April 10 2014 7:50 AMTwo Editors, One NovelistThe Slate Book Review author-editor-editor conversation with Emma Donoghue.
April 9 2014 9:50 AMWhen Smartphones AttackA new sci-fi novel explores the ramifications of outsourcing our language to our devices.
April 8 2014 7:45 AMThe FlinchLeslie Jamison’s discomfiting essays explore the pain of others and how it affects the self.
April 7 2014 8:36 AMThe Lewis EffectMichael Lewis’ new best-seller focuses the public’s attention on high-frequency trading. What will change as a result?
March 7 2014 3:45 PMThe Point of UnpleasantnessLorrie Moore’s stories are a lot darker than they used to be. But they’re still great.
March 7 2014 10:39 AMThe Winners of the Cartoonist Studio PrizeA manga about wayward teens and a horror story about bodies in the woods win our annual comics award.
March 6 2014 11:47 AM“Find Him a Wife. Be Back by Sunday.”His brother’s dead, and now Deshi has to find him a girl—and it doesn’t matter if she’s a corpse.
March 6 2014 8:53 AMThe White Space Between the SentencesA memoir of aphorisms, by Clifford Chase.
March 5 2014 10:11 AM“This Is the End of Memoirs for Me”Susanna Kaysen and the material of a writer’s life.
March 4 2014 2:00 PMPrepare to Become the Last of the Human RaceShirley Jackson’s funny, eerie thriller The Sundial.
March 4 2014 7:23 AMThe StorytellersWalter Kirn gets taken in by a con man.
March 3 2014 12:15 PMThe Long Journey of Patrick Leigh FermorEighty years after he walked across Europe, the great travel writer’s final volume is published.
March 3 2014 7:51 AMAfter the PoisoningAn unconsoling novel of four Chinese teens and the incident that changes their lives.
Feb. 7 2014 11:53 AMMy Favorite Memoirist… is an ordinary, middle-class Quebecer who draws comics.
Feb. 7 2014 7:47 AMMonsters!The gleefully gruesome comics of Gustavo Duarte.
April 9 2014 11:32 AMWas Michael Rockefeller Eaten by Cannibals?
April 8 2014 10:33 AMDevotionPoems of faith and prayer from a priest, and from an atheist.
April 7 2014 11:42 PMMarvelousMs. Marvel and Captain Marvel are changing the way readers (and publishers) think about who can be a superhero.
April 6 2014 11:29 PMEscaping the NovelTeju Cole’s new book is not exactly what it seems.
March 7 2014 12:28 PMThe Voice of the PoetsThe life and work of an audiobook narrator.
March 7 2014 8:40 AMYes, Karen Russell Is a GeniusHer new novella shows her MacArthur grant was no fluke.
March 6 2014 11:10 AMSnow WhitmanHelen Oyeyemi’s frank and fractured fairy tale Boy, Snow, Bird.
March 5 2014 11:08 AM“I Never Personally Said That I Created the Death Grunt”The joy of black metal.
March 5 2014 7:59 AMFive Hollywood Directors Went to War
March 4 2014 1:39 PMThe Zen of CleanBeing a Clean Person isn’t exciting, silly, or fun. But it is satisfying.
March 3 2014 11:44 PMFreedom Is Good, DudeJonathan Livingston Seagull and the rise of simpleton wisdom.
March 3 2014 10:30 AMPlato’s ReturnRebecca Newberger Goldstein resurrects the Greek philosopher in an audacious, brainy book.
Feb. 12 2014 1:58 PMWhat You Learn When You Take Amy Chua Seriously
Feb. 7 2014 11:44 AMThe Cartoonist Studio Prize: The ShortlistThe 10 graphic novels and 10 Web comics up for Slate’s second annual comics prize.
Feb. 6 2014 10:02 AMThe Air Up ThereDiane Johnson’s memoir about “flyover” country seems to suffer from altitude sickness.