12 Panel Pitch
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12 Panel Pitch

Meet Abe

A boy from a broken home tries to build his own.

Feb. 5 2014 8:04 AMRated ARGGHH!An 18th-century pirate’s unlikely adventure in present-day Florida.
Dec. 31 2013 7:15 AMNeko: The CatA horror story about distant fathers, mysterious step-mothers, and the power of the purr.
Dec. 3 2013 7:30 AMOh Brother, My Sister!And you thought the Luke Skywalker–Princess Leia relationship was weird.
Nov. 4 2013 11:01 PMSpy MiceA whiskered spook takes on the most dangerous mission of her young career.
Oct. 8 2013 9:05 AM12 Panel PitchWe challenged writers and artists: Pitch an idea for a feature film in one 12-panel cartoon. The results are popcorn-worthy.
Jan. 14 2014 7:30 AMEndless RunRomance in a hail of bullets.
Dec. 17 2013 9:45 AMMeekIn the future, robots will rule the world—and live in fear of their mysterious, absent creators.
Nov. 19 2013 10:30 AMVampires vs. ZombiesIn a war between the two, which side should mankind side with?
Oct. 22 2013 7:15 AMRadiantA tragic tale of romance gone radioactive.