29 PMBrilliance and FuryHelen Macdonald’s astonishing memoir H Is for Hawk.
March 5 2015 12:27 PMHanya Yanagihara and Gerry HowardThe Slate Book Review author-editor conversation.
March 4 2015 11:39 AMBeautifully, Profoundly, Naively, Contradictorily, Romantically, Kinetically, Jokily, Cockily, Fearfully, Drunkenly, Goofily, ImpudentlyRobert Christgau’s memoir.
March 3 2015 1:10 PMIn Search of Lost InnocenceRoman Muradov’s first book is a wonder of inventive illustration.
March 2 2015 10:24 AMThe Abyss of BonesKazuo Ishiguro’s first novel in 10 years is a sad, remarkable fantasy story set in Arthurian England.
March 1 2015 7:17 PMThis Essay Was Due 25 Years AgoThe role of shame in Tess of the D’Urbervilles, and the force of shame in my life.
Feb. 6 2015 1:04 PMYou Lie!A tricky new book on the history and philosophy of deceit.
Feb. 6 2015 10:23 AMThe EntertainerA conversation with Nick Hornby.
Feb. 5 2015 12:40 PMThe Perpetual Narration MachineNeil Gaiman’s collection reminds us that, for good and for ill, he’s got a lot of stories to tell.
Feb. 4 2015 9:36 AMThe Now Is FallingKathleen Ossip’s poetry delights in the imperfect present.
Feb. 3 2015 8:15 AMDo Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200The many inventors of Monopoly, and how they all got screwed over.
Feb. 2 2015 9:58 AMSeeing Is Not BelievingWhat’s left when a narrator “on whom nothing is lost” loses everything? 
Jan. 9 2015 1:50 PMAbundance and Praise and PleasureLeslie Jamison on the bounty of Walt Whitman’s Specimen Days.
Jan. 9 2015 11:36 AMThe American Muck The narrator of Ben Metcalf’s Against the Country is shipwrecked in the post-Skynyrd South.
March 6 2015 6:08 PMThe Cartoonist Studio Prize: The ShortlistsThe best print and web comics of the year, selected by the Slate Book Review and the Center for Cartoon Studies.
March 6 2015 12:01 PMThe Revolution and the Conference RoomA leading modern leftist overlooks the ways the bureaucracy of private industry might actually make the world a better place.
March 5 2015 9:55 AMHow Should We Make the Most Important Decisions of Our Lives?A philosophical debate.
March 4 2015 11:34 AM“It Was All Unknown and Possibility”Kim Gordon’s memoir.
March 3 2015 12:45 PMHall of MirrorsSarah Manguso’s diary of a diary sheds new light on the many the perils of writing about yourself.
March 2 2015 9:30 AMTricking the WitchA newly discovered fairy tale by Franz Xaver von Schönwerth.
Feb. 25 2015 7:00 AMSlate Voice: “Against YA”Listen to Dan Kois read Ruth Graham’s essay on why adults should be embarrassed to read young adult lit.
Feb. 6 2015 11:58 AMNot Just Another Ugly FaceIn Amanda Filipacchi’s novel, a beautiful woman disguises herself as repulsive and tests men in bars.
Feb. 6 2015 9:33 AMNull and VoidA feminist filmmaker’s novel makes the case for negativity.
Feb. 4 2015 5:25 PMZombies, Vampires, and PuddingsAn adorable all-ages comic about an ambitious chef in the underworld.
Feb. 3 2015 4:41 PMThe Long MeowThe feline hero of this post-apocalyptic detective story just wants to track down his best friend—a dog. 
Feb. 2 2015 12:19 PMThe TickerA new book reminds us that the heart is still a medical mystery—and a marvel.
Feb. 1 2015 11:46 PMThe Other Tolstoy and the Book of NightSofiya Tolstoy’s long-lost novella tells us more about love and sex than her husband ever could.
Jan. 9 2015 11:41 AMBeautiful Day!What gets lost when English becomes the lingua franca of the Internet, and the world?
Jan. 9 2015 10:45 AMOh Geez!The Bad-ventures of Bobo Backslack is demented, disgusting, and very funny.