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The 11 Worst Buildings of 2014

From L.A. to Italy to Tokyo, the bottom of the 2 percent.

Dec. 21 2011 7:19 AMChristmas ArchitectMy experiments with the crèche.
Nov. 17 2011 12:59 PMWas Postmodern Architecture Any Good?Its most important legacy.
Oct. 12 2011 12:46 PMGreat American Industrial Designers
Sept. 6 2011 12:50 PMFalling for Fallingwater
Aug. 9 2011 6:11 PMA Memorial for Ike
July 13 2011 10:06 AMA Memorial for IkeWhat should a monument to Eisenhower look like?
May 11 2011 7:24 AMThe Death of the McMansionWhen the housing market returns, we'll want smaller homes built closer together.
March 30 2011 6:55 AMThink Before You BuildHave computers made architects less disciplined?
March 9 2011 10:13 AMHow To Save Dying CitiesThey don't need light rail, downtown stadiums, or flashy new museums. They need smart people.
Feb. 16 2011 7:34 AMFrank Gehry Is Back
Jan. 13 2011 7:36 AMThe Return of Common SenseHow the Great Recession has changed architecture—for the better.
Dec. 2 2010 10:41 AMTall Buildings, Short ArchitectsWhy are so many great architects short of stature?
Nov. 4 2010 10:05 AMThe Cities We WantPart II: How urban design is making our cities more verdant, walkable, and sociable.
Oct. 14 2010 7:17 AMA Renaissance in Washington, D.C.Part 2: How do you breathe new life into the U.S. capital's architecture? Hire a Canadian.
Sept. 22 2010 7:13 AMA Renaissance in WashingtonPart 1: Richard Rogers' dazzling addition to the capital's venerable Acacia Life Building.
Dec. 16 2011 4:31 PMThe University in the Shopping MallA Vancouver suburb’s experiment.
Nov. 2 2011 11:01 AMHow the Brits Stole High-TechAmerican architects invented the style, but Brits like Norman Foster made it sing.
Sept. 7 2011 7:23 AMBlack HolesThere is nothing comforting about the 9/11 memorial.
Aug. 24 2011 10:34 AMFalling for FallingwaterOn its 75th birthday, Frank Lloyd Wright's iconic home gets a book worthy of its magical achievement.
Aug. 3 2011 10:05 AMSorry, This Entrance Is ClosedWhen security concerns trump architectural grace.
June 8 2011 7:11 AMCrampedWhy aren't airplane seats designed more thoughtfully?
April 27 2011 11:12 AMA Low-Key High ModernistThe unpretentious houses of Alvar Aalto.
March 29 2011 11:29 AMArchitecture Is a Team SportSo why do they award the Pritzker Prize to just one person?
Feb. 16 2011 7:34 AMFrank Gehry Is BackThe architect's New World Center in Miami is his best work in years.
April 27 2011 11:04 AMA Discourse on Emerging Tectonic Visualization and the Effects of Materiality on PraxisOr an essay on the ridiculous way architects talk.
Dec. 22 2010 2:28 PMThe Really Big ScreenVideo as an architectural element.
Nov. 10 2010 10:05 AMThe Cities We Want
Nov. 3 2010 10:08 AMThe Cities We Want Part I: Do we want urban spaces that are big or small? Spread out or compact? New or old?
Oct. 14 2010 7:14 AMReinventing a D.C. Theater
Sept. 22 2010 7:13 AMA Dazzling New D.C. Office Building