April 27 2017 1:12 PMGranta Made Us Obsessed With “Best Young Novelist” ListsBut what can such a list really tell readers about the heartbeat of American fiction?
April 20 2017 9:30 AMSpectacle and ImpostorThese essays about female ambition spotlight society’s tortured relationship to women who want to achieve—and our own tortured relationship to ourselves.
April 13 2017 9:30 AMThe Dismemberment of EuropeA new book aims to sound the alarm over the fate of the EU and the “dark age” to come.
April 11 2017 7:31 AMFantastical MapsRichard Florida is back with another theory about how to fix American cities. It’s a pipe dream—and even he knows it.
April 10 2017 9:00 AMToo Fervent, Too Forceful, Too MuchAriel Levy’s memoir about her miscarriage is shot through with a dark undercurrent of self-blame that just might terrify female readers.
March 21 2017 6:21 PM“He Couldn’t Conceive of a Life Without Being the Editor of the NYRBIan Buruma on the genius of Bob Silvers, the Review’s cultural influence, and the art of wrangling writerly egos.
March 20 2017 9:06 AMOur Disheveled WorldElif Batuman sets out to write a novel as chaotic, random, and intoxicating as real life.
March 14 2017 10:31 AMCapturing “Take” for the DictionaryA Merriam-Webster editor’s knock-down, drag-out battle to define a deceptively small, innocent word.
March 9 2017 7:41 AMThe Horror of SadnessJohn Darnielle’s new novel is like an extended X-Files episode that turns into a moving meditation on loss.
March 7 2017 5:12 PMThe Urgency of Writing Fiction in the Trump EraTwo novelists discuss writing dystopian tales for Slate’s Trump Story Project.
March 6 2017 9:04 AMFaceless MassesMohsin Hamid’s new novel is a missed opportunity to make refugee characters seem vivid, human, and real.
Feb. 24 2017 1:40 PMGlamorous WoundsCat Marnell and Alana Massey both mine their darkest, messiest selves in first-person writing. But their styles couldn’t be more different.
Feb. 17 2017 11:54 AMThe Raw Nerve of PainA conversation with Daphne Merkin about grappling with severe depression.
Feb. 15 2017 4:49 PMThe Misunderstood Ghost of James BaldwinHow critics have misconstrued his influence on today’s great black nonfiction writers.
Feb. 10 2017 4:20 PMThe Abominable Mr. SeabrookThe story of one of the most fascinating, outrageous humans ever to live was lost to history. Until Joe Ollmann decided to draw it.
April 24 2017 12:52 PMShe Was Right All AlongPaula Hawkins tries to create a formula in her follow-up to The Girl on the Train.
April 14 2017 5:20 PMThe Anti-PolemicistDurga Chew-Bose’s dense, meticulous writing on identity politics feels like a corrective for our current political moment.
April 12 2017 9:00 AMYabba Dabba DepressingA bleak, brilliant comic book reboot of The Flintstones.
April 10 2017 12:05 PMAnnouncing the Winners of the Fifth Cartoonist Studio PrizeThe best web and print cartoonists of the year win $1,000 each.
March 23 2017 2:23 PMReading 1984, the Breakout Novel of 2017What George Orwell taught the Culture Gabfest about “alternative facts.”
March 20 2017 9:30 AMIn Search of Lost TimeThe hipsters at the center of Hari Kunzru’s White Tears invent an ancient black bluesman—but is he real after all?
March 17 2017 11:33 AMThe Cartoonist Studio Prize ShortlistsThe best print and web comics of the year, selected by the Slate Book Review and the Center for Cartoon Studies.
March 14 2017 7:15 AMThe ShowgirlThe life and work of the magnificent, uncontainable Angela Carter.
March 8 2017 7:45 AMThe Work Love Has to DoRebecca Solnit’s radiant descriptions of today’s feminism could sound laughably oblivious. Instead, they feel like a ray of hope in the dark.
March 7 2017 9:45 AMBig Little TruthsDon’t call Liane Moriarty’s novels fluffy—not when their characters feel so real.
March 6 2017 7:00 AMThe Senate Torture Report in Graphic-Novel FormAn adaptation.
Feb. 20 2017 9:04 AMA Novelist in SeasonAli Smith’s new quartet starts with Autumn and is set right … about … now.
Feb. 16 2017 9:03 AM“A Great German Joke Is to Say the Meanest and Most Tragic Thing Possible”A conversation with Rebecca Schuman about German humor, Kafka, and her new book Schadenfreude: A Love Story.
Feb. 12 2017 8:04 PMBenevolent ImperialismRobert D. Kaplan attempts to explain American greatness via a road trip across America.
Feb. 9 2017 10:48 AMVisionary PuppiesA new book unpacks Peter Thiel’s gambit to pay teens to skip college and incubate big ideas. If only it also unpacked Thiel himself.