May 8 2015 10:15 AMAn Everyday TranscendenceThe illuminations in Tracy K. Smith’s memoir Ordinary Light are deceptively simple.
May 7 2015 11:30 AMThe Discreet Charm of the PaperieA quirky history of pens, notebooks, tape, paper clips, and highlighters.
May 5 2015 11:16 AMWerner Herzog Takes a WalkIn the dead of winter, 1974, the director hiked from Munich to a friend’s deathbed in Paris.
May 4 2015 10:08 AM“And People?”Picture books that explain death to children.
April 10 2015 2:15 PMThe Winners of the Cartoonist Studio PrizeThe book and Web comic that win our annual comics award both dwell on time, memory, and the far future.
April 9 2015 12:47 PMHenshinThe artist behind the great I Kill Giants releases his own book of stories. 
April 9 2015 10:30 AMUnhappy FamiliesHausfrau makes the plight of the wife and mother in contemporary fiction seem sadder than ever.
April 8 2015 2:44 PMThe CorrectionsA delightful memoir by a New Yorker copy editor.
April 7 2015 10:58 AMJustice DeniedWhy do we still tolerate the Supreme Court?
April 6 2015 11:45 AMAfter OutrageA slightly guileless tour through the world of the briefly controversial by Jon Ronson.
April 6 2015 9:29 AMPardon MeIn a secular age, who offers absolution?
March 6 2015 12:29 PMBrilliance and FuryHelen Macdonald’s astonishing memoir H Is for Hawk.
March 5 2015 12:27 PMHanya Yanagihara and Gerry HowardThe Slate Book Review author-editor conversation.
March 4 2015 11:39 AMBeautifully, Profoundly, Naively, Contradictorily, Romantically, Kinetically, Jokily, Cockily, Fearfully, Drunkenly, Goofily, ImpudentlyRobert Christgau’s memoir.
March 3 2015 1:10 PMIn Search of Lost InnocenceRoman Muradov’s first book is a wonder of inventive illustration.
May 7 2015 2:45 PMComing HomeAn understated and lovely comic about a Londoner’s return to Japan.
May 6 2015 3:12 PMSelf-PublishingKim Kardashian just wants to be seen. This 445-page book of selfies might be her masterpiece.
May 5 2015 10:29 AMJoshua Levin Is a Gangly NebbishI wish I didn’t identify quite so much with the protagonist of Aleksandar Hemon’s new novel.
May 4 2015 8:54 AMLosing Control of the LanguageKathy Acker’s chronicle of a crush foretold.
April 10 2015 1:04 PMInto the Empty RegionsClive James’ valedictory book of poetry criticism wrestles with how art is long, but life is short.
April 9 2015 11:36 AMThe Civil War After the Civil WarHow the military occupation of the former Confederacy helped strong-arm the South into line.
April 9 2015 3:09 AMMarry by 30Kate Bolick’s Spinster is billed as a progress report for women—but it’s exactly the opposite. 
April 7 2015 12:19 PM“They Didn’t Know Anything”It’s in its dissonances, its contradictions, that Philip Glass’ memoir finds its form.
April 7 2015 9:30 AMThe Exoskeleton and the BluesStructural amazements are buoyed by inner music in Terrance Hayes’ How to Be Drawn.
April 6 2015 11:37 AMLiterary CrushHow falling for an author is like falling in love.
March 6 2015 6:08 PMThe Cartoonist Studio Prize: The ShortlistsThe best print and web comics of the year, selected by the Slate Book Review and the Center for Cartoon Studies.
March 6 2015 12:01 PMThe Revolution and the Conference RoomA leading modern leftist overlooks the ways the bureaucracy of private industry might actually make the world a better place.
March 5 2015 9:55 AMHow Should We Make the Most Important Decisions of Our Lives?A philosophical debate.
March 4 2015 11:34 AM“It Was All Unknown and Possibility”Kim Gordon’s memoir.
March 3 2015 12:45 PMHall of MirrorsSarah Manguso’s diary of a diary sheds new light on the many the perils of writing about yourself.