Feb. 3 2016 10:00 AMTextual HazardsRachel Cantor’s second novel examines a navel-gazing translator’s crumbling personal life. 
Feb. 2 2016 8:10 AMLiterature’s Greatest MansplainerThe women in Tristram Shandy barely get a word in edgewise. It’s still a great feminist novel. 
Jan. 31 2016 8:31 PMThe Critic as ArtistA.O. Scott defends criticism—but against whom?
Jan. 21 2016 5:50 PMThe Vindicated ParentsA history of autism hints at why the vaccination scare has taken hold so firmly.
Jan. 8 2016 1:58 PMDare to DisappointOzge Samanci’s charming cartoon memoir of a regimented—yet still often surprising—childhood in Turkey.
Jan. 7 2016 5:22 PMThe Return of the Cartoonist Studio PrizeThis spring, two cartoonists will follow in the footsteps of Richard McGuire, Chris Ware, and Noelle Stevenson. 
Jan. 7 2016 3:02 PMBleeding EdgesPaul Lisicky’s lovely and honest memoir of a friendship. 
Jan. 6 2016 5:33 PMGroucho Marx’s Comedy Is Pure, Bleak Nihilism  So why does it make us laugh?
Jan. 6 2016 10:48 AMLet Loose the Laws of WarHow the Obama administration determined the legality of its anti-terrorism policies.
Jan. 5 2016 7:00 AMChina Miéville Spreads PossibilitiesIs his new book fantasy? Sci-fi? Confusing? Revealing? 
Jan. 3 2016 7:52 PMSomeday Never ComesThe death-embracing magic of Marie Kondo.
Dec. 17 2015 12:32 PMBill O’Reilly Makes a KillingStriding into my office, I gazed at the Fox News host’s wildly successful series of historical thrillers.
Dec. 4 2015 1:46 PMLetting Art SpeakJohn Berger’s Portraits offers an idiosyncratic and loving survey of art history.
Dec. 3 2015 10:54 AMIn the Great Green RoomMargaret Wise Brown, Gertrude Stein, and Goodnight Moon.
Dec. 3 2015 5:43 AMKaty Waldman’s 10 Favorite Books of 2015A year in which marginalized voices spoke powerfully to the mainstream, and perished voices rose from the dead.
Feb. 2 2016 10:45 AMIndistinguishable From Magic In its third decade, Diane Duane’s Young Wizards series explores the magic of systems and words.
Feb. 1 2016 9:34 AMTransformersA 19th-century opera star must face the person she once was in Alexander Chee’s novel.
Jan. 28 2016 3:13 PMLife SentenceIn the winding sentence that opens Tristram Shandy, Laurence Sterne encapsulates the rich, lunatic character of the book and its protagonist.
Jan. 13 2016 5:15 AMLadies of LeisureThe resurgence of the housewife novel.
Jan. 8 2016 10:42 AMThe End of the StoryDiana Athill, Roger Angell, and Ann Burack-Weiss on old age.
Jan. 7 2016 3:33 PMWild and FreeThis bold new novel about a woman’s relationship with a squirrel blurs the line between eccentricity and madness.
Jan. 7 2016 9:30 AMHeadlong Shane McCrae’s frantic poetry attempts to outrun racism.
Jan. 6 2016 12:58 PMThe Last RotationIllness brings stillness to the final days of a young neurosurgeon.
Jan. 5 2016 3:05 PMShakespeare’s WorldA fascinating new collection of essays profiles the people in Shakespeare’s life, from his wife to his actors to his landlord.
Jan. 4 2016 12:16 PMThe Half-MaskA history of beards explores the way they hide, or extol, the masculinity of the gentleman who wears one.
Dec. 23 2015 5:30 AMThe Perfect NovelEmma turns 200.
Dec. 9 2015 3:10 PMThe Audio Book Club Invokes Fates and FuriesSlate critics debate Lauren Groff’s ambitious new novel.
Dec. 4 2015 7:34 AMThe Best Audiobooks of 2015The perfect combinations of voice and story to accompany a short walk or a long commute.
Dec. 3 2015 10:00 AMThe First Parenting Book That Truly Understands MeIt’s Emily Flake’s sharp and funny cartoon guide to modern child-rearing. Heh … rearing.
Dec. 3 2015 5:42 AMLaura Miller’s 10 Favorite Books of 2015The year publishing discovered that discovery is still a task at which humans excel.